40 Best Honeymoon Destinations in the USA To Celebrate Your Love in 2024

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Looking for the best honeymoon destinations in the USA to celebrate your love? The US is chock full of exciting, enchanting, and charming cities that are perfect for relaxing after a well-done wedding.

From fun in the sun at some of the most beautiful beaches to cuddling up by the fire, there are many ways to have a romantic honeymoon in the USA. Whether you're up and at 'em, couple or the go with the flow couple, the best honeymoon destinations in the USA are the ones you make entirely your own.

To get started on your romantic getaway, take a look at these best places to honeymoon in the USA.

Best Honeymoon Destinations in the USA

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1: Aspen, Colorado

Aspen, Colorado

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! Aspen is the perfect place to cuddle up by the fire on your honeymoon.

Here you can try something new, like couples skiing lessons or maybe even take a snowmobile ride together.

Aspen is a great place for couples who like to get up and get going, with many city activities centered around the great outdoors.

And while Aspen may not come to mind when the sun starts shining, summer makes Aspen beautiful in an entirely different way. You and your loved one can take to the mountain and hike to find those magical spots you'll remember for years to come.

Or, if your honeymoon is looking to embrace a little bit more of that R&R, Aspen is a luxury relaxation oasis.

From expertly handled massages to some of the best spas available, this city has plenty of five-star spots for your honeymoon to feel like the paradise you always wanted.

And, if you and your partner are just a little bit of both, taking to the spas the day after shredding it on the mountain is one of those Colorado experiences you just can’t miss.

Relax, play, and most importantly: love! Aspen is one of the best honeymoon destinations in the USA.

Accommodation: Where to stay in Aspen

Address: Aspen, CO

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2: Kauai, Hawaii

Kauai, Hawaii

Pristine, exquisite and just the getaway you and your spouse need after a beautiful wedding!

While Hawaii may be a popular traveling destination, and especially for romance, Kauai is for couples who want to spend a little bit more alone time in their little slice of paradise.

Beaches here are well-loved, but there are plenty of excursions on the island that will make you feel like it's just the two of you on a grand, beautiful adventure.

Together you can snorkel, take surfing lessons, go to new heights on a helicopter tour or claim your spot on these golden beaches.

Kauai is a great place to really refresh. However you two do that best, Kauai can accommodate. However, some of the title attractions of the island include things like Farmer’s markets, celebrations of art, and beautiful music festivals.

All of this is in addition to the thrill-seeking parts, like ziplining and kayaking. As a couple, you can find what really makes the night special.

Overall, Kauai is one of the most refreshing, relaxing and simultaneously exciting romantic honeymoon destinations in the USA.

Accommodation: Where to stay in Kauai

Address: Kauai, HI

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3: Key West, Florida

Key West, Florida

Honeymoon at mile zero! Key West is a beach lovers' paradise!

With gorgeous, sunny white-sand beaches and some of the best resorts in the country, you'll want your honeymoon to last forever at one of the best beach honeymoon destinations in the US.

Here you can enjoy a specialty cocktail poolside while planning your couples massage after an exciting day of snorkeling in the Florida Keys.

There are so many ways to get on and in the water here that the hardest choice is choosing a company. Go jet skiing, boating, or even aquatic animal watching, whatever you two choose!

Once you’re back on land, take to Duval Street to get a feel for the city itself! Stroll down the many shops and restaurants that line the way, finding your favorites together.

Lastly, cheers to a night in paradise as the sun starts to set on that gorgeous ocean water, and enjoy your honeymoon!

Accommodation: Where to stay in Key West

Address: Key West, FL 33040

4: Lake Tahoe, California

Lake Tahoe, California
Dreamstime/Celso Diniz

All the poets are right; what's not to love about Lake Tahoe? One of the best parts about this USA honeymoon destination is that there is plenty to do no matter what season you visit.

During the summer, many resorts open their doors to a wide variety of fun in the sun. Things like ziplines, ropes courses, kayaking on the lake and summer festivals are just the beginning of things you two can do together.

During the winter, the slopes are the stuff of legends. Not only is there a wide variety of trail options for going down the mountainside, but several resorts in Tahoe give you that shockingly spectacular view of the lake while you're high-speed barreling down.

And when all is done on the thrill-seeking side of things, spend some time together in a romantic restaurant in the city, or bundle up together at your rental or resort. Lake Tahoe will make you want to relive your honeymoon every year!

Accommodation: Where to stay near Lake Tahoe

Address: 3066 Lake Tahoe Blvd, South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150

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5: Kennebunkport, Maine

Kennebunkport, Maine
Dreamstime/Enrico Della Pietra

Answer the call of the sea together! Maine is a beautiful, charming state with so much natural beauty that it should come as no surprise honeymooners love it here.

