20 Best Water Parks in Texas to Beat the Heat

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Like their state, Texas water parks are enormous with endless fun. There are also a lot of them in every part of the state. They say that if you place everyone in the world in the state of Texas, they can't hit each other with a baseball. It makes finding the best water parks in Texas a monumental task.

Texas is the second-largest state in the US. It's so large it contains ten separate ecoregions, covering everything from harsh desert climes and prairies that stretch out like warm, green blankets under the horizon to wet marshes and quaint towns built along rivers, lakes, and reservoirs.

In all that vastness, Texas has a grand total of 89 water parks, which is pretty extensive compared to most other states. We've poured over those 89 water parks to find the 20 best Texas has to offer. Let's take a look at the best Texas waterparks.

Best Texas Water Parks to Cool Down

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1: Schlitterbahn Waterpark New Braunfels - New Braunfels

Schlitterbahn Waterpark New Braunfels - New Braunfels

Amusement Today, an industry leader in news coverage for all things amusement, has consistently rated Schlitterbahn Water Park as the world’s best for a jaw-dropping 23 years straight. As water parks in Texas go, that’s an incredible accomplishment. 

For an amusement park of any kind, it's certainly not the largest, sprawling across 70 acres of prime Texas real estate. However, if it's water-related, Schlitterbahn probably has it. One of the attractions, 'Downhill Racer, ' propels guests, at high velocity, over a three-story drop.

Like any good amusement park, Schlitterbahn is speckled with food and beverage vendors across the park, along with several bars and relaxation zones in front of various pools and a wave pool to boot. No water park is complete without a wave pool and a lazy river winding throughout the park.

Address: 400 N Liberty Ave, New Braunfels, TX 78130, United States

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2: Six Flags Hurricane Harbor - Arlington

Six Flags Hurricane Harbor - Arlington

Though 20 acres smaller than Schlitterbahn Waterpark, Six Flags Hurricane Harbor is still one of the best water parks in Texas. The moment you walk in, you’re greeted by a huge wave pool, which will get the kids excited pretty quickly, all on its own. 

Six Flags is known for its wild and fast rollercoasters, but this is definitely a water park, with around 24 different attractions to keep you wet and cool in the summer. Like most parks, you can purchase day passes at the park or online, and Six Flags offers occasional discounts and season passes as well. The park is loaded with rides that cover small children up to large adults, along with a scattering of restaurants and food or beverage vendors across the park.

Address: 1800 E Lamar Blvd, Arlington, TX 76006, United States

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3: Typhoon Texas Waterpark - Katy

Typhoon Texas Waterpark - Katy

Houston, Texas, wouldn't be a proper city without a water park somewhere nearby. Thankfully, Typhoon Texas Waterpark fills that void, even though it's only open in the Summer months. One of the primary attractions at Typhoon Texas is the Rain Fortress, where you can feel the force of over 800 gallons of water as it dumped on you from above.

A vast wave pool (Tidal Wave Bay) completes a package that includes splash pads, tube slides galore, and even a shopping mall. Of course, there is plenty of relaxation to be had as well, especially poolside, where tons of long seats and poolside bar areas are available. There are two Typhoon Texas waterparks, with the other located in Austin.

Address: 555 Katy Fort Bend Rd, Katy, TX 77494, United States

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4: Schlitterbahn Waterpark Galveston - Galveston

Schlitterbahn Waterpark Galveston - Galveston

What better place to put one of the best water parks in Texas than on an island? The second Schlitterbahn on the list sits on Galveston Island, so you’re already surrounded by water. Though its sister park catches all the accolades, the Galveston version is no slouch. 

Waterparks in Texas are a dime a dozen, and Schlitterbahn knows how to separate itself from the pack. This park includes three lazy rivers, though one of them consists of a timed, huge wave system that really makes things interesting when the lazy river is packed.

Though water parks aren’t often known for their non-water activities, the Galveston Schlitterbahn has an incredibly long zip line called the Soaring Eagle. It gives guests an opportunity to air out after a day spent on the water.

Address: 2109 Gene Lucas Blvd, Galveston, TX 77554, United States

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5: Hawaiian Waters - The Colony

Hawaiian Waters - The Colony

Hawaiian Falls is known for their water walkways, a misty walk through a variety of natural and synthetic environments that are both pretty and refreshing. Like most water parks, Hawaiian Waters offers season tickets, subscription services, and day passes. 

