Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Detroit, Michigan

With a metropolitan area that is home to millions of people, Detroit in Michigan is a sprawling and vibrant destination.

This is a place that has become a melting pot of culture combined with fascinating history that dates back to the beginning of the 1700s.

It is also a place where you will find some exciting and wonderful tourist attractions, with something to cater for all ages, preferences and tastes.

If you want to enjoy some great attractions in this city, some of the ones to add to your itinerary are listed below.

Best Things To Do in Detroit

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1: Detroit Institute of Arts

Detroit Institute of Arts
For culture, education and history, a visit to the Detroit Institute of Arts is a must. You can enjoy spending time looking at the fabulous exhibitions and displays when you come here, and there are even special events that you can attend over the course of the year. You will also be able to find out more about the drop in workshops that are held here, so you can look forward to an educational experience as well as a fascinating one.

Address: 5200 Woodward Ave, Detroit, MI 48202


2: Sea Life Michigan Aquarium

Sea Life Michigan Aquarium
Enter a magical and watery world when you visit the Sea Life Michigan Aquarium, which will provide you with an incredible and unforgettable experience. You can enjoy a fabulous day out with the whole family when you come here and you will love the amazing underwater tunnel as well as more than five thousand sea creatures to see and learn about. There are talks and demos as well, so you can combine fun and exploration with education.

Address: Great Lakes Crossing Outlets, 4316 Baldwin Road, Auburn Hills, MI 48326


3: The Motown Museum

The Motown Museum
Combine your love of history and music with a visit to the Motown Museum, where you can enjoy a fascinating journey into the development of Motown. This museum has become a hugely popular tourist attraction, as most of the people who visit the city are eager to learn more about one of the things that it is most famous for – bringing the joy and wonder of Motown to the world. You will find many displays and exhibits dedicated to Motown and you will be able to delve into the history of this genre as well as listen to the great sound of Motown.

Address: 2648 W Grand Blvd, Detroit, MI 48208


4: Fox Theatre

Fox Theatre
Grand, decadent and beautiful, the Fox Theater is not only a stunning place to visit but also has some incredible performances for you to enjoy. When you visit this attraction you can choose from some great entertainment including musicals, orchestral performances and much more. You can look forward to a thrilling and cultural evening out when you come here and whatever time of year you visit Detroit you can be certain there will be plenty of entertainment to choose from.

Address: 2211 Woodward Ave, Detroit, MI 48201


5: Charles H Wright Museum of African American History

Charles H Wright Museum of African American History
Detroit is a city that is rich in African American history, so it is not surprising to find a dedicated museum here where you can learn all about it. There are many galleries within this museum that will enable you to find out more about the fascinating past and there are even interactive elements to the exhibitions. This is a museum where you can look forward to a wonderfully educational, interesting and insightful experience.

Address: 315 E Warren Ave, Detroit, MI 48202


6: Anna Scripps Whitcomb Conservatory

Anna Scripps Whitcomb Conservatory
If natural beauty and a rainbow of color is something that appeals to you then you should definitely pay a visit to the Anna Scripps Whitcomb Conservatory. This is a beautiful attraction to visit particularly during the warmer months. The grounds are very well maintained so it is a pleasure to stroll around and take in the natural wonders and beauty that surrounds you when you visit. There are various plants as well as tall trees, with unique species from around the globe.

Address: 7000 Inselruhe Ave, Detroit, MI 48207


7: DNR Outdoor Adventure Center

DNR Outdoor Adventure Center
Families that are looking for a fun few hours out while in Detroit will find that the DNR Outdoor Adventure Center provides the perfect solution. There are many activities that can be enjoyed at the center with something to cater for a wide range of ages. It is also very reasonably priced in terms of admission, so you won’t have to pay a fortune in order to keep the kids entertained for a morning or afternoon.

Address: 1801 Atwater St, Detroit, MI 48207


8: Historic Fort Wayne

Historic Fort Wayne
Many visitors to the city end up missing this little treasure because they simply don’t realize that it is there. However, if you are into history and you want to explore it is well worth adding this to your itinerary. The Fort is now often used for special events and reenactments so you may be able to enjoy a fascinating visit depending on when you go. You can enjoy a combination of both military and architectural history when you pay a visit to this fort.

Address: 6325 W Jefferson Ave, Detroit, MI 48209


9: Museum of Contemporary Art

Museum of Contemporary Art
Art lovers and those looking to soak up some culture will enjoy a visit to this unique and fascinating arts museum. With cutting edge displays and exhibitions, you can look forward to a unique experience that will make for a very memorable visit. This includes the thousands of red, white and blue Obama paintings reflecting his time in office. There are also changing exhibits here, which means that you can enjoy something new even if you have visited in the past.

Address: 4454 Woodward Ave, Detroit, MI 48201


10: Michigan Science Center

Michigan Science Center
A fabulous place for both old and young alike, this is an attractions that enables you to enjoy exploring, learning and having fun all at the same time. There are some exciting activities that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and you can even enjoy the IMAX experience in addition to a range of hands-on exhibitions that children will love. This is a great place for a family day out, as it will keep everyone busy as they wander around and enjoy the fascinating exhibits and displays as well as the unique experiences.

Address: 5020 John R St, Detroit, MI 48202


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