Kennebunkport, especially as a seaside, gorgeous port town, acts as a beacon to lovers around the world to embark on their post-wedding getaway.

Peruse downtown's wide array of specialty items and delicious, fresh seafood, or simply spend your time by the sea.

This is the perfect place to sit back and relax after your wedding, with lots of fun entertainment to add to your perfect honeymoon weekend.

Accommodation: Where to stay in Kennebunkport

Address: Kennebunkport, ME

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6: Finger Lakes, New York

Finger Lakes, New York
Dreamstime/Brian Welker

For a New York honeymoon with plenty of alone time, the Finger Lakes is the way to go!

This is the most romantic place to be, from daring slopes where you can ski and snowboard during the winter to a gorgeous stretch of lakes where summers never felt better.

Lace up those hiking boots and take them to Watkins Glen State Park. Here you'll hike in the beautiful forests of New York, with a truly stunning view of lush waterfalls.

After a day well spent, you and your spouse can relax in one of the many resorts in town, embellishing in all the luxuries you deserve. The Finger Lakes is undoubtedly one of the best honeymoons in the US.

Accommodation: Where to stay near Finger Lakes

Address: Finger Lakes, NY

7: Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Cape Cod, Massachusetts

If you're still puzzled over honeymoon ideas in the US, look no further than Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

This is the perfect spot for the outdoorsy couple who likes to get up and active with each other.

Famous for its 22-mile paved trail, this is spectacular for walking, biking, jogging or maybe even horseback riding.

Nestled on the coast, couples can enjoy relaxing, warming days on the beach, where the sunsets that romantic tone throughout the day.

And of course, Cape Cod is famous for its cuisine. Take your partner to any of the delicious, critically acclaimed eateries in the area and don't forget to sample some of those delicious wines on the menu.

Here in Cape Cod, your honeymoon will feel like an oceanside dream!

Accommodation: Where to stay in Cape Cod

Address: Cape Cod, MA

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8: Orlando, Florida

Orlando, Florida
Dreamstime/Paul Brewster

Happily ever after never seemed so close! Orlando is a great honeymoon destination in the US for a wide range of couples.

For any theme park fans, Walt Disney World and Universal Studios offer several theme parks for a whole star-studded, exciting week.

There are so many ways to make this week special with magic tying this city together. And even if you're looking for something a bit more intimate, check out some of the resorts in the area or fine dining establishments and bars found in the lively downtown Orlando scene.

Now, if your picture of Florida includes a few more beach towels and a lot more waves, Cocoa Beach is just a short drive away.

Right on the East Coast, Cocoa Beach is an excellent addition to the adventurous honeymoon.

Wake up greeted by the rising sun reflecting off the Atlantic Ocean, and maybe even check out some of the local surfing scenes.

Finally, wind down the weekend with a romantic meal for two at any of the delicious seafood restaurants. Come and see for yourself what makes Orlando one of the most visited honeymoon destinations in the USA.

Accommodation: Where to stay in Orlando

Address: Orlando, FL

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9: New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana
Dreamstime/Sean Pavone

Love loud! New Orleans has been a long-time favorite of many honeymooning couples, and there are so many special reasons why!

Together, the two of you can enjoy your post-nuptials in the famous French Quarter, where colorful, vibrant and exciting events often grace these streets.

If you're able to time it right, or even just to wait, Mardi Gras is a great place to live large with your sweetheart on a honeymoon that was meant for remembering.

Aside from New Orleans’ regular hit places, couples might also enjoy a romantic canoe ride on Bayou Saint John, or maybe even a dinner cruise in a world-famous steamboat.

New Orleans is a fast-paced and interesting spot to get just a little bit of everything in your celebration.

And what's a celebration without a good menu? Don't forget to stop at any of the gourmet restaurants in the area, but especially don't miss finding your favorite Creole dish.

Alongside its vibrant reputation, New Orleans is one of the best food capitals in the South, so take advantage of exploring new cuisine with your spouse on your romantic getaway.

Accommodation: Where to stay in New Orleans

Address: New Orleans, LA

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10: Savannah, Georgia

Savannah, Georgia
Dreamstime/Sean Pavone

For a place high in charm and low in stress, Savannah, Georgia, should be your go-to romantic getaway.

Trolley tours are a great, low-stress, high-fun way to see the city. You and your sweetheart can cuddle up, pointing out all the best spots in the city to hit that night and taking enough pictures to last a lifetime.

When you feel like stretching your legs, do so at the Savannah waterfront. Perfect for strolling, conversing and just enjoying the time together.

Keep the romance going with a day in the park where that warm Georgia weather and your happy honeymoon feelings make the day feel like perfection.

