Austin, Texas Top 10 Attractions

The Lone Star State has many gorgeous sights for travelers to take in and Austin doesn't disappoint. You can enjoy a refreshing dip in the water at Lake Austin, Lady Bird Lake or Barton Springs Pool, pack a lunch and make a day of it or stop at one of the surrounding restaurants. For livelier entertainment head over to Sixth Street and take in the historic sights, clubs and bars. Take your time learning about this great state at Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum or the Texas State Capitol Building. While in the area don't forget to try many of the Tex-Mex dishes. For other attraction ideas keep reading.

1: Sixth Street

Sixth Street
Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Davidlohr Bueso

Walk this historic and highly entertaining street and you're sure to find something up your alley. Sixth Street found in Austin's downtown mecca, has everything from live music and bars to restaurants and shopping. Esther's Follies is a popular music and comedy club, but there are plenty of other spots for dining and then hitting the music or bar scene in a place that does it unlike any other.

Address: E 6th St, Austin, TX

2: Barton Springs Pool

Barton Springs Pool

This is your best break from the Texas heat. Head down to Barton Springs, a lovely spring-fed yet man-mad recreational pool that is located in the channel of Barton Creek. Pack a cooler of lunch and drinks and enjoy an afternoon in the natural, relaxing setting that Barton Springs and the sunshine provide!

Address: 2201 Barton Springs Rd, Austin, TX 78746

3: Food Carts

Food Carts

One of the most rewarding things about travel is the ability to experience life like the locals there do. Food carts are a way to try some of the freshest and simply the best food the city has to offer, which the locals love! They're also your ticket to trying a multitude of ethnic foods, such as the Vietnamese pho, a type of noodle and beef or pork soup, or tacos and crepes. If you're sure this is something you'll be wanting to try, have a look at before you head downtown, as this site does an excellent job of tracking the food carts so you'll know where they'll be.

Address: 2201 S 1st St, Austin, TX 78704

4: Lake Austin

Lake Austin

The name "Lake Austin" actually refers to the water reservoir that exists near the city thanks to the Colorado River. The area includes great walking areas, residential housing, but also some excellent restaurants at which you can enjoy a fantastic meal on the lake, then watch the sun set while its colors dance off of the water. The Oasis is a gigantic restaurant and shopping complex where you can pick whichever spot on the lake suits your tastes the best.

Address: Austin, TX

5: University of Texas at Austin Campus

University of Texas at Austin Campus

Austin's downtown area is made even lovelier a sight by the University's campus. Cities like Austin and Madison are beautifully unique in their designs, as they were constructed around the fact that they were capitals and college towns to begin, so everything was built around this central area. Taking a walk around the campus in the city center is a great way to appreciate the architecture and the sights of Austin.

Address: Austin, TX 78712

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