10 Most Beautiful Small Towns in Tennessee

The mere mention of the name "Tennessee" brings to mind the wilds of the New World. Even though the state has jumped feet-first into the 21st Century, it still carries its classic reputation of wilderness and freedom. Take a glimpse into the wonderful historic world of small-town Tennessee! A trip to any of Tennessee’s most beautiful small towns is sure to captivate your imagination. Here some of best of Tennessee’s communities!

1: Townsend

Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Eoin McNamee

This small Tennessee town has been occupied by people for thousands of years. Long before settlers of European origin migrated into the area, various Native American tribes lived here. It’s little wonder that have people continued to choose this as a place to call home. The area is simply stunning! Today, the town is one of the gateways to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Besides the outdoor opportunities, the town is filled with museums and historic areas.

Address: Townsend, TN

2: Lynchburg

Photo Courtesy: Flickr/ravas51

If you love Jack Daniel’s Whiskey, you may know that Lynchburg is the home of this popular drink. Believe it or not, the city only has a single traffic light, and it’s located in a dry county! This picturesque historic town was founded over two hundred years ago. Visitors love the old-fashioned feel of the town and the attractions such as the distillery, the cake and candy company, and the old jail museum.

Address: Lynchburg, TN

3: Tellico Plains

Tellico Plains

At one time, this town was a Cherokee settlement called Great Tellico. This was one of the most important Native American towns of its era. After the Cherokee were forced further west in the 1830s, the Native trading crossroads in the area fell out of use. The area was settled by European immigrants, who loved the region’s fertile agricultural potential. Today, this rural small town is popular for its peaceful parks, nature areas, and museums.

Address: Tellico Plains, TN

4: Knoxville

Photo Courtesy: Flickr/David Wilson

Knoxville was founded in 1786 as the first capital of Tennessee. Historically, the town’s success depended on the railroad, which initiated an economic boom in the area. Since the development of the city, it has had a long and rich history. Today’s Knoxville has several neighborhoods, each with its own distinct flavor. There are endless diversions in the city, from zoos to urban discoveries to museums.

Address: Knoxville, TN

5: Gatlinburg

Photo Courtesy: Flickr/faunggs photos

Get up close and personal to the Smoky Mountains! Enjoy the cabin life when you take a visit to Gatlinburg. Here, you’ll be surrounded by stunning views of the green mountainsides that sweep from the sky to the valley below. Enjoy the unique experience of the downtown area, where you’ll find everything from arts and crafts to the popular river walk. Want to get in touch with nature? Head to the beautiful small town of Gatlinburg.

Address: Gatlinburg, TN

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