10 Most Beautiful Small Towns in Wisconsin

Enjoy the heart and soul of the Midwest in Wisconsin! Each of these small towns will show you a little bit of the best that Wisconsin has to offer. Explore the lakes, fields, and streets of these small towns to see how charming the state of Wisconsin can be. Here’s our pick of 10 most beautiful small towns in Wisconsin.

1: Cedarburg

Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Daniel X. ONeil

This lovely little town is located on the shore of Lake Michigan, not too far from Milwaukee. It was once a wool mill town, but today it thrives on tourism. And it certainly does a good job of appealing to travelers! Nice 19th-Century homes line many of the streets, lending an antique charm to the area. There are plenty of local activities to explore, like the Cedar Creek Winery, the historic covered bridge, and the Ozaukee Interurban Trail. Besides this, there are plenty of museums to explore during colder weather, which makes the town an ideal place to stay all year round.

Address: Cedarburg, WI

2: Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva
Photo Courtesy: Flickr/atramos

Lake Geneva is one of those places that appeals to pretty much anyone. In the winter, it’s a blast to enjoy the cold-weather sports like skiing and skating. In the summer, you can hike or zip line. In the spring, take a boat out on the lake. If you’re not into the outdoor activities, you can enjoy a cozy fire or head to the spa. Or, just to shopping and get some good food at any of the local restaurants. This place is simply beautiful, and it’s easy to see why so many people spend year after year returning to Lake Geneva for relaxation and adventure.

Address: Lake Geneva, WI

3: Fish Creek

Fish Creek

Once a village for farmers, lumberjacks, and fishermen, this delightful town offers the best of the humble life plus the luxury of comfortable living. Taking a stroll through Fish Creek will bring you back to an era when tree-lined streets and a slower pace were simply a way of life. Enjoy the great outdoors by the lake, go fishing, and tromp through the wilderness. Or, get a little fancier and take a tour. Whatever you do, you’ll have ample opportunity to enjoy the beautiful views that this area offers!

Address: Fish Creek, WI

4: Bayfield

Photo Courtesy: Flickr/widnr

Bayfield is the perfect place to live or vacation if you enjoy visiting Apostle Islands. For readers not from Wisconsin, the Apostle Islands are a chain of islands in Lake Superior that offer more than enough adventure for anyone—hidden caves, wrecks, and opportunities for sailing are all on the table when you stay in Bayfield and visit the islands! Of course, Bayfield itself is pretty awesome, too. This artsy town is filled with a multitude of ways that artists have captured the scenic surroundings in canvas, paper, and clay.

Address: Bayfield, WI

5: Stockholm

Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Aaron Carlson

This picturesque little town was founded by immigrants from Sweden. The town is characterized by bluffs, farms, and red barns. The best part, however, is the tiny little downtown area, which is filled with delightful European-style shops. The shops are bustling with life and activity; people come from miles around the shop the art that comes from Stockholm. Creativity is a living and breathing entity in Stockholm, or so it seems. Hardly anyone who visits can resist buying a piece of beautiful art!

Address: Stockholm, WI

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