Though small and relatively unheard of outside of the state, Hawaiian Falls is easily one of the best in Texas water parks. The park has wicked water slides, one of which is over sixty feet high. 

Like most water parks, Hawaiian Falls has lazy rivers, wave pools, and relaxation zones where you can sit by the pool and enjoy your favorite beverage or picnic. Hawaiian Falls also has a large interactive area. It's still full of water, but there are also non-water activities.

Address: 4400 Paige Rd, The Colony, TX 75056, United States

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6: Great Wolf Lodge Water Park - Grapevine

Great Wolf Lodge Water Park - Grapevine

The Great Wolf Lodge Water Park is a hybrid of indoor and outdoor attractions. You couldn't really call it one of the best indoor water parks in Texas because most of it's outdoors. However, their indoor sections allow the park to run year-round, much better than the summer-only parks.

The Great Wolf Lodge is a jack of all trades, with so much to do and see you might not cover it in a single day. The park includes a hot tub for adults only, water slides, lazy rivers, and even a water slide specifically designed for little kids (under 48 inches).

Slap Tail Pond is one of the more popular attractions at Great Wolf Lodge, and there are plenty of amenities to keep everyone entertained and their stomachs full, even out of the water. You can even reserve private cabanas, a great idea for birthday parties and celebrations.

Address: 100 Great Wolf Dr, Grapevine, TX 76051, United States

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7: Aquatica San Antonio - San Antonio

Aquatica San Antonio - San Antonio

Aquatica is a water park within a park and, as such, is one of Texas’ biggest water parks. Since Aquatica is a part of Sea World, you get the best of everything. From the underwater zoo life, swimming with dolphins (and stingrays, if you dare), to riding water slides, there’s something for everyone.

The clear tunnels are always amazing to look at, and once you're in Aquatica, you'll find one of the top ten most extreme slides in the world, otherwise known as the Walhalla Wave. There's also an entire park dedicated to amenities, food, and beverages (The Mango Market).

Kookaburra Cave is a fun little sightseeing tour as well. If there is a drawback to Aquatica, it's the different but same nature of the business. Just because you buy tickets to Sea World doesn't mean you also have access to Aquatica. They are both sold separately.

Address: 10500 SeaWorld Dr, San Antonio, TX 78251, United States

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8: Splashway Water Park - Sheridan

Splashway Water Park - Sheridan

If you enjoy water adventures to go along with your camping excursions, Splashway has the best of both worlds. It's a water park nestled snuggly against a large campground with all of the typical amenities you find in a campground.

The only difference is your temporary backyard is one of the best of Texas' family-friendly water parks. The park includes a restaurant and food trucks that move in and out of various spots within the park.

There’s also zip lining if you need to air out, a ton of cabin rental options to choose from, a palace to park your travel trailer or motorhome and hook up, wave pools, super slides, and a lazy river. In other words, there is an entire weekend's worth of entertainment to be had.

Address: 5211 Main St, Sheridan, TX 77475, United States

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9: Splash Kingdom Paradise Island - Canton

Splash Kingdom Paradise Island - Canton

Splash Kingdom is actually a series of five parks, one of which is located in Canton, Texas. The park in Canton is huge and exciting, with several super fast slides, a large rapid slide, a "chill out" and lounge pool, and a good-sized wave pool. It's the perfect place to escape the heat of summer in Canton.

The park offers many cabanas to rent, which is a fantastic idea for different celebrations, especially birthdays. Like most parks, there are locker rentals with several locations across the park.

There's plenty of food and drink available throughout the park as well. The park has all kinds of special activities throughout the season, such as birthday party events and enough rides and attractions to entertain for days. Splash Kingdom is one of the best water parks in the US in terms of sheer amenities and fun.

Address: 18814, 18814 I-20, Canton, TX 75103, United States

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10: NRH2O Family Water Park - North Richland Hills

NRH2O Family Water Park - North Richland Hills

NRH2O is an exciting water park during the day, but it really comes to life at night, with neon lights and a pool underlit throughout. The Sidewinder is among the most popular attractions, featuring a gut-wrenching 60 feet drop.

There’s also a pool slide designed for parents and kids, with double-seater tubes you can both ride. However, the main attraction at NRH2O is probably the Viper. It's a relatively new ride but is supposed to be one of the most exciting in the country, featuring a 20-foot mega tube within. 