Treat your sweetheart to a honeymoon in Savannah!

Accommodation: Where to stay in Savannah

Address: Savannah, GA

11: Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu, Hawaii

Picture perfect memories, available all year! Honolulu has long since been one of the best American honeymoon spots.

Grab your towel, sunscreen and revel in that beautiful Hawaiian sun as you and your spouse get some well-deserved time alone.

Weddings can often be stressful, so why not reward yourself with a magical once-in-a-lifetime vacation for your ring to catch a new light.

Take surfing lessons together, attend a luau, or take advantage of some of the many resorts that offer beach views straight from your bedside. Live the high life in Honolulu!

Accommodation: Where to stay in Honolulu

Address: Honolulu, HI

12: Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville, Tennessee

Together, you two can take an exclusive look into the grand ole opry! Be it a concert, event, or even the occasional special backstage tour, this location is ideal for couples looking to be wowed on their night out.

Speaking of that 'wow' factor, no place best embodies that spirit than the Country Music Hall of Fame, where all the great Country stars enjoy their spotlight.

Alongside some of the coolest ‘did you know’ facts and a little dose of Country music history, this is a great place for the two of you to explore the day away.

No list of Nashville's greatest would be complete without mentioning its nightlife scene. Lively, energetic and oh so lovely, Nashville does not disappoint.

Take your love to the streets as you tour downtown Nashville's best and brightest bars — many of them even featuring live Country music artists performing.

These are the perfect places to take your partner dancing, as the energy invites everybody in to have a good time.

Together, it's easy to see why Nashville is considered one of the best honeymoon destinations in the U.S.

Accommodation: Where to stay in Nashville

Address: Nashville, TN

13: San Diego, California

San Diego, California
Dreamstime/Martin Molcan

Get some luxury with your love! San Diego is a nationwide favorite for just about every vacation.

But what makes it so perfect for a honeymoon? The ability to spend some alone time in the middle of all the fun.

While San Diego beaches are great for everybody traveling, luxury resorts and honeymoon suite residents live the different beach life.

Here, you and your spouse can wake up to the gentle sound of waves crashing on the shore.

You can enjoy your coffee on a beautiful sunny balcony, you can walk the beach together. And when the sun starts to set, the nightlife scene is all too welcoming.

Stay in and enjoy the time alone or go out and life live the California way!

Accommodation: Where to stay in San Diego

Address: San Diego, CA

14: Austin, Texas

Austin, Texas

Austin is the perfect place for two newlyweds to find some fun in Texas! With such a lively, exciting town, there is so much to do here that your week away will fill the scrapbook up completely.

What's especially nice about Austin is the ability to design a trip that's entirely suited to you two as a couple.

Like the high life and late-night celebrations? Check out some of the resort stays and take your nights to the sixth street.

More of a cuddle-up at home away from the home couple? Austin has many cozy options that make staying in feel as inviting as a night out. Make Austin all your own as a couple!

Accommodation: Where to stay in Austin

Address: Austin, TX

15: Olympic National Park, Washington

Olympic National Park, Washington
Dreamstime/Sean Pavone

Find the place as beautifully natural as your love! Olympic National Park is one of the best U.S. destinations for a honeymoon for so many reasons.

There are hikes galore: small, short ones that bring beauty right to your footsteps and several day treks that take you deep into comfortable seclusion with just the two of you.

Here in Olympic National Park, you can rent out a cabin and simply spend the days how you want to.

Go chasing waterfalls, or maybe take a romantic soak in the hot springs! If you're nature lovers, time-alone fans, or simply just looking for an unforgettable honeymoon, Olympic National Park is the place for you two.

Accommodation: Where to stay near Olympic National Park

Address: Olympic National Park, WA

16: New York City, New York

New York City, New York
Dreamstime/Songquan Deng

As one of the most visited cities in the world, it should come as no surprise that New York City is one of the best American honeymoons.

There are so many interesting and beautiful places to visit here in the city, you'll want to extend your vacation forever.

Take your honeymoon to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where new and old, well-loved exhibits grace this location for travelers from all over the place.

Or, take a stroll or picnic down to Central Park, where the warm cheer will make your love shine all the brighter. And of course, don't forget the landmarks.

The empire state building and the statue of liberty may be obvious choices, but that doesn't make them any less incredible to see in person.

And what's sight without someone to share it with? Together, there is so much to love about NYC.

Accommodation: Where to stay in New York

Address: New York City, NY

17: San Francisco, California

San Francisco, California
Dreamstime/Ekaterina Pokrovsky

For the California dreamers! San Francisco is a bustling, artistic, lively city that holds all the big city comforts without skipping out on that unique city feeling.

