The Most Amazing Things To Do in Teton Valley

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There are a lot of reasons why you should travel to the United States at least once in your lifetime. For one, the US is a very diverse country that allows you to mingle with people with different backgrounds, upbringings, and cultural traditions. The US also houses some of the world’s best museums, natural views, food establishments, and fashion brands.

If you’re planning to experience the wonders of the US soon, make sure to include Teton Valley in your itinerary. Teton Valley is in the western region of the United States and is often coined “the quiet side of the Tetons” due to its calm and peaceful ambiance.

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast seeking greater adventures, Teton Valley is an excellent option for you as this place offers activities for wildlife viewing, horseback riding, skiing, and hiking. You can try different types of outdoor activities when you visit Teton Valley!

Listed below are some of the most amazing things to do in Teton Valley.

Things To Do in Teton Valley

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1: Go Horseback Riding

Go Horseback Riding

Outdoor activities such as trekking and hiking are common in different parts of the US. However, if you want to experience something more adventurous, you should go to Teton Valley and try some horseback riding activities.

Aside from being a unique outdoor activity, horseback riding in Teton Valley can benefit your mental health as you’ll enjoy spectacular views in this area. You can bask in fields of wildflowers and stunning aspen groves as you ride on the back of majestic horses. If you’re going on this trip with your kids and family, horseback riding can also become a very educational experience for them!

Depending on your preferences, you can choose to stay on a ranch that offers accommodation and horseback riding tours within the area. With the number of ranches and guides offering horseback riding services, you will never run out of options when visiting Teton Valley. 

If you don’t have any idea where and how you can start your search, you can start by inquiring from the following ranches about their horseback riding services:

  • Linn Canyon Ranch: For a complete western outdoor experience, you can choose to go horseback riding in the Linn Canyon Ranch. Aside from offering riding camps, sunset dinner rides, and winter activities for the entire family, this ranch also has well-appointed sleeping tents. You can stay on the ranch and then enjoy countless horseback riding activities during the day and then enjoy the evening with campfires.
  • Fin and Feather Inn: The Fin and Feather Inn is a perfect spot for outdoor enthusiasts. Depending on your experience, you can choose to have guided horseback rides or opt to have multi-day packs with your friends and family. This inn also offers some of the best dream bedrooms, private baths, and rooms to relax in Teton Valley!
  • Grand Teton and Jackson Hole Horseback Riding and Hunting: While some travelers like to rub elbows with other tourists, others want to enjoy the wonders of nature with their own social circle. If you’re one of the latter, book a tour with Grand Teton and Jackson Hole horseback riding and hunting. This group offers the most unique and remote hourly trail system around the Jackson Hole area. By taking this horseback tour, you’ll be able to bask in the wildlife, creek crossings, and flowered trails all around Teton Valley. Aside from enjoying the great outdoors, the tour guide of this service will also share stories and cultures about the valley, allowing you to enjoy your trip more!
  • Teton Outdoor Adventures: Also called the camp TOA, Teton Outdoor Adventurers is exciting for kids and families. Spending your trip here allows you to experience a unique connection with nature and the animals that are present in the wild. All of the things you will experience in this camp can significantly contribute to your self-development, especially if you’re planning to bring kids with you.

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2: Try Some Mountain Biking

Try Some Mountain Biking
Flickr/Intermountain Forest Service

With the number of trails opening every year, Teton Valley has become one of the best destinations for individuals who want to try out extreme outdoor activities such as mountain biking.

Mountain biking is a unique experience that you should definitely try in Teton Valley as it allows you to improve your heart health, reduce stress, and improve balance and coordination. This outdoor activity can also become more exciting and fun if you’re doing it with friends and family who are also seeking adrenaline.

If you think mountain biking is an activity that is up to your alley, you won’t have to worry about traveling with bulky mountain bikes because there are several bike rental shops nearby. You can inquire from these establishments weeks before your trip, book a bike, and even pay in advance so you can easily enjoy some mountain biking once you arrive in Teton Valley.

Here are some of the most popular trails for mountain biking in Teton Valley:

  • Aspen Trail: This is a great trail for beginners as this is a great country single-track. Traversing this trail will allow you to enjoy some of the valley's best views.
  • Horseshoe Canyon: Although this is still a single-track trail, the Horseshoe Canyon consists of huge networks of trails. If you’re eyeing visiting this trail, make sure you’re doing it with someone who has been here before or pay for guided tours to avoid getting lost.
  • Rick’s Basin: This trail is popular among tourists and locals because it’s very easily accessible. This hour-long loop ride is fun to traverse as you can enjoy a 360-degree view of the valley. However, since this trail is mostly open and isn’t surrounded by trees all over, it’s best to schedule your trip here during the early morning or late afternoon because midday can get too hot.
  • Targhee Downhill Network: The Targhee Downhill Network is a recently developed trail that is accessible to different downhills. This can be a great location for newbies and kids because aside from being an easy trail to traverse, several shops offer bikes and other gears at the mountain's base.