Like most waterparks throughout Texas and the US, there are a ton of amenities throughout the park, including permanent and truck vendors and nearby restaurants. Thanks to its location directly between Dallas and Ft. Worth, there are many places to see and stay outside the waterpark.

Address: 9001 26 Blvd, North Richland Hills, TX 76180, United States

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11: Wet ‘N’ Wild Waterworld - El Paso

Wet ‘N’ Wild Waterworld - El Paso

This is a fantastic little spot in El Paso that's a perfect vacation destination and a summer hot spot for the locals. It also has the single largest wave pool in the entire state, which makes it one of the biggest in the world. Also, unlike most water parks, the park is set in the hilly countryside, making for some natural building blocks for some of the more exciting slides.

The Little Rio Grande is the perfect lazy river. You're also free to rent cabanas with grills and other amenities for a picnic or to celebrate birthday parties or other special events. Thanks to its location, the park is positioned well, with a number of hotels and campgrounds in the area if you need a place to stay.

Address: 8804 S Desert Blvd, Anthony, TX 79821, United States

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12: Big Rivers Waterpark and Adventure Park - New Caney

Big Rivers Waterpark and Adventure Park - New Caney

One of the most unique aspects of Big Rivers Waterpark in New Caney is the Wild Isle Inflatable Obstacle. It's not something you see at most waterparks throughout the US. You expect the slides, waterfalls, and lazy rivers, but not an entire inflatable island on a river.

Big Rivers is as much a waterpark as it is an adventure park. It contains everything you would expect from a fantastic water park experience, including a large petting zoo, Hawk's Glide zip line runs, fairgrounds, and a massive "Dry Adventures" maze.

There’s something here for everyone, whether you plan on getting wet or not. You can go the entire day and have a blast without ever getting a drop of water on you or vice versa. The park includes rentals for birthday venues, cabana rentals, and more.

Address: 23101 TX-242, New Caney, TX 77357, United States

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13: Epic Waters Indoor Waterpark - Grand Prairie

Epic Waters Indoor Waterpark - Grand Prairie

Indoor water parks in Texas are not common, but Epic Waters Indoor Waterpark is an extremely popular, excellent example of how to do it right. The best part about an indoor water park is that you can go all year round.  This park is also known for being a fantastic adventure for all ages. Epic Waters has something to offer everyone.

They also have some of the best water slides in the state, including the Yellow Jacket Drop. Epic Waters is also home to an excellent swimming hole. There's plenty for the kids to do, including arcade games, kiddie slides, sprinkler systems, and party rooms. Speaking of the latter, it's a great way to organize a birthday party for one of your children.

Address: 2970 Epic Place, Grand Prairie, TX 75052, United States

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14: Hurricane Alley Waterpark - Corpus Christi

Hurricane Alley Waterpark - Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi is already one of the most beautiful locations in Texas. Army Combat Medics go there for training, and they absolutely love it and look forward to it. Hurricane Alley Waterpark is a gleaming white fun fest in the middle of Corpus Christi and one of the more popular destinations in the area.

Of course, everything in the park is named in association with hurricanes, such as the CAT 5, the Storm Surge, the Gulf Stream, and the Storm Chaser. The Riptide Hideaway Bar is an excellent place to lounge on a float and enjoy your favorite beverage. 

Hurricane Alley has an area set aside for the kiddies as well, known as the Captain Kid’s Cove. This area features mini slides, an aircraft carrier to explore, and a swimming pool with plenty of floaties.

Address: 702 E Port Ave, Corpus Christi, TX 78401, United States

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15: Pirates Bay Waterpark - Baytown

Pirates Bay Waterpark - Baytown

This waterpark is probably one of the smallest in the entire state. It is spread over 8 acres, which is extremely small for a waterpark.

The only reason it made it on the list is the fact that it's a fantastic and fun waterpark adventure.

Besides, it gets hot in Houston, and Pirate’s Bay Waterpark is an excellent place to go and cool off. Its owned by the local government and is exceptionally clean by waterpark standards. 

It also includes some incredible rides, like the Spinning Flume and the Boomerango.

If you’re looking for hotels with water parks in Texas, this is a good choice, thanks to its location in Baytown, just outside of Houston.

Address: 5300 E Rd, Baytown, TX 77521, United States

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16: Castaway Cove Waterpark - Wichita Falls

Castaway Cove Waterpark - Wichita Falls

Though it sounds like a place in Canada, Castaway Cover Waterpark is definitely in Texas. Wichita Falls is already a fun and exciting adventure on its own. If you add Castaway Cove to the list, you’re guaranteed to have a blast. 

