Top 5 Stunning Glaciers in the United States

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The sleeping giants of the frozen geological world, glaciers are a precious freshwater source and counterbalance to the warming global climate. It is an important time in our history as a species to protect and respect our blessings given to us by this beautiful planet.

You don’t need to be a spaced-out hippy to realize just how awesome the glaciers are in our own backyard in the United States.

Here are a few coolest glaciers in the USA you must see before they're gone.

Most Scenic Glaciers in the US

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1: Margerie Glacier, Glacier Bay, Alaska

Margerie Glacier, Glacier Bay, Alaska
Flickr/Kimberly Vardeman

Margerie Glacier is one of the most amazing glaciers in the United States. It isn’t the only glacier at Glacier Bay, but it is one of the most dazzling and active ones in this region of Alaska.

Among the 50 other glaciers in the bay, Margerie can be seen moving at a clip of 14 feet per day, which is quite fast for a large piece of frozen land the size of a small city.

This glacier calves frequently, so you will have a high likelihood of catching global climate change in action and in all of its astounding power.

Address: Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve, Alaska

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2: Blackfoot Glacier, Glacier National Park, Montana

Blackfoot Glacier, Glacier National Park, Montana

Named after the infamous Blackfeet Indians who inhabited this beautiful land first, the Glacier National Park is filled to the brim with amazing wildlife.

Thousands of plants and trees thrive on this glacial landscape, hundreds of animals roam it, including mountain goats, mountain lions, black bears, deer, meese, and wild hares.

Visit for the natural beauty, and pay respects to the humble and proud Native Americans who call it home.

This charming and picturesque glacier in America is sure to give you a memorable lifetime experience.

Address: Glacier National Park, Montana

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3: Mendenhall Glacier, Juneau, Alaska

Mendenhall Glacier, Juneau, Alaska

If you take a trip to southeastern Alaska, past Juneau, you can find another famous glacier: the Mendenhall. This glacier is a very popular tourist destination, seeing nearly half a million every year.

Unlike the Margerie, this glacier is less dramatic in terms of action; it slowly melts into the Mendenhall Lake, but that doesn’t mean the surroundings aren’t any less impressive.

There is a lot of eye candy to be seen in every direction, with viewfinders and tour guides to help you navigate the landscape.

Address: Mendenhall Glacier, Juneau, AK 99801

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4: South Cascade Glacier, Washington

South Cascade Glacier, Washington
Flickr/Paul VanDerWerf

This glacier is one of the most prevalent cautionary tales of recent history, losing so much of its ice, it was a mere shell of its former self only a few decades ago. Since the 1950s, South Cascade Glacier has lost over half of its total volume, retreating more and more each year since.

If you are a lover of nature, you should not miss this opportunity to examine the local ecosystem and all of the amazing wildlife that depends on this great glacier.

There are many hiking trails and river rafting opportunities to get up close and personal with the wildlife. South Cascade Glacier is arguably one of the most beautiful glaciers in the US.

Address: South Cascade Glacier, Washington

5: Andrews Glacier, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

Andrews Glacier, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado
Flickr/David Fulmer

If you’re looking for an adventure with a side of the challenge, you can’t go wrong with the Rocky Mountain National Park. Start your trip at the famous Alberta Falls, winding down past The Loch, until you reach the massive Andrews Glacier.

The reveal is well worth the trip, as it is perfectly aligned behind the climb leading up to the mouth of its pristine runoff.

Go ahead and taste the purest water on Earth. Now, imagine if all of it disappeared, along with all the wildlife that depends on it. This is why we fight to make Climate Change a top priority.

Address: Andrews Glacier, Colorado

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