10 Most Beautiful Small Towns in Utah

Utah is one of the most beautiful States in the Union, and it is one of the most unique, as well. Its small towns have surprising variety, featuring everything from pioneer history to ski resorts and red rock arches. If you’re looking for an unforgettable road trip adventure, why not head on a trip to visit Utah’s small towns? There is so much to love and discover in these wonderful communities!

1: Moab

Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Ken Lund

Moab is one of the most famous small towns in Utah. Tourists stream through this little town to see the renown rock formations at Arches National Park. While both Arches and Canyonlands National Park are incredible natural wonders to witness, don’t overlook the town of Moab. Here, you’ll find a cool little Southwestern community with an old-fashioned yet hip air. If you’re an outdoorsy person, this is a great place to be! Check out the downtown area, where you’ll find boutique mountain bike stores, indie coffee shops, unique clothing, and more.

Address: Moab, Utah

2: Kanab

Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Shepard4711

This Utah town dubs itself a “Western Classic.” Since it was settled way back in 1870, this nickname seems to be a pretty appropriate one! Kanab is set against the dramatic backdrop of stunning Utah red rock. If you get up early enough in the morning, you’ll witness the added magic of brightly-colored hot air balloons rising into the warm, clear air! Kanab is a great base for people hoping to take a tour of the monoliths or a hike through the interesting ruins and formations in the area. If you want to see quintessential Utah, Kanab is it.

Address: Kanab, UT
Website: kanab.utah.gov

3: Midway

Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Photo Dean

Midway is located in the beautiful Heber Valley. Unlike the two cities above, which showcase the stunning desert landscape of the Southwest, Midway is set in the beautiful verdant hills of northern Utah. This town was first brought to International attention when it hosted the 2002 Winter Olympics. There is plenty to do in this lovely mountain town, from trekking through the forest to hanging out on the lake. The town itself is perfectly charming! It has a Swiss theme in its architecture, making it a fun place to take photos.

Address: Midway, UT

4: Heber

Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Edgar Zuniga Jr.

Heber City is a predominantly Mormon town in the heart of Utah’s mountains. The town was founded back in 1859, when it was surrounded by nothing but wilderness. Today, the wilderness remains, but the town has grown to become a beautiful community with plenty to offer. There are many wonderful fun outdoor activities to enjoy, such as boat tours and horseback riding. Stand up paddle boarding is one of the most popular excursions in the area. Be sure to take a trip on the Heber Valley Historic Railroad Line for awesome views of “Utah’s Alps” and the plains that drew settlers to the wild, Wild West.

Address: Heber, UT

5: Mt. Pleasant

Mt. Pleasant

One of the loveliest small towns in Utah is the community of Mount Pleasant. Set in the middle of a sprawling agricultural valley, Mount Pleasant is an old-fashioned community that you don’t want to miss. Believe it or not, this 3,500 population town is one of the largest in the county! The town is known for being the home of Wasatch Academy, a picturesque private school. Walk around the residential area of the town, and you’ll see large, antique homes built in an elegant Midwestern style. The downtown area features historic brick buildings that you’ll love to wander through.

Address: Mt. Pleasant, UT

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