Honeymooning here means car rides with the windows down across the Golden Gate bridge and walking hand in hand on pier 39.

It’s hotels with a view of the water, warm California sun as you catch a show or Giants game, and the most delicious wine brought straight to your table to celebrate the momentous occasion.

Speaking of tasty treats, San Francisco is known from breakfast to dessert all the way to cocktails.

Taking a food tour or maybe even a brewery tour are just a few exciting ways to get to see the sides of San Francisco you'll never forget.

Whether it's a place on the pier or a five-star restaurant, there's always so much to enjoy in this city.

With so much to revel in, it's easy to see why San Francisco is one of the best choices for a USA honeymoon destination.

Accommodation: Where to stay in San Francisco

Address: San Francisco, CA

18: Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon
Dreamstime/Josemaria Toscano

For one of the best honeymoon trips in the US, you simply can't go wrong with Portland.

The Northwest is known for lush, stunning forests and little winding paths set in the gentle light from an overcast. Portland offers so many attractions for unconventional couples.

From local shops that showcase unique items to the best art events in the country, Portland is an excellent honeymoon destination for expressive couples.

Check out some of the classes to take together here: painting, pottery, poetry, or just enjoy the city's attractions. Then, rent a car and take it to the forested wonderland.

A detailed list of all the trails within two hours of Portland would take its own lengthy list, but some suggestions are Lower Punch Bowl Falls, Angel's Rest and the Trail of Ten Loops.

Whether you’re artistic explorers or world travelers, your honeymoon will be like no other in Portland.

Accommodation: Where to stay in Portland

Address: Portland, OR

19: Miami, Florida

Miami, Florida
Dreamstime/Fokke Baarssen

For both a resort luxury beach stay and some celebratory nights in an eccentric, lively city, Miami is the go-to.

It's a premier choice for comfort and all the best R&R specialties. The only thing better than a couples massage is a massage on the beach, and Miami has plenty of price range options to choose from.

Even the beach can be tailored to your preference! Head down to South Beach for a true feel of fun in the sun. The beaches are packed with good times, good vibes, and if you check out the bars on the beach: good drinks!

Or drive a little bit to MacArthur Beach State Park and revel in all those soothing sounds of the water. Or, better yet, stay close to home. Well, home away from home, as these beachside resorts will keep you and your spouse saying 'just one more night' for weeks to come.

And there’s simply no forgetting the nightlife scene. Unique doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface as this lively town truly understands that just because the sun sets doesn’t mean the party stops.

You can live it up, celebrating your recent marriage in any of the fast-paced clubs downtown, or slow things down with a romantic and five-star meal for two at any of the featured steakhouses in the area.

Miami is never short of events, festivals and nightly activities that will make your romantic getaway feel like the celebration of the love you always wanted.

Accommodation: Where to stay in Miami

Address: Miami, FL

20: Anchorage, Alaska

Anchorage, Alaska

An original honeymoon for a unique couple! Anchorage, Alaska, is the perfect place for a cozy, by-the-fire kind of getaway, with plenty of adventure and intrigue.

One of the best things to do while in town is book a flightseeing tour. Take your love to the clouds as you two get an exciting view of this stunning city.

And, of course, while in Alaska, do as the Alaskans do. Don't forget to go out to all the natural wonders in the area, like Chugach State Park or Kincaid Park by the water.

As one of the most unique sites to travel to, Anchorage is chock full of sightseeing you just can't get anywhere else, so try and see it all.

For an exhilarating and unforgettable honeymoon, Anchorage, Alaska, is just the place.

Accommodation: Where to stay in Anchorage

Address: Anchorage, AK

21: Flagstaff, Arizona

Flagstaff, Arizona

While lush, teeming with life forests may not be at the forethought of your Arizona mental picture, that's precisely what Flagstaff has to offer.

Nestled in the warm embrace of thick forested woods lies a cute, rustic and oh-so-charming city called Flagstaff.

This is an excellent USA honeymoon destination as you can cuddle up in your little cabin in the woods and still enjoy some of those by the city comforts.

This is primarily a great city for anybody who loves the small, not-so-small town feel of weekend farmers' markets and city-wide events that bring everyone around together.

This is a choice honeymoon destination for the couple who wants a relaxing getaway in a cute little town in the mountains.

Accommodation: Where to stay in Flagstaff

Address: Flagstaff, AZ

22: Denver, Colorado

Denver, Colorado

Experience that Rocky Mountain love! Denver is an excellent choice for couples cruising for a vacation, and not just for all the reasons you'd expect.

As a lively, outdoorsy city, there is so much to do to get you and your spouse up, active and celebrating your marriage.

