Top 10 Weekend Getaways in Nevada

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Spending time in the Silver State

Nestled in the western United States, Nevada provides the perfect state for a little weekend getaway.

It is a diverse array of thriving city hubs to small town comforts. It is the bright shining lights of Las Vegas and the rustle of wind through the forests in the Great Basin National Park.

Nevada is all of this and more, making it the perfect choice for your next getaway. To help with the planning process, check out these top ten weekend getaways in Nevada just waiting to be vacay' ed.

Best Weekend Getaways in Nevada

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1: Las Vegas

Las Vegas

Probably your first thought when ‘Nevada’ is even brought up! And with good reason: Las Vegas was made for the tourist lifestyle.

Whatever you want to do: here you can! Be it driving racing cars breaking 200 mph, or dancing with lady luck at any number of famed casinos in the city.

Some parties go from dusk to dawn and don't stop there! Shows, circuses, and plays that just aren't shown anywhere else in the world with this decadence level! And the food is an endless supply of delectable!

As we all know: what happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas. And after such an incredible Nevada weekend getaway, you’ll want to stay just a little longer too!

Address: Las Vegas, NV

2: Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe

Technically, Lake Tahoe is in both California and Nevada. You can even stay on the border if you want to live life on the edge.

Lake Tahoe is an incredible, jaw-dropping, ethereal weekend getaway that will have you wanting to stay for weeks to come.

In the winter, there are some of the best skiing in the state, and in the summer, the many resorts open their doors to outdoor fun.

And that's not even starting on all the options on the lake itself! Rent a boat, get a paddleboard, or simply sit on the banks and soak up a little sun!

Lake Tahoe is also an incredible place for hiking enthusiasts and those looking to embrace the call of the wild.

Not only are there day paths that people come from far and wide to experience, but the Tahoe Rim Trail is nothing short of legendary.

It is 165 miles long, so while you could do it in one go (maybe a week getaway instead of a weekend!), it is also possible to just to sections of it.

Check out Emerald Bay State Park (on the California side) or make it all the way up 10,338 feet at Relay Peak (on the Nevada side). This is truly where adventure soars.

Address: Lake Tahoe, CA/NV

3: Carson City

Carson City

Just a short drive from Lake Tahoe comes the beautiful, welcoming town of Carson City.

As the capital of Nevada, Carson City is a city vibrant with history, entertainment, and good spirits.

It holds on to its roots, while still modernizing with the times. Visit the fascinating Nevada State Railroad Museum or check out one of the local galleries in town to be inspired by Midwest beauty.

There is also the Nevada State Museum which is open to marvel at all the cultural and historical wonders of the great state of Nevada. Make your weekend getaway in Nevada memorable with Carson City!

Address: Carson City, NV

4: Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon

Prepare to be amazed! The Red Rock Canyon is something people from all over the world come to visit.

It is a geological wonder of the west and provides some of the most stunning views of desert nature.

Red Rock is pretty accurately named, as some of the rocks here have incredibly vivid and natural coloring to them that makes the formations look like painted works of art.

There are also several hikes, drives, and lookout points scattered all around this conservation area. All in all, the Red Rock Canyon is an explorer's dream getaway!

Address: 1000 Scenic Loop Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89161

5: Ruby Mountains

Ruby Mountains
Dreamstime/Chon Kit Leong

The Ruby Mountains are an excellent choice for anybody needing a breath of fresh air. It is the kind of place you visit to unplug and unwind. And unwinding here can mean many things.

Several paved roads can be used to drive to the vantage points, and you can see all the wonders you've been dreaming of without the stress and strain of climbing.

But if you want to break in your hiking boots, then the Ruby Mountains have come to deliver!

The paths here are challenging in all the best ways and well worth the effort it takes to make the voyage. A little bit of sweat makes the view at the top that much sweeter!

The Ruby Mountains are also great for a multitude of other activities. Alongside some of the country's best views, you are also in the perfect place for some adventuring—things like horseback riding, wildlife tours, or even snowmobiling in the colder months.

There are so many unique and thrill-seeking things to do in the Ruby Mountains; you will never be bored!

