Top 10 Weekend Getaways in Vermont

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As a state known for its natural beauty, Vermont should be topping USA bucket lists everywhere.

There are vast sprawling forests and hidden babbling brooks found from border to border.

During the winter, Vermont has some of the most iconic ski slopes, and during summer, outdoor enthusiasts just can't get enough of the many trails available.

That being said, there is so much to explore that you might need a guide to find your perfect stop. Check out this list of the top 10 weekend getaways in Vermont to find your paradise.

Best Vermont Weekend Getaways

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1: Burlington

Dreamstime/Sean Pavone

Burlington is, by far, the most popular city for tourists in Vermont. It is known, it is trendy, and it is lively! And it is well-deserving of all these titles.

Burlington is the jack of all cities as it incorporates all the needs of several different kinds of travel enthusiasts.

History buffs will enjoy the Ethan Allen Homestead, which is the museum of a local folk hero. Outdoor fanatics will love the sights and adventures found at Waterfront Park or the Spirit of Ethan Allen. And fans of bustling city centers will love Church Street Marketplace.

Burlington is truly the place to go in Vermont if you want your weekend to be nonstop fun. There is no shortage of activities and no season that goes by without a celebration. See Burlington in all its glory for yourself by making it your next Vermont weekend getaway.

Address: Burlington, VT

2: Waitsfield


Maybe what you need is a place to release some of that adventurous energy? Waitsfield is the place for that! It is one of the most prominent locations nearby ski hubs that draw travelers.

It is known for being something of an oasis in the state. The sights here are top-rated and cherished forever.

There are several different places around to explore that make for an all-weekend affair. Spend a day traversing through the vast Vermont wilderness, or rest in one of the luxurious spas, and you'll know you made the right choice with Waitsfield.

Waitsfield is also an excellent place for some more contemporary pleasures. Such as art galleries, shopping areas, coffee shops, and so much more.

You can spend the whole day just checking off your downtown bucket list with all the gems. And if your dream vacation doesn't include a city center at all: then venture into the farms that line the outskirts or check out some farmer's markets. There is always fresh food to be found here, so come with a hearty appetite!

Address: Waitsfield, VT

3: Shelburne

Dreamstime/Harold Stiver

Located on the banks of the previously mentioned Lake Champlain, Shelburne is not to be missed. This is one of the most picturesque spots in all of the American northeast.

Flowers bloom, bells ring, and art comes alive in a city that speaks of natural and human-made beauty. There are old townhomes, new age shops, and everything in between to keep travelers invested.

It is highly recommended to stop by the breathtaking Shelburne Museum or the Shelburne Farms on any trip to this lovely Vermont town. It’s a place you won’t soon forget!

Address: Shelburne, VT

4: Dorset

Dreamstime/Jennifer Lobo

Dorset is one of the most popular getaways in Vermont for several reasons! The first is probably most known. Dorset is the town where four historic meetings of the Dorset Accords Convention took place.

These meetings would later create the legislature that made the Vermont Republic and an independent state. It is all immortalized in the place it occurred: Cephas Kent's Inn.

It is still open and available today and attracts just as much attention as it did when the idea was first brought about. Dorset is historic and vitally important to the history of the great state of Vermont.

Even if historic getaways don't seem like your cup of tea: Dorset might still be a good idea. It is also one of the best cities for a little outdoor R&R.

Nothing but the trees, lapping waves, and some great uncrowded trails for miles. The key attraction is Emerald Lake State Park.

Here you get iconic views of glistening emerald water surrounded by lush, vivid green nature (usually). If you come in the winter, you'll be treated to a much different but no less beautiful view. Dorset is one of the best stops in all of Vermont for adventurers!

Address: Dorset, VT

5: Chester

Dreamstime/Steve Callahan

Don't just explore the place; explore the time! Chester is an excellent option for those looking for some of that classic colonial feel.