Red Rocks Amphitheater is a great place to hike the day away and then jam out to your favorite bands playing this venue at night.

While the grounds around the stage tend to close early in preparation for a show, there are so many hikes, either just a short ride away or down the path from the main attraction, that make this sight unforgettable.

If you and your spouse want to celebrate more beauty on your getaway, don't forget to stop by the Denver Botanical Gardens. This is an exceptional display of all things ecosystem in Denver, with a vast expanse of budding flowers and gorgeous landscaping. 

When the night starts to catch the city, your trip is just getting started! Denver is famously known as one of the brewery capitals of the U.S., and there are simply too many local, delicious taps just waiting to be tasted to miss out.

For your selection of clubs, bars, and breweries all within walking distance of one another, check out South Broadway, or simply go where the night takes you.

And, of course, when morning comes, don't forget to get an early start on some of those sunrise trails. Or, simply sit back and relax in your honeymoon suite at any of the top-tier romantic Resorts in the city; Denver is what you two make of it!

Accommodation: Where to stay in Denver

Address: Denver, CO

23: Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe, New Mexico
Dreamstime/Sean Pavone

Looking for a city with as much personality as you two? Santa Fe is one of the most beautiful parts of New Mexico come to life.

With stunning architecture throughout the town, delicious, authentic meals and the showstopping Santa Fe Plaza, there is so much to love about this vacation.

On your honeymoon, you can stay at a hotel or resort where luxury and comfort converge.

This is a great city to make your own, strolling down the streets, stopping at stores that strike your collective fancy and finding out all your favorite parts through sweet serendipity.

For one of the best honeymoon destinations in the USA, look to Santa Fe!

Accommodation: Where to stay in Santa Fe

Address: Santa Fe, NM

24: Hot Springs, Arkansas

Hot Springs, Arkansas
Dreamstime/Sean Pavone

Relaxation doesn't even begin to cover it! Hot Springs, Arkansas, is that low stress, high comfort kind of romantic honeymoon in the USA.

Here, couples can enjoy privacy, comfort and even an incredible national park! Hot Springs National Park is a hot spot for all types of adventurers, and the rolling steam and gorgeous, sprawling forests will have you daydreaming of this vacation for years to come.

Together, you can enjoy some of the best spas in the city and finish off the night will a truly delectable meal. Hot Springs, Arkansas, is your home away from home honeymoon.

Accommodation: Where to stay in Hot Springs

Address: Hot Springs, AR

25: Carmel-By-The-Sea, California

Carmel-By-The-Sea, California
Dreamstime/Serge Novitsky

That picturesque, charming, homey seaside beach town isn’t just a fantasy! It’s actually one of the best honeymoon spots in the USA.

Colorful and cozy, Carmel-By-The-Sea has a scenic and must-visit 17-mile drive, where you and your sweetheart can see all that makes this city so special.

Together, you can visit the Carmel Mission Basilica Museum, where art and artifacts are as magnificent as the architecture that holds them.

And of course, Carmel Beach is the main attraction! Enjoy a cute, artsy town just on the cusp of one of the best and most relaxing beaches, all framing those beautiful honeymoon memories.

Accommodation: Where to stay near Carmel-By-The-Sea

Address: Carmel-By-The-Sea, CA

26: Providence, Rhode Island

Providence, Rhode Island
Dreamstime/Sean Pavone

Northeast loving! Providence, Rhode Island, is frequently named one of the coziest, most affordable honeymoon destinations in the US.

Here, hotels, Airbnbs and overnight stays are just what you two need after your dream wedding.

Try out a romantic boat ride, or maybe find all the best in cuisine through a food tour.

Many couples enjoy strolling through the delightful downtown and finding the most unique and special gifts at little local stores throughout the city, embracing the ambiance of small town charm with big city luxuries.

If you've got the time, maybe even consider a day trip to Martha's Vineyard. Couples' wine tasting and winery tours will be well worth the cheers!

Accommodation: Where to stay in Providence

Address: Providence, RI

27: Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming
Dreamstime/Jeffrey Banke

Spend your honeymoon under the stars! Grand Teton National Park isn't just a prominent hiking getaway; it's a great romantic destination for couples who need a little alone time.

Here, you'll have nothing but space to really spend together with days filled with rewarding hikes to some of the most incredible look-outs and nights spent cozying up together in that fresh mountain air.

Even if camping isn't your thing, the nearby city of Beaver Creek is a great place to stay for your honeymoon.

Enjoy at-home comforts and a special little mountain town, with all the beauty and intrigue of the Tetons just a short drive away.

Accommodation: Where to stay near Grand Teton National Park

Address: Grand Teton National Park, WY

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28: Las Cruces, New Mexico

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Dreamstime/Cynthia Mccrary

Try a little bit of Southwest charm for your honeymoon! Las Cruces is a big, little town where the mountains frame a gorgeous New Mexico city.

