10 Most Beautiful Small Towns in Georgia You Must Visit

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Atlanta, Savannah, Athens… all beautiful cities, but probably ones you know, or maybe have even traveled to already.

Big cities are great for the rush of exhilaration, but there are some trips where you just really want to mix it up a little.

Try a mom and pop bakery with scones you’ll never forget, or walk along an empty beach with nothing but the waves as a company.

Georgia is a big state, with so much to offer! Especially some of the hidden southern gems. Here are the 10 most beautiful small towns in Georgia.

Best Small Towns in Georgia

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1: Madison

Dreamstime/Sean Pavone

A big little town in Georgia with big adventures! Madison sits at a population size of roughly around 4,000, but it never feels too big or too small.

Here there is a whole buffet of activities to choose from for all ages, seasons, and personalities.

Madison is a great place for an exclusive look into the historical homes that Georgia is known for. Here, it’s best to look for some local tours to take you in one or more of these farming beauties.

Leaders and experts have a whole textbook of knowledge they’re ready to dish up with every beautifully preserved room or jaw-dropping garden.

Madison is also primarily known for its seasonal festivals and activities. Winter brings the holly jolly spirit right to the streets where Santa’s sleigh might just park.

Spring blossoms with garden tours, arboretum days, and some of the best parks in the south.

The summer is sunny days filled with good music, good friends, and that beautiful Georgia weather.

And fall is not just fun, but a feast! We’re talking Chili cookoffs, Trunk-N-Eat, and a spooky celebration of all things tasty called the Fangs & Feast Festival.

You never quite know what you’re going to get in Madison, but the guarantee is that it will always be fun.

Address: Madison, GA

2: Helen

Dreamstime/Steven Huff

The beautiful small holiday town that romcoms were made for! Helen is a charming little town in Georgia situated right next to Unicoi State Park and Lodge.

This town is chock full of outdoor adventure and the kind of entertainment you just can’t get anywhere else. Helen, Georgia is the ideal place to go for activities that are fun for the whole family!

Things like Tubing, hiking, swimming, camping, and even ziplining. And be sure to stop by the Helen Tubing and Waterpark if any of those sound like your kind of exhilarating evening. See the wonderful world from all angles with all the fun available in Helen.

Helen is also an exceptional spot for a little outdoor exploring. Since Helen does reside just on the outskirts of Unicoi State Park and Lodge, it is often the spot many locals and tourists go to get their adventure on.

You can hike these paths for miles, admire some of the jaw-dropping waterfalls along the way and pave your own path to fun.

Finish off the day in downtown Helen for some casual drinks, delicious food, and all the friendly faces you can see. Helen is the perfect Georgia small town for your weekend getaway.

Address: Helen, GA

3: Blue Ridge

Blue Ridge
Dreamstime/Sean Pavone

Known primarily as a well-loved mountain town in Georgia, Blue Ridge is a place many Georgians go to for a getaway.

Settled in Northern Georgia, this is the historic resting spot for many antique trains and railways.

The famed ‘Blue Ridge Scenic Railway’ is truly a sight to behold as the trains of years past chug-a-lug down to the nearby mountain towns that dot the area.

Be sure to check out some of the tours and explore a wide variety of charming small towns in Georgia, all within one railway.

Blue Ridge is also known for embracing both history and modernity. There are craft breweries lining the streets and amazing restaurants serving up only the most mouth-watering of dishes.

There’s even a Blue Ridge Art Center where the artistic expression comes alive!

Check out some of the shows in the season or the exhibits currently mystifying the public, and you’ll find a new muse in Blue Ridge.

Top it all off with a day or two spent in the great green outdoors of Georgia. There’s so much to do in Blue Ridge!

Address: Blue Ridge, GA

4: Tallulah Falls

Tallulah Falls
Dreamstime/Sean Pavone

A breath of fresh air! Both literally and figuratively. Tallulah Falls is one of the prettiest Georgia small towns centered around its stunning natural attractions.

Its namesake, the Tallulah Falls, as well as copious amounts of golden trails and sun-soaked lakes.

The Tallulah Gorge State Park is one of the most visited and well-loved attractions in Georgia, and that’s just the start! There are more waterfalls, trails, campgrounds, and so many other exciting things to explore.

The city itself is a delightful, charming, beautiful small town. It’s a Victorian-era resort town that settles right on the border with South Carolina, making day trips effortlessly easy.

But within the city limits, there is a whole wide world of Tallulah Falls culture to explore. There are art exhibits, tasty restaurants, and some educational and fun history and wildlife centers.

Here you can learn not just about Tallulah Falls ethereal scenery but about the history of the town and those who have called this place home.

Tallulah Falls is a great place to slow things down and just enjoy a weekend with Mother Nature as your traveling companion.

Address: Tallulah Falls, GA

5: Pine Mountain

Pine Mountain
Dreamstime/Thomas Vasas

Shifting gears to a slightly bigger small town, Pine Mountain is great for the kind of vacation filled with fun!

Found in western Georgia, Pine Mountain is a charming small town with so much to offer! Explore the gardens--- taking time to relax by the lake or pick your favorite butterfly.

Maybe even play a game of golf, practicing your strokes on Georgia's finest greens. Or, for a more wild adventure--- check out the zoo.

With so many exhibits, they’re sure to have your favorite (or new favorite) animal just waiting to see you and your family again. Be sure to check out the Wild Animal Safari schedule for showtimes with big finishes.

