Top 10 Summer Vacation Destinations in America

When it comes to summer vacations, we all have our own ideas of what makes the perfect one. While some people love relaxing on white sands next to the ocean others prefer something that involves more excitement and adventure. Fortunately, America has a fabulous choice of excellent vacation destinations for summer with something for every taste and preference. So, whatever your idea of the perfect summer vacation you should find something that will suit your perfectly. From natural beauty and stunning scenery to adrenaline fuelled adventures and exciting activities, America is a country that really does have it all. Here is the list of top 10 great summer vacation destinations to consider.

1: Tucson, Arizona

Tucson, Arizona
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While there is no doubt that this is an area that does get hot during the summer, it is also a place where there is plenty to do if you enjoy outdoor adventures. This area tends to be more peaceful during the summer, so you can enjoy taking things at a slower pace. In addition, the evenings are great for hiking and exploring the incredible natural beauty. If you enjoy dining alfresco you will find plenty of opportunity to do this here in Tucson, as there are plenty of courtyard dining facilities to enjoy. Another thing to bear in mind is that you can often get some great deals on hotels during the summer months, which is ideal for those on a budget.

Address: Tucson, AZ

2: Orlando, Florida

Orlando, Florida

Orlando is always a popular choice for summer vacations - and for vacations at other times of the year. This is a true family vacation destination with something for everyone to enjoy. One of the main draws is, of course, the fabulous theme parks that make Orlando a giant playground for kids and adults alike. However, you can also enjoy plenty of other entertainment in the main tourist areas such as International Drive, where you will find everything from great shopping to an amazing choice of dining facilities, family attractions, and more.

Address: Orlando, FL

3: Santa Barbara, California

Santa Barbara, California
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If you enjoy relaxing on the beach as the soothing sea breeze cools you down from the summer heat, this is a great choice for your next summer vacation. With a calmer vibe than Los Angeles, this is a great place for total relaxation, as you enjoy the stunning mountain surroundings and the beautiful beaches. There are many recreational opportunities ranging from hiking through to water activities at places such as Arroyo Burro Beach County Park. You can also enjoy dining out at one of the trendy eating establishments, enjoy a cooling drink at a bar and even pay a trip to the Santa Barbara Winery for an exciting experience.

Address: Santa Barbara, CA

4: The Oregon Coast

The Oregon Coast
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For a really diverse summer vacation experience that combines adventure and fun with relaxation, this is a great choice. You will be able to visit fascinating towns and areas such as Tillamook, Lincoln City, and Newport, and you will find something for everyone to enjoy as you explore the coast. From enjoying the many beautifully maintained hiking trails through to enjoying picnics on the beach as you enjoy the cooling Pacific breezes, this destination has it all.

Address: 555 SW Coast Hwy, Newport, OR 97365

5: Wellfleet, Massachusetts

Wellfleet, Massachusetts
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Peaceful, calming and attractive, the sleepy town of Wellfleet is great for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of tourist-heavy destinations during the summer months. You can enjoy a range of water activities in the calm waters of the bay or relax on the beaches on the ocean side of the town. Hiking and biking are popular activities that can be enjoyed by the whole family in Wellfleet and you can enjoy taking a trip to the Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary to enjoy taking in the salt marsh, woodland, birds, sea life and barrier reef. If you are into arts and crafts, you will love this town as there are numerous open during the summer months. You can even take a step back in time with a trip to the town's drive in movie theatre.

Address: Wellfleet, MA

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