There are so many tasty coffee shops, delicious eateries and bustling bars that make dining out a true experience.

Be sure to get an early start together on Wednesday and Saturday to get the most out of the Las Cruces Farmers Market in town and then go for a stroll in Old Mesilla Village.

For a fun weekend trip, rent a car and head out to the White Sands National Park. Here you’ll find many trails and lots of open hiking in one of the most jaw-dropping and fascinating natural phenomena.

And end the night cozying up in one of Las Cruces many welcoming Airbnbs or hotels.

Las Cruces is an excellent choice to find both adventure and relaxation on your honeymoon.

Accommodation: Where to stay in Las Cruces

Address: Las Cruces, NM

29: Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston, South Carolina
Dreamstime/Sean Pavone

There are so many reasons why Charleston, South Carolina, is one of the best honeymoon destinations in the USA.

This city is full of romance, like sailing away on the Schooner Pride or enjoying a day at the Belmond Charleston Place.

Cypress Gardens are another draw to the city, where natural beauty sets the mood of thrilling wonderment.

Or, to celebrate a happy wedding, maybe even take a Palmetto Carriage Ride, where you can experience the city in new and lovely ways.

Charleston is especially a great option for history lovers. Whether it's casual enjoyment or not, there is plenty to explore; from museums to well-preserved sites, this city makes every trip special.

Check out places like Boone Plantation and Garden or the Joe Riley Waterfront Park. Bringing your love to a city with so much of it, Honeymoon’ing never seemed so easy as in Charleston.

Accommodation: Where to stay in Charleston

Address: Charleston, SC

30: Chincoteague, Virginia

Chincoteague, Virginia
Virginia LOVE chairs at the Waterfront Park in Chincoteague Island, Virginia | Dreamstime/Jon Bilous

Homey like the ocean breeze that blows through this city, Chincoteague is easily one of the best romantic honeymoons in the US.

Nestled on the Eastern shore of Virginia, couples here can enjoy a laid-back, seaside vacation.

Rise with the sun, and either find a delicious cup of coffee at one of the local shops or don't bother lacing up your shoes— simply start putting your footprints in the sand as you two enjoy the day away.

The summertime is best for a romantic getaway, as the temperature, water and crowds are just right.

This little oceanside city is right at the entrance to Chincoteague Wildlife Refuge, where couples can enjoy an enlightening and exciting day trip chock full of all of those well-preserved natural beauties known to the area.

Chincoteague is the perfect, relaxing getaway for your northeast honeymoon!

Accommodation: Where to stay in Chincoteague

Address: Chincoteague, VA

31: Big Sur, California

Big Sur, California

Big love on the Californian coast! Big Sur is well known as one of the most romantic spots, making this a perfect honeymoon destination.

Book a resort here and experience all the best in seaside comforts, luxury, and fun.

Here, the waves are so spectacular that they frequently host surfing competitions, and watching these thrill-seeking experts makes for the best on the shore entertainment.

Depending on the time of year you're in town, don't forget to check out some of the best tours.

Things like couples boat tours, kayaking trips, hiking on the cliffside and trips to the densely forested areas surrounding the residential area.

Even just enjoying a dinner on the shore or a drink at the bar has that special Big Sur feeling that'll stay with you both for years to come.

Big Sur is all about luxury and comfort on the seaside, so simply sit back, relax, and celebrate your marriage in such a gorgeous place.

Accommodation: Where to stay in Big Sur

Address: Big Sur, CA

32: Chattanooga, Tennessee

Chattanooga, Tennessee
Dreamstime/Sean Pavone

Chattanooga tops the charts for a trendy, unique and exciting city with impressive natural surroundings.

As a honeymoon destination, this is an excellent choice for wanderers, celebrators and just generally couples who like to find some things new, some things old and everything fun.

Couples can take a breathtaking hike up to Lookout Mountain, where the colors of the trees and the slope of the distant mountains make this view a real work of art.

Or, go a little bit deeper and check out the Racoon Mountain Caverns together. And of course, locals and travelers alike will tell you Rainbow falls is simply not to be missed.

And those are just the natural attractions. Chattanooga also makes a name for itself in becoming a real ideal night out for couples of all ages.

There are so many bars, clubs and nightlife options here that the real choice is just what kind of music you want to listen to.

Some venues even offer live music, and since nobody makes Country music quite like Tennessee, there's always some cowboy fun to be had on all corners of the city.

When the night is done, wake up in your little honeymoon cabin with your sweetheart, where only the soothing sounds of the forest can touch you. Chattanooga is a honeymoon dream; come to life!