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3: Go on a Hike

Go on a Hike

Although uncommon, you should try to go on a hike when traveling to Teton Valley. Going on one can be very cheap as you won’t have to buy or rent any gears. Aside from this, going on a hike also allows you to know more about the destination because you get to experience local culture and tradition, which are usually limited when you choose to visit museums. Hiking is also a great learning platform and a great mood booster.

For your next trip to Teton Valley will be one for the books, go on a hike for your next trip. Teton Valley is surrounded by natural treasures that offer breath-taking views.

If you have enough time, you can visit some or all these hiking trails:

  • Teton Canyon to Alaska Basin: For a day-long hiking trip, you can try out hiking from the Teton Canyon to the Alaska Basin. This trail is very challenging as you’ll start hiking on flat surfaces and then later progress into climbing steep terrain as you approach the Alaska Baskin. You can even stay for the night in the Alaska Basin and then turn this trail into a two-day backpacking trip.
  • Table Mountain Trail: The Table Mountain Trail is a heavily trafficked loop trail that stretches for 10.7 miles. It is located near Alta, Wyoming and hiking this trail allows you to enjoy beautiful wildflowers. This trail is also used for nature trips and bird watching, so expect to see some extinct species of birds. The weather is excellent for hiking during the months of March until September, so consider scheduling your trip to Teton Valley accordingly.
  • Darby Canyon: For a diverse yet fun hiking trail, visit the Darby Canyon during your trip to Teton Valley. This hiking trail stretches for 6.9 miles and will require you to walk through the woods and then pass through inclined sections in the forest. After this area, you will be able to witness natural meadows, woods, and waterfalls. You will also pass through several caves as you take on this hiking trail.
  • Moose Creek: And while hiking can be very beneficial to your health, not everyone is a fan of being under the extreme heat of the sun. Regardless of how fun hiking is, a lot of people will be discouraged from undertaking this activity because they are concerned about the condition of their skin. If you’re one of them, fret not because the Moose Creek can be an excellent choice. This hiking trail is covered in lush trees, perfect for families who want to hike through shaded areas.

4: Try Out Fly Fishing

Try Out Fly Fishing

It’s common for travelers to want to try something new during their trip. They spent a lot of time and money to make their trip possible, which is why they are willing to try out extreme and new activities. Besides, trying out something new on your trip will surely make good stories when you return home. If you’re seeking the same, try fly fishing when visiting Teton Valley. This location offers the best fly-fishing experience for both beginners and pros.

Check out the following areas in advance as these are known to be the best location for fly fishing:

  • South Fork of the Snake River: This river stretches for over 60 miles of water and is a great location for feeding trout. The South Fork of the Snake has thirteen access points, ensuring that you will always get a fish as you put your bait in the water. In fact, this location boasts at least 5,000 fish per mile. Aside from fly fish, this area also offers some of the best river sections, perfect for individuals who want to take the best photos during their trip to Teton Valley!
  • Teton River: If you’re looking for a free-flowing river for your first fly fishing experience, visit the Teton River first when you arrive in Teton Valley. This river has a total length of over 75 miles and stretches through different private properties. Fishing in this location will allow you to enjoy the views of several streams and mountains. You can fish rainbows, cutthroats, hybrids, and cut bows in the area. If you want to try something extreme after fly fishing, you can enjoy some white water rafting on the same route.
  • Henry’s Fork of the Snake River: This is one of America’s top fly-fishing destinations. The Henry’s Fork of the Snake River flows for over 150 miles and allows you to pass through different areas around Teton Valley. This is the most challenging trout stream in Teton Valley, which is why it’s best if you visit the area with a guide or professional helping you out.
  • Teton Valley Lodge: If you want to dedicate your upcoming trip to Teton Valley to fly fishing, choose to stay in the Teton Valley Lodge. This accommodation offers different kinds of water around the area – with a flat spring creek in one and then the winding stretches of the deep canyon on the other. The Teton Valley Lodge also has exclusive access to launch on the lower narrows of the Teton River, which means you’ll have more chances to fish. If you’re tired of the activity, you can book accommodation, rest for the night and then fish again in the morning.

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Plan your trip to Teton Valley soon!

Now that you know the best things to do in Teton Valley, start planning for your trip by scouting for cheap tickets and accommodation. You should also inquire about the tourist attractions you want to visit, so you’ll know if there are any fees or schedule for visiting.

The earlier you prepare for your trip, the easier it’ll be for you to score cheap deals for your upcoming trip!

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