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15 Most Bizarre Public Monuments & Sculptures in the United States

The best art makes you think. The following monuments and sculptures definitely meet that criterion. These public works of art are some of the most bizarre, head-scratch inducing pieces...

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10 Most Beautiful Small Towns in California

California has long been a favorite vacation destination, but most visitors head straight for the biggest cities in the state. Why not take a break from the city and head to a small...

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Top 10 Things to Do in Death Valley National Park

Death Valley might not sound like a dream destination. The National Park is known for its hot temperatures and seemingly endless desert. In fact, it’s the hottest, driest, and lowest...

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Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Richmond, Virginia

Richmond, Virginia might not top a lot of travel lists. It’s oft forgotten in lieu of big cities like New York and San Francisco. But take a second look before dismissing it as just...

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Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Juneau, Alaska

While it is the capital of Alaska, Juneau is not a big city by any means. With that said, there’s plenty to see and do in this coastal town, from historic landmarks to natural wonders...

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Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Step into a slice of American history. The town of Portsmouth in New Hampshire was founded in the 17th century when it became a major supplier for revolutionaries during the Colonial...

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Take a Hike: 10 of America’s Greatest Treks

Take A Hike: 10 Of America’s Greatest Treks

When it comes to getting close to nature, enjoying the great outdoors, and taking in both fresh air and natural beauty, there is nothing quite like hiking....

Top 10 Most Scenic Drives in the USA

Top 10 Most Scenic Drives In The USA

America is known for its gorgeous drives that not only get you to your destination, but also help you see some of the most beautiful scenery while enjoying...

10 Best Places to Visit in the USA

10 Best Places To Visit In The USA

The United States encompasses several beautiful mountains, rivers, valleys, and natural geographical landmarks. It is this diversity that makes America...

Top 10 Most Visited National Parks in the USA

Top 10 Most Visited National Parks In The USA

America has a legacy of preserving national parks across the country. Because of this there are numerous opportunities for you to plan a wonderful vacation...