Accommodation: Where to stay in Chattanooga

Address: Chattanooga, TN

33: Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Dreamstime/Sean Pavone

For a town that's built for luxuriously relaxing on the sand, Fort Lauderdale should be your honeymoon go to!

This is an exquisite, ethereal stretch of pristine white sand beaches where the water is just right. And what's more is that Fort Lauderdale has a wide range of lounging options depending on your getaway price range.

Get the true feel of the culture and town by staying in an Airbnb or hotel nearby, leaving plenty of time to explore some truly top-tier restaurants and shops just a few steps away.

Or, let your love get that five-star feeling by staying at one of the many luxury resorts that line the shores.

Massages, lessons, outdoor sports, fine dining, all of this and more awaits romantic travelers from all over the country.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is so blissfully incredible that it should come as no surprise it's one of the best beach honeymoon destinations in the US.

Accommodation: Where to stay in Fort Lauderdale

Address: Fort Lauderdale, FL

34: Dallas, Texas

Dallas, Texas
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Live that Texas high life for a week! Dallas is an exceptional place for your honeymoon for all the important reasons.

Like, for example, comfort! Going to Dallas and staying at one of their many five-star hotel and resorts is all the relaxation you deserve after your wedding.

The Ritz-Carlton or the Omni Dallas hotel are two well-loved and famously romantic stays that make your honeymoon-loving luxury.

As one of the bigger cities to grace this list, Dallas is a great choice for couples who love to explore a new city.

There is so much culture, art, life, and food that is specific to Dallas that every day will be filled with a fun and exciting new way to be amazed.

And that’s all paired with comfortable stays! Don’t forget to take a dip in the jacuzzi or plan those couples' massages because honeymooning in Dallas comes with that blissful sigh of relief.

Accommodation: Where to stay in Dallas

Address: Dallas, TX

35: Chicago, Illinois

Chicago, Illinois
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Chicago is one of the best honeymoon locations in the United States for so many reasons.

There are so many must-see sights that are best enjoyed together and of course, one of the best cities in the country for drinks and nightlife.

Unless you’re a fan of the snow and the gorgeous cast it sets on the city, honeymoon season for Chicago is primarily centered around the warmer months.

And that’s because of how many attractions revolve around that gorgeous Illinois weather and outdoor attractions.

Seeing the Bean or going to the top of Willis Tower Skydeck are just two incredible options that serve for perfect honeymoon photo op points. 

Couples can walk down Navy Pier, enjoying the sound of soft waves hitting the pier beneath your feet and even a Ferris wheel to really take in the whole city.

When the lights start to dim, go back out! Celebrate your honeymoon in the biggest, most expressive ways as you two take your pick from any wild number of bars in the city.

What’s nice about Chicago is that it can really be tailored to what you two want.

The best songs playing at maximum volume in sleek and chic clubs, or more of an appreciation for the arts and those memorable late-night conversations at one of the many jazz bars in town.

Chicago is a great honeymoon option for everyone!

Accommodation: Where to stay in Chicago

Address: Chicago, IL

36: Jekyll Island, Georgia

Jekyll Island, Georgia
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Soft whispering waves and all that summer sun; it’s no wonder Jekyll Island is a well-loved honeymoon destination in the USA.

Here, you and your newly celebrated spouse can truly find the meaning of rest and relaxation.

This is the perfect place to wander around mom and pop stores, finding little tokens that will forever bring you back to this week or take you to the ocean adventures.

As a barrier island, Jekyll Island has so many opportunities to get out and about with your loved one.

Check out some of the boat tours that happen just off the coast, where you two can cuddle up on a wave-breaking boat and toast to the setting sun.

Start your mornings with a walk on the beach and end the day with some of the best seafood to ever grace your lips. Jekyll Island is a cozy and relaxing honeymoon paradise.

Accommodation: Where to stay in Jekyll Island

Address: Jekyll Island, GA

37: Palm Springs, California

Palm Springs, California

Cradled by the Sonoran Desert, Palm Springs is that sunshine and smiles kind of honeymoon.

There is so much exploring and enjoying to do here that your romantic getaway will be jam-packed with adventure.

One of the biggest attractions for couples is visiting the Indian Canyons. Many even recommend going on a tour so that you can get that special kind of sightseeing that takes you to all the best photo op spots.

Get that one-of-a-kind bird's eye view by taking your spouse up the Tramway, where the views are nothing short of stunning.

This is even a great place to experience some nightlife! Special drinks and an enchanting ambiance make this spot absolutely incredible.

Palm Springs is that summer-lovin’ kind of romantic honeymoon getaway.