Address: Ruby Mountains, NV

6: Sparks


Go where the sun shines! Sparks is a town known for its bright, warm atmosphere and a wide variety of events and activities for visitors.

This town just outside Reno, close to Carson City and Lake Tahoe, provides a weekend’s worth of entertainment.

It is one of the perfect weekend getaways in Nevada for those who like the small-town setting. Meaning it's the right kind of speed to just enjoy, without any of the stresses of a big city.

The locals are welcoming, and the weather is warm, so Sparks should be high on your next vacation bucket list.

Sparks is also something of a cultural hub. It is an ideal place to go for some of the best museums and galleries in the state.

It is also the proud town of some truly delectable local eateries. And this is all while sitting on the banks of the Sparks Marina, where any number of outdoor activities are available.

Try boating, kayaking, or simply just soak in a bit of that aqua-serenity. There are so many things to do in Sparks; you'll want to keep coming back!

Address: Sparks, NV

7: Reno


Nicknamed "The Biggest Little City in the World," Reno is a staple mark for Nevada! It is big without being overbearing, and small with all the luxuries of a bustling central hub.

It goes precisely at the speed you want it to! That means you can see a play, take a nice walk around the local shops and malls, and eat at a delicious five-star restaurant.

Or, you can adventure your way through it! Check out some of the things to do along the Truckee River or find your path on one of the many trailheads by the city.

Reno is also known for offering some of the best casinos outside of Las Vegas. Here the famed Grand Sierra Resort and the Silver Legacy Resort Casino, call Reno home.

These are some of the most well-known casinos in the country and offer around the clock high stakes entertainment for adults.

And for kids, most even offer games and a theme park like set up inside! Reno is both a residential and tourist hub, making it perfect for your next weekend getaway in Nevada!

Address: Reno, NV

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8: Valley of Fire State Park

Valley of Fire State Park
Dreamstime/Mykola Lukash

It even sounds cool! The Valley of Fire State Park is one of the unique landmarks known to Nevada.

It is a golden array of vivid reds and lush greens working in harmony. It is just northeast of Las Vegas and well worth the drive it takes through the Nevada desert. 

It is not known for being particularly strenuous and makes for a great easy, but fulfilling hike in the national park.

The tracks here wind and lead into some of the most stunning visuals in Nevada.

For the best views and to beat the traffic, try going early in the morning. You'll have more of the path to yourself, more time spent in the park, and plenty of memories that will last a lifetime.

Address: 29450 Valley of Fire Hwy, Overton, NV 89040

9: Great Basin National Park

Great Basin National Park
Dreamstime/Arlene Hochman Waller

The Great Basin National Park is a lush natural wonder nestled right between Utah and Nevada.

It is known for steeping mountains, babbling brooks, and some views you’ll have to see to believe.

It is one of the most notable national parks in the United States and welcomes visitors from every corner of the world to its magnificent gates.

The mountains rise so high they pierce the sky, and the water is so crystal clear no pool could ever compare.

Here you can hike, bike, birdwatch, sightsee, and breathe in that fresh mountain air all in the comfort of a Nevada landmark.

Address: Highway 488, Baker, NV 89311

10: Virginia City

Virginia City

Nevada is a state of great historical significance and numerous towns that emulate this rich prominence. Maybe none more so than Virginia City.

It has been a western hub since the late 19th century and has preserved much of what made it unique.

The museums dive deep into not just a city's history, but the history of everything around them.

What brought about the city, how it came to be, and even some of the unsung heroes of the past.

This is an ideal Nevada weekend getaway for any history buffs looking to learn something new.

From old-timey saloons to blacksmith shops that still hold their importance through the ages, Virginia City is one stop you just can't miss!

Address: Virginia City, NV

Plan your Nevada Weekend Getaway soon!

Nevada is a combination of everything that makes a state great. From widespread deserts home to some of the best national parks to one of the biggest cities in the Western world, there is no shortage of weekend getaways in Nevada. All it takes now is a ticket and a wanderlust spirit, and you're on your way to the vacation of a lifetime!

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