Top 10 Tourist Attractions In Cape Cod And The Islands

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Cape Cod is considered to be one of America’s best vacation spots. There are large varieties of different fun activities you may choose to do in summer time. However, you can also find plenty to keep you warm in winter season.

When we are talking about Cape Cod, we think about the sun, sandy beaches, and whale watching, primarily.

Cape Cod is not as popular as you would think, considering the diversity it provides, which also includes their amazing islands. If you love adventure, visiting Cape Cod would be one of the most memorable trips for you.

You will be surprised at the diversity, after knowing how many attractions this place has to offer. Get your calendars marked and your itinerary ready, here are the top 10 tourist attractions and islands in Cape Cod that you should pay a visit on your next vacation.

Things To Do in Cape Cod

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1: Pilgrim Monument

Pilgrim Monument

The pilgrim monument is located in Princetown, Massachusetts and it was built between 1907 – 1910 as a sign of memory for the Mayflower pilgrims in 1620. This monument is around 252 feet long and it is the tallest all granite building that exists in the United States. No matter how you plan on arriving at Princetown, the pilgrim monument is the first thing you will notice. You will surely enjoy some amazing views if you plan to climb to the top of Pilgrim monument. Many people consider this spot for arranging their wedding event.

Address: 1 High Pole Hill Rd, Provincetown, MA 02657

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2: Shining Sea Bikeway

Shining Sea Bikeway
Flickr/Richard Martin

This beautiful, popular, and well maintained bike path is a great way to spend a couple of hours on the cape. Shining sea bikeway is relatively flat and you might have to pull over and stop here and there. But, in the meantime, you can enjoy the amazing views. Overall this would definitely prove to be a good experience.

Address: Shining Sea Bikeway, Falmouth, MA

3: Cape Cod National Seashore

Cape Cod National Seashore
Flickr/Peter Rintels

Cape Cod national seashore is a true gem. Even if you happen to visit this place off-season, where you decide not to swim, you will still have a great time walking through the shoreline, witnessing those amazing views, and seeing a whale, or two. There’s a visitor’s center and it will provide some interesting facts about the park. Honestly, national seashore is totally worth the stop.

Address: 99 Marconi Site Road, Wellfleet, MA 02667

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4: Cape Cod Rail Trail

Cape Cod Rail Trail
Flickr/Todd Van Hoosear

This is an amazing trail which is fit for hiking and biking. If you want, you can travel the entire cape. You will also come across many spots where you may decide to stop by and enjoy the view. Also, there are shops available all along the trail, so having something to eat is not a problem.

Address: Cape Cod Rail Trail, MA

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5: Sandwich Glass Museum

Sandwich Glass Museum

If you are interested to find out about the history of glass in Cape Cod, you should absolutely visit this museum. You will come across a huge collection of samples as well. There is a young artisan who will demonstrate glass blowing and if you have any questions in your mind then don’t hesitate to ask. Kid and adults are equally wowed at this amazing legacy of artistry in Cape Cod.

Address: 29 Main St, Sandwich, MA 02563

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6: Martha’s Vineyard

Martha’s Vineyard
Flickr/Bob P. B.

Martha’s island is located five miles to the south of Cape Cod. You can easily get there through passenger ferries or even your car. Martha’s Vineyard consists of 6 small towns and each of these towns has their own unique personalities and attractions to offer.

Address: Martha’s Vineyard, MA

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7: Nantucket Island

Nantucket Island
Flickr/Lennart Tange

This Island was founded in the year 1659 by colonists. This Island stretches out 15 miles and is located approximately 30 miles to the south of Cape Cod. In the 18th century, this island used to have the world’s biggest whaling industry, as there were more than 125 massive whaling ships participating. Today, this island is very famous for its historical attractions, amazing beaches, and the cycling paths. In the month of April, you will come across beautiful daffodils along the road-sides. Locals there have been planting these daffodils for decades.

Address: Nantucket, MA

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8: Hyannis


Hyannis is a ferry port and it is located on the south coast of Cape Cod. The sailors who anchor their ships in Lewis bay, Hyannis is considered to be their favorite spot. There’s also a museum for John F. Kennedy, along with his monument because his family actually lived there.

Address: Hyannis, MA

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9: Falmouth


This island is very popular for its beaches and different kinds of water sports. The most common things to do in Falmouth Island are:

- Exploring the great salt marsh
- A bicycle ride along the 10 miles of shore called Shining Sea Bike Path

There’s also a museum in Falmouth Island which showcases two 18th century houses. These houses display unique historical furniture, textile, and fine arts. This could be a great way to occupy a whole day’s worth of activities on Falmouth.

Address: Falmouth, MA

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10: Chatham


Chatham is considered to be the most interesting beach town in Cape Cod. It offers peaceful air, scenic white sandy beaches, and a famous lighthouse. Chatham Island is popular for some other aspects as well for example, having its own baseball team and band concerts in the summer time.

Address: Chatham, MA

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