Maryland Top 10 Attractions

Visit Maryland if you’re into a mix of the country and city life all in one compact space. This is a state with great pride and tradition, which you will probably notice shortly after taking a peak at all the tourist attractions available. This is a state that was once the foothold for major Civil War operations, and fortunately there are many well-preserved remnants of this preserved in museums and via original structures that stand the same as they did during the war. If you’re looking for more light-hearted fun, don’t worry; Maryland has plenty of great places to visit. Nature lovers have miles of hiking, kayaking, swimming, and biking in one of the most geographically-diverse states in the country. There’s something for everyone in Maryland. Instead of struggling to pick your favorite activities to try, consider this list of the top 10 must-see places in Maryland.

1: Baltimore Inner Harbor

Baltimore Inner Harbor
Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Angel Xavier

A trip to Maryland would not be complete without a visit to the Baltimore Inner Harbor. Take a fun-filled and thrilling cruise with Seadog Cruises to learn about the historic sites around the harbor, explore the Maryland Science Center to have a delightful day of learning and discovery, and have a fabulous dining experience with your family at some of the state's finest restaurants.

Address: Inner Harbor, Baltimore, MD

2: Deep Creek Lake Area

Deep Creek Lake Area
Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Jon Dawson

Known as the largest inland body of water in Maryland, Deep Creek Lake is a man-made lake that was constructed in the 1920's. It is currently one of the most visited tourist attractions in Maryland primarily because of its state park. The park offers vacationers a number of exciting outdoor activities like fishing, hiking, swimming, water skiing and wakeboarding. When the lake freezes in the winter, it becomes a great place for cross-country skiing and snowmobiling.

Address: 898 State Park Rd, Garrett, MD 21561

3: Chesapeake & Ohio Canal National Historical Park

Chesapeake & Ohio Canal National Historical Park
Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Doug Kerr

As a testament to America's early transportation history, the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal operated for nearly 100 years as a lifeline for communities living along the Potomac river area. Today the park serves as a place for visitors to go on long, leisurely walks, tours of lock houses as well as other historical structures. Visitors can also enjoy trail hiking, scenic bike rides, leisurely boat rides and other special events.

Address: 205 W Potomac St, Williamsport, MD 21795

4: Ocean City Boardwalk

Ocean City Boardwalk
Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Lee Cannon

Built in 1902, Ocean City Boardwalk is recognized as one of the best boardwalks in America. From novelty shops, to fancy eateries featuring Maryland's local cuisine, amusements, and a fantastic nightlife complete with music and dancing, Ocean City offers you a truly unique experience. There is no better way to experience a wonderful combination of culture and convenience that only a gorgeous, laid-back and truly welcoming place like Maryland can offer.

Address: Boardwalk Ocean City, MD 21842

5: Six Flags America

Six Flags America

If you are looking for the most thrilling adventure of your lifetime, there is no better place to visit than Six Flags America. Go on the Apocalypse with its unnerving drops and inversions, ride the Batwing Coaster and enjoy the most menacing ride of your life. Check out their family rides and kiddie rides, their musical shows for entertainment and relaxation, as well as their water park for an awesome wet and wild experience.

Address: 13710 Central Ave, Upper Marlboro, MD 20774

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