Shipwreck Beach is synonymous with adult leisure time, and it's a fun place to lounge and relax in the sun. Hideaway Harbor is a great option for water sports, and it's directly connected to a large, lazy river.

There are also tons of amenities here, with restaurants and cafes throughout the park. Castaway Cove prices everything based on height rather than age. The taller you are, the more expensive your ticket will be.

Address: 1000 Central E Fwy, Wichita Falls, TX 76301, United States

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17: Bahama Beach Waterpark - Dallas

Bahama Beach Waterpark - Dallas

Another tiny little waterpark that’s loaded with fun is Bahama Beach Waterpark in Dallas. It's only 8 acres but fully loaded with activities to guarantee a day full of excitement.

One of the things the locals say that makes the place so attractive is its family-friendly atmosphere, which the size of the park is mainly responsible for.

There is plenty of shade, and since the attractions are designed to get the most out of very little, you can keep your eyes on the kids while you kick back.

The park still includes a lovely lazy river, along with some more adrenaline-filled rides, such as the Bahama Bullet and the Riptide Slide.

Address: 1895 Campfire Cir, Dallas, TX 75232, United States

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18: Kalahari - Round Rock

Kalahari - Round Rock

More officially known as the Kalahari Resort and Convention Center, Kalahari has many different themes packed into one.

It's known as one of America's largest and best indoor water parks, but it also has a ton of dry adventures.

There are escape rooms to solve, rope cliffs to climb, wall murals to observe, and much more.

The water rides are a blast when you work up a nice sweat. Kalahari has the Tanzanian Twister, Tiko's Water Hole, and the Grotto Swimming Bar.

Of course, the swim-up bar is for 21 years and older. If you want to stay the whole weekend, don't forget Kalahari is a resort with nearly a thousand rooms. Everything from small rooms to full-out luxury suites is available.

Address: 3001 Kalahari Blvd, Round Rock, TX 78665, United States

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19: Beach Park At Isla Blanca - South Padre Island

Beach Park At Isla Blanca - South Padre Island

The second waterpark on our list on an island, Beach Park at Isla Blanca, offers enough entertainment to distract you from the surrounding ocean.

The locals say visitors with children should stay away during spring break, as things get pretty raucous.

Other than that, Beach Park is an absolute blast. Beach Park offers indoor surfing, huge slides, kid zones, and (like Kalahari) a swim-up bar for those old enough to legally drink.

It's the perfect place to spend the day or the weekend with the family, not just during spring break.

Address: 33261 State Park Rd 100, South Padre Island, TX 78597, United States

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20: Waterpark at The Villages - Flint

Waterpark at The Villages - Flint

You’ll also see the Waterpark at the Villages listed as being located in Tyler and, sometimes, Lake Palestine.

Regardless of location, Waterpark at the Villages made it on the list because it's a phenomenally good time.

It's an indoor waterpark and is considered to be very family-friendly. They have a unique floor aesthetic, often attributed to an off-yellow, orange, or amber. It's a whole lot prettier than it sounds. 

For an indoor waterpark, there are many things to do inside, including a massive lazy river, a kid's playground, huge sky-blue pools, slides, putt-putt golf, horseback riding, and boating.

Address: 18270 Singing Wood Ln, Flint, TX 75762, United States

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What is the #1 waterpark in Texas?

Texas is home to many waterparks, but there is one that stands out from the rest. The Schlitterbahn Waterpark in New Braunfels has been voted as the number 1 waterpark in Texas.

What is the biggest water park in Texas?

Spread over 70 acres and boasting more than 50 attractions, Schlitterbahn Waterpark in New Braunfels is the biggest water park in Texas.

What is the best indoor water park in Texas?

Great Wolf Lodge Grapevine is one of the best indoor water parks in Texas. This resort boasts a massive 80,000 square feet of aquatic fun with exciting attractions like wave pools, water slides, lazy rivers and much more.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, the 20 best water parks in Texas. There’s no wrong choice here. All of these places offer their guests and families an exceptional time. Even if you don’t have kids, these waterparks are still more than worth the trip. No matter what kind of experience you are looking for, a trip to one of Texas’s water parks will make a great family vacation or day trip. The variety of activities and amenities available at these parks make them the perfect destination for anyone looking to cool off in the summer heat.

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