10 Most Beautiful Small Towns in Vermont You Must Visit

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Vermont is perhaps the most stunning part of New England. Filled with natural wonder and 300-year-old communities, Vermont is a slice of American paradise. Although it’s within driving distance of some of the East Coast’s biggest cities, Vermont has no mega-metropolises of its own and offers the perfect small-town getaway. Wondering where to go first? Here are the ten most beautiful small towns in Vermont!

Best Small Towns in Vermont

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1: Chester

Wikimedia/Kenneth C. Zirkel
Beautiful Chester is the perfect base camp for a lovely outdoor getaway. This town is near three state forests, each of which offer hiking, exploring, and wildlife watching. If you get tired of wandering through the trees, you can check out the Stoughton Pond Recreation Area. If you’d rather stay in town, the civilized area of Chester is also lovely! You can enjoy shopping and wandering though the historic streets.

Address: Chester, VT

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2: Woodstock

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This small Vermont town has been around since before the United States was formed! If you visit, you can still still walk though pre-revolutionary streets and enjoy historic architecture from a wide range of eras. Be sure to check out the Lincoln Covered Bridge and Taftsville Covered Bridge, as well as the other various historic sites and museums.

Address: Woodstock, VT

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3: Dorset

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Visit charming Dorset’s rolling hills and valleys to connect with the land and get a taste of small-town life. This place is the quintessential small community! When you spend a getaway here, you can enjoy the festivals, parades, and slow pace of life that make Dorset a wonderful place to be. Be careful not to get too attached to Dorset; if you do, you just might end up staying forever.

Address: Dorset, VT

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4: Montpelier

Flickr/Bob P. B.
Vermont’s capitol has the distinction of being the least-populated capitol city in the United States. Although it seems fairly busy during the day, the actual population of this city is far lower than the number of people who commute there for work. Although it’s a small community of about 8,000 residents, there is a lot to do here! Check out the Vermont State House and the Vermont History Museum for a crash course in Vermont history and government. Here, you can get the variety of a city trip with the feel of a small town.

Address: Montpelier, VT

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5: Shelburne

Flickr/Lee Wright
This town is not far from Burlington, the largest city in Vermont. Despite its proximity to the big city, this suburb is small and retains a small-town feel. Stay here and take day trips to the city for the best of both worlds! Even if you do enjoy Burlington during your trip, you’ll want to spend some time exploring Shelburn. You can enjoy the crème de la crème of beautiful Shelburne at the Perfectly-landscaped Shelburne Museum, the Covered Bridge Museum, or Lake Champlain.

Address: Shelburne, VT

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6: Grafton

Flickr/Doug Kerr
This is one of the prettiest historic villages in New England! The town of Grafton is located in southern Vermont’s green mountains, and it still retains much of its old-fashioned mountain culture. Enjoy the beauty of the hills and the proudly-maintained town center. Grafton is a wonderful place to celebrate the great outdoors and the offerings it produces! Head outside to the Granfton Ponds Outdoor Center to enjoy Vermont’s natural world, or escape inclement weather at the Grafton Cheese Village and Plummer’s Sugar House. There are also many other museums to enjoy, ranging from art to history museums.

Address: Grafton, VT

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7: Stowe

Flickr/John Truong
The setting of Stowe is a breathtaking valley between Worcester Range and the aptly-named Green Mountains. It’s little wonder that early settlers chose this location to build their homes! Stowe is a very traditional small town with a family feel, craft fairs, and community festivals. Catch the British Invasion in September for a look at cool British car models, or come in the summer for a variety of theatrical productions. If you love to ski, winter is the best time to visit! At any time of year, you can enjoy the conservation areas and hiking trails.

Address: Stowe, VT

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8: Lincoln

Flickr/Doug Kerr
Deep in the beautiful Green Mountains, you’ll find this wonderful little Vermont town. This town was once a large Quaker community. Although the Quakers are long gone, you can still visit Quaker Street to see where the society once gathered. Today, Lincoln is known as a ski retreat. It’s half an hour from Mad River Glen and Sugarbush ski areas, making it the perfect base camp for you winter fun. With the rolling mountains for its backdrop, this is the prettiest getaway you can find in Vermont.

Address: Lincoln, VT

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9: Weston

Christmas is the best time to visit Weston, Vermont! This beautiful small town in Vermont is known for its Christmas shops, including the Weston Village Store, the Vermont Country Store, and the Weston Village Christmas Shop. You’ll even find some quirky attractions here, like the Vermont Scale Museum and the largest weather vane collection in the state! Of course, there’s more to Weston than just some funny ways to pass the time. You can also engage in more sophisticated activities. Attend a theatre production, explore the galleries, or try some local fine dining.

Address: Weston, VT

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10: Manchester

Wikimedia/Rolf Müller
Manchester is yet another Green Mountain town, but it’s certainly not a carbon-copy of the other towns on our list of the most beautiful small towns in Vermont. Manchester is a perfect balance of modern appeal and antique charm! You’ll find top notch lodging and fine dining here as well as rustic beauty. There are both designer outlets and mom-n-pop shops. You can learn about New England history, or relax in luxury. The best part of Manchester is that it’s very close to both New York City and Boston, so you can get a city break during you trip, if you need one! Of course, there is plenty to do right here, and you probably won’t ever want to leave.

Address: Manchester, VT

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