Pine Mountain is also famous for being the place of President Franklin Roosevelt’s death. Where his vacation cottage has now been turned into a museum named the Little White House.

Here you can learn about the kind of facts the history books left out and get an inside view of the life and times of a former United States President.

End your trip with a walk, bike, or hike through some of Georgia's most beautiful trails. There are waterfalls, lakes, flowers, wildlife, and so much more that call Pine Mountain home.

Address: Pine Mountain, GA

For a bit of fun in the mountain sun, check out one of Georgia's best small towns: Clayton!

Clayton is an excellent place for all sorts of relaxing activities for all ages. These are the kind of paths that are E for everyone, or just the right side of challenging.

Go to explore with the comforting feel of exertion on your skin, or simply enjoy a walk through the sunlight-strewn paths. Maybe even take a ride on the famed Sliding Rock Cascade.

Found at Wildcat Creek, this slippery, exciting attraction is one of the most popular things to do in the area.

Clayton is full of great hikes and outdoor fun, but there are a few key locations you should know before you go. Bartram Trail gets you high up to get a bird’s eye view of the sloping mountains that call this neck of the woods home.

Chattahoochee National Forest is the biggest and best-maintained trek within range and offers a wide variety of paths and hikes to make your weekend spectacular.

And for all the adults paving their way in the mountains, finish off your strenuous hike with a rewarding brew! Moonrise Distillery and Noble Wine Cellar are two of Clayton's best (and tastiest) gems. Clayton is a recipe for adventurous success!

Address: Clayton, GA

7: Lookout Mountain

Lookout Mountain
Dreamstime/Sean Pavone

It’s all in the name! Found at the border of Tennessee and a part of the beloved Chattanooga metropolitan area, Lookout Mountain is one of Georgia’s most unique small towns.

Lookout Mountain is a charming location visited by both sides of the border. Visitors come from far and wide to see the gorgeous historic rock formations that call this charming small town home.

See Rock City is one of the most popular spots for those who want to explore the nuances of nature in a unique and fun way! Rock City is open year-round, making it a choice destination no matter the season!

However, if you are looking for a little bit of holiday fun, be sure to check out the Lookout Mountain festival schedule.

This is chock full of spring days spent in the garden, summer nights with the stars, and of course: The Enchanted Garden of Lights come the winter holiday season. See Santa and the whole North Pole brought right to Georgia’s very own homeland.

As a mountain city, Lookout Mountain is also known for the highly-rated bed and breakfasts that line the vantage points. Wake up relaxed and ready to make some memories, with Lookout Mountains abundance of comfortable fun.

Address: Lookout Mountain, GA

8: Senoia

Dreamstime/Joe Sohm

Senoia, revived! For any Walking Dead fans out there, this charming Georgia small town might look pretty familiar.

Senoia is the beautiful cobblestone walkways and little floral parks that you’ve been dreaming of.

One of the best things to do in Senoia is simply taking a stroll! Check out downtown, where they have some of the most unique and exciting shops for clothing, merch, and so much more.

One of the fan favorites of the area is The Classic Market, where travelers can stop to recharge with a delicious taste of wine or something sweet on the way.

However, to really see Senoia, you’re going to want to follow the leader. Book a tour--- be it city tour, food tour, or walking Walking Dead Tour, all of these come highly recommended.

They’ll stop at several areas maps just can't show and give you an inside look at what makes Senoia so special. Check out some of the other Zombie-themed activities along the way, such as Dad's Zombie Road trip and a medley of restaurants to really bring your trip to life.

Address: Senoia, GA

9: Milledgeville

Dreamstime/Jim Roberts

As Georgia’s former capital, Milledgeville is the perfect place for a little historical getaway.

With its roots all the way to the beginning of Georgia's start as a colony to a state, Milledgeville is a wonderfully well-preserved door to the past.

Here you can explore a wide variety of museums and historical buildings, all with a fascinating wide world of information behind them.

The town itself is a charming representation of the citizens of Georgia. Big enough to welcome tourists but small enough to hold on to its individuality.

The list of key historical sites to visit in Milledgeville could fill an entire bucket list.

There’s Andalusia, Georgia's Old Governor's Mansion, and Georgia's Old Capital Museum. There are even museums focusing on other aspects of history, such as the Natural History Museum or various art exhibits found around town.

These are just a few of the landmarks that make Milledgeville so special! Visit Milledgeville to forge your own kind of history.

Address: Milledgeville, GA

10: St. Marys

St. Marys

Go where the waves take you! As a city on the coastline, St. Marys is a little slice of sun and sand heaven right in Georgia.

This is one of Georgia's most charming small towns (and hidden gem), with an abundance of parks, museums, and fun activities to explore.

For outdoor fun, check out the Crooked River State Park. Many of the trails in the park provide gorgeous views of the water, giving your hike that refreshing accomplished feeling.

Or, experience water in a different way, with St. Marys Aquatic Center. This is the kind of amusement park children of all ages can splash around all day in, and parents can soak up some sun.

St. Marys is also an interesting and intriguing place to learn something new.

Take a deep dive into the exhibits at St. Marys Submarine Museum. A museum like no other with interactive looks into decades of underwater travel. Or, check out the Cumberland Island National Seashore Museum, just off the coast of St. Marys.

This is best made as a day trip to the Cumberland Island National Seashore to explore all this tiny island has to offer. Or maybe even make this a multi-day trip, with the option for camping enticing travelers to stay under the stars and the lull of ocean waves. St. Marys and Cumberland Island is a vacation like no other.

Address: St. Marys, GA

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