There are two significant landmarks listed in the National Register of Historic Places here. They are the Stone Village and Chester Village Historic Districts, both of which are worth the trip! Not only do you get the visual feel of a time since passed, but you also get that charming feel.

The past is celebrated, and there are several educational tours and activities to enjoy so that visitors might learn a bit on their weekend getaway. 

Furthermore, visitors to Chester are raving about the Stone House Antique Center! It is an entire emporium of some of the best in antique finds.

Here you can browse through old colonial, British, and old-age American knick-knacks, gifts, centerpieces, furniture, and everything in between! It is truly a one-of-a-kind stop and gives Chester an extra edge on the 'Vermont weekend trips' list.

Address: Chester, VT

6: Lake Champlain Islands

Lake Champlain Islands

Take your adventure outdoors! Vermont is one of the best states in the country to spend a weekend getaway in the magnificence of nature.

For starters, you’re going to want to spend at least a day on the namesake. The Lake! The lake has been one of the most beloved vacation spots for tourists and locals alike for years.

There is so much here to do, especially considering how large the space available is. If you want to see it all, then see it ALL! Rent a boat, jet skis, or swim in some of the best waters in the northeast.

Address: Lake Champlain Islands, VT

7: Montpelier


Visit the capital city of Vermont on your weekend getaway! It is one of the ideal locations for a calming trip away from it all.

During the day, Montpelier is a lively city with lots to explore. From Historical Society Museums to the wonders of nature at Hubbard Park, it has it all!

And everything here isn't crowded or hectic. It is just the right speed to enjoy 'tourist sights' without feeling the stresses of tourism.

Take a casual stroll at the North Branch Nature Center, or visit the Vermont State Capital! You're sure to find something both entertaining and relaxing.

What's especially nice about Montpelier is that it significantly slows down at night. You won't have to worry about busy streets or the endless nightlife sounds and can instead spend it getting those well-deserved Z's.

It's one of the towns you dream about when you think of the ultimate stay for relaxation. There's enough to do without getting bored, without being overbearing.

Address: Montpelier, VT

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8: Stowe


Stowaway to Stowe! This is the ideal city for those who want to embrace the season.

In the summer, there are numerous hiking paths, festivals, and other celebrations of the sun. And in winter, you're hard-pressed to find a better ski resort town.

Stowe is even often referred to as the 'Ski Capital of the East.' And as a matter of fact, The Sound of Music fans might also recognize this site.

Stowe is where the von Trapp family situated themselves during World War II. Aside from musical history, there is even some American history. This city has been a northeastern prize since 1763.

Address: Stowe, VT

9: Woodstock

Dreamstime/Sean Pavone

No, not that one! This isn't the famed festival but rather a charming Vermont staple mark in the name of tourism.

Woodstock, Vermont, is the kind of place you'll want to go for a good weekend's rest. It is a quaint backcountry town where relaxation is the main activity.

It is everything you’d imagine from a small town vacation and more. There are old bridges to admire, little inns to stay at, and some of the best scenery in all of Vermont.

Address: Woodstock, VT

10: Manchester

Dreamstime/Lei Xu

Manchester is one of the perfect Vermont weekend getaways for people who want to keep busy.

There's plenty to do in this historic, outdoorsy, charming town. It sits at the base of the Green Mountains and works as a beautiful starting point for adventurers.

It is also the infamous site of the first documented wrongful murder conviction case. Dated back between 1812 and 1819, this town is still studied today as a part of an ongoing investigation into the event.

It has several other points of fascination for historians—namely, three distinct districts.

These districts are the Depot district, Main Street, and Bonnet Street. Each of these offers something new, fresh, and exciting to travelers far and wide.

Peruse old English houses, or simply walk the paved paths through lush nature. Manchester is the perfect place for a weekend away from it all. Breathe in the fresh scents of nature, and find inspiration in things new and old in one of Vermont’s best tourist cities.

Address: Manchester, VT

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