Top 10 Weekend Getaways in Oregon

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The best weekend trips in the Beaver State!

West Coast, Best Coast! Oregon is an extraordinary, quirky, and spectacular state that features a city for every kind of traveler.

In just one state you can go from all the comforts of a small town to walking the streets of a big city. From chilling on a beach somewhere with a drink in hand to braving tall mountains and making memories that'll last a lifetime.

Oregon does it all! The hardest part is choosing your adventure, and that's where we come in. Featured below are ten of the best weekend getaways in Oregon that are incredible as well as unique.

Best Oregon Weekend Getaways

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1: Portland


Portland is probably your first thought at the word 'Oregon,' and for a good reason! Portland is the eccentric, lively, cultural heart and center of the state.

Here you can experience all the best in expression and the arts and get an in-person look at some of the most inspiring movements.

Portland is the place to go if your weekend getaway includes a big city with a whole lot of small town heart.

Check out some of the most incredible breweries, cafes, and museums in all of the U.S. with a weekend getaway in Portland!

Address: Portland, OR

2: Bend

Dreamstime/Michael Albright

Take a break with Bend! Bend is one of the top weekend getaways in Oregon for tourists to visit for its truly dazzling array of activities. Most of which center around the contributions of Mother Nature made comfortable by its residents.

Bend is the place to stay if you are looking at any of the following landmarks: Mt. Bachelor, Deschutes National Forest, and Pilot Butte.

Bend is a small town that is ready to make everything about your stay feel like home. You can experience all the fun of outdoor activities during the day and all the quiet pleasantries of Bend at night.

Address: Bend, OR

3: Astoria


Visit history on your all-American weekend getaway! Astoria is one of the oldest U.S. settlements west of the Rocky Mountains.

That means this is the place to go if you are a history buff or just interested in seeing some of the best-preserved relics from our past.

There are numerous galleries, museums, and historical landmarks to pursue both casually or with a tour to keep your weekend interesting. But Astoria isn't just for the history fanatics:

Astoria is also for anybody who likes to be surrounded by beauty. Both natural and that small town vibe, you just can't get where you work.

Here there is a little hole in the wall restaurant ready to serve up a hot plate or waterfront parks that are fun for the whole family.

There are also numerous excursions through the lush natural beauty that surrounds Astoria as a whole.

Look into some of the water tours that will take you in the middle of the action. Whatever you do in Astoria, you'll know you've made the right choice.

Address: Astoria, OR

4: Cannon Beach

Cannon Beach
Dreamstime/Helena Bilkova

Paradise by the sea! Cannon Beach is one of the best weekend trips in Oregon for a destination vacation.

This is the perfect place to let saltwater and sunshine do their magical thing. There is no better place to relax than in paradise. Here, you can lay down a towel at the beach or spend your time in the shade of lush Oregonian forests.

Everything here is catered to the ultimate tourist experience. State of the art hotels or homey Airbnbs is just a short flight away from the magic of Cannon Beach.

Cannon Beach is also known for its lively and unique art scene. Galleries and underground showings are all the rage here!

There is such an expressive culture here that every museum has its personality and focus. Check out the Garibaldi Museum of Maritime History or the Lost Art of Nursing Museum to experience some of that rich Cannon Beach culture.

Address: Cannon Beach, OR

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5: Crater Lake National Park

Crater Lake National Park
Adobe Stock/Srongkrod

Visit one of the most iconic landmarks of Oregon! Crater Lake National Park is an absolute must-see to any adventurer.

Crystal clear blue waters and the most vibrant of greens await every traveler that steps onto these grounds.

Every trail leads you somewhere new and more beautiful than the last and expands for plenty of acres to last the whole weekend.

And that's not even mentioning the centerpiece yet! The heart of it all is the stunning Crater Lake that came about from the eruption of Mount Mazama. It sinks as low as 600 meters deep in some parts.

If hiking isn't your forte, consider some of the other activities in the area! Things like biking or boat tours are available to those interested.

Depending on what time of year you visit, try some of the winter sports available like skiing, snowboarding, or even snowmobiling. Truly one of the best Oregon weekend getaways worth remembering!

Address: Crater Lake National Park

6: Medford

Flickr/Oregon DOT

Cheers to Medford! Whether you're a couple, a girl's weekend away, or just looking for a good time, Medford is the getaway for you!

In Medford, you will find the best medley of wineries and breweries known to the West Coast.

There are no wrong options for tours, but there are some crowd favorites like DANCIN Vineyards, EdenVale Winery, and the 2Hawk Vineyard and Winery.

Be sure to check online for any exclusive deals and what activities are featured in each tour, as every winery is different. 

Medford is also known for being the perfect city to stay in for any of the outdoor adventures that visitors flock to. For example, check out Bear Creek Park or spend your weekend getaway on the water at Diamond Lake.

There is plenty to explore both in and around Medford that you'll want more than a weekend in this paradise.

Address: Medford, OR

7: Ecola State Park

Ecola State Park
Dreamstime/Jerry S

‘WOW’ doesn’t even begin to describe it! Ecola State Park resides right along the Pacific Ocean, with steeping hills and rolling waves.

Here you can find lush green forests right on the edge of the water, with some of the best lookout points in the U.S.

Take some time to relax and soak under the sun. Or use your time to work off your energy as you play, picnic, or hike throughout this incredible Oregon treasure. 

There are miles upon miles of prime hiking trails in Ecola State Park. No matter which path you choose, you’re sure to find something you’ll never forget.

Ecola State Park is also the