Accommodation: Where to stay in Palm Springs

Address: Palm Springs, CA

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38: Boothbay Harbor, Maine

Boothbay Harbor, Maine
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Cheery, friendly, and oh so beautiful, Boothbay, Maine, is the perfect choice for a honeymoon.

Cradled by the water, this gorgeous stretch of land is home to so many outdoor oasis’.

Penny Lake Preserve is something taken straight out of a charming small town book, and it’s a great place to walk, jog, or maybe even picnic with your love.

Or, go where the flowers blossom! The botanical gardens in this city are well-preserved and well-loved as an iconic display of what makes Maine so magnificent.

Maybe even go for a day trip on the water! There are plenty of boat tour options that choosing your favorite is the hardest task, but all of them get you out onto that gorgeous blue sea.

Accommodation: Where to stay in Boothbay Harbor

Address: Boothbay Harbor, ME

39: Sedona, Arizona

Sedona, Arizona
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Love is like a breath of fresh air! And nothing quite compares to the otherworldly beauty that is Sedona.

Even the drive is mesmerizing; getting to Sedona is half the charm! Together, you will drive through an expansive Arizona forest that twists and turns through the mountainside to drop you off in the lively, happy little town that is Sedona.

There’s a massive outdoor shopping mall right in downtown. And with that special Arizona sun, you’ll want to check out some of the quality ice cream, eateries, and wineries that are all within walking distance. 

If you’re thinking crowds don’t sound like your type of couples retreat, then have no fear.

Sedona is great because while there is a beautiful city with all the luxuries that accompany that, the focus is and always will be nature.

Arizona is home to some of the most jaw-dropping, interesting and magnificent feats of our planet’s natural architecture.

Gorgeous red rock stones set against clear blue skies, just a few feet away from lush forests.

Take your spouse on a hike you won’t soon forget, or maybe indulge in one of the many tours available. Sedona easily makes any list of the top places to honeymoon in the US.

Accommodation: Where to stay in Sedona

Address: Sedona, AZ

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40: Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Gatlinburg, Tennessee
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A breath of fresh air and a wide world of adventure! Gatlinburg, Tennessee, is the perfect place to cozy up to your spouse in the breathtaking beauty of the Smoky Mountains.

Many honeymooners here would highly recommend renting out a cabin for the week, or maybe even splitting your time between staying close or in the city and taking some time to just be alone together farther out.

Gatlinburg and its neighbor Pigeon Forge are lively, exciting cities at the heart of some gorgeous Tennessee mountain ranges.

That means you can hike the day away, relishing in time away from others and then cheers to an unforgettable night in a bustling city center.

Gatlinburg is the perfect US honeymoon destination for couples who want it all!

Accommodation: Where to stay in Gatlinburg

Address: Gatlinburg, TN


Q: What is the number 1 honeymoon destination in the US?

The United States is home to many amazing honeymoon destinations, but there is one that stands out above the rest. Maui, Hawaii, is the number one honeymoon destination in the US for a reason. It island offers a wide variety of activities and attractions for couples to enjoy, from clearwater beaches, hiking and zip-lining to snorkeling and whale watching.

Q: What are some of the must-see attractions when honeymooning in the USA?

There are many different attractions for honeymooners in the United States. Depending on what your interests are, there is definitely something for every couple ranging from outdoors, like Grand Canyon and Yellowstone, to city life, like NYC and Chicago, to relax and rejuvenate in Napa Valley.

Q: What are the most popular honeymoon destinations in the US?

There are many popular honeymoon destinations in the United States. Many couples choose to honeymoon in Hawaii, known for its stunning beaches and beautiful weather. Other popular getaways include New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago. Couples can enjoy a variety of activities at each of these destinations, from sightseeing to shopping to dining out.

Q: What are the most romantic honeymoon destinations in the USA?

Aspen, Colorado, is one of the most romantic honeymoon destinations in the USA. The mountain town is nestled in the Rocky Mountains and offers stunning scenery, great outdoor activities and a variety of romantic restaurants and hotels. There are plenty of romantic places to stay in Aspen, from cozy cabins to luxurious suites with mountain views.

Q: What are the best beach honeymoon destinations in the USA?

There are many beautiful beach destinations in the United States to choose from for a honeymoon. Some of the best include The Florida Keys, Hawaii, and California.

Wrapping Up!

Take your love around the country! From snow-capped peaks to crystal clear waves breaking on golden beaches, the best honeymoon destinations in the USA have so much to offer. As such a large, diverse country, it should come as no surprise that tailoring your romantic getaway is so easy.

Quiet bike rides, exhilarating nights out, little bookstores, and the best cocktails in the country are just the start. While there are so many options to choose from, the best honeymoon spots in the USA are the ones you make your own.

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