10 Most Beautiful Small Towns in Ohio

Ohio is a special place. Although it is a Midwestern state, it also has influences from the East Coast that permeate its historically rural culture. When you visit small towns in Ohio, you can expect to see the laid-back lifestyle of the Midwest, along with the remnants of early American history and a culture that is still closely linked to the land. If you decide to tour Ohio’s small towns, be sure to make sure a few of the following make it on your itinerary!

1: Yellow Springs

Yellow Springs
Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Mark Spearman

This lovely small Ohio town was settled because of the town’s namesake, a spring of water that is believed to have curative powers. Today, two hundred years later, the town is a busting community full of interesting things to see and do! People visit Yellow Springs to cycle the Little Miami Scenic Trail, hike in the state park, or shop at the boutiques and galleries.

Address: Yellow Springs, OH

2: Marietta

Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Mike

Marietta is built on the banks of the Ohio River, in the same place as a long-gone Native settlement. In fact, it is the remnants of this forgotten culture that make Marietta such an interesting place to visit! The Hopwell culture disappeared around 500 AD, leaving behind a mysterious earthworks complex that you can still visit today. Of course, you can also enjoy more modern activities, such as visiting the museums in the town.

Address: Marietta, OH

3: Granville

Photo Courtesy: Wikimedia/Wdzinc

The motto of Granville is rather unassuming, but has a certain note of pride: “One of Ohio’s Best Hometowns.” When you visit this beautiful small town, you’re sure to agree! The historic downtown is charming, with rows of brightly-painted brick buildings and attractive storefronts. The town was first settled by pioneers, and there are still many historic markers and buildings that remind visitors of those who went before.

Address: Granville, OH

4: Oberlin

Photo Courtesy: Wikimedia/Weatherman1126

Oberlin is a university town near Cleveland. The town has always been based in education, and that tradition has continued throughout its history. In fact, Oberlin was founded in 1833 by two Presbyterian ministers for the express purpose of training Christian missionaries in a moral and Biblical environment. The town itself is named for a minister who spent his life as a teacher for people with limited access to education. In no time, the small town became significant; before the 19th century had come to a close, it offered free higher education to those who could not afford it, and it fought hard against slavery and segregation.

Address: Oberlin, OH

5: Put-In-Bay

Photo Courtesy: Flickr/marada

Put-In-Bay was put on the map during the War of 1812, when it became the location of a U.S. naval squadron. Today’s visitors can still take a look at the huge monument that commemorates the town’s part in the war. If you visit, take the time to stroll along the waterfront and along the rows of picturesque shops that line the streets.

Address: Put-In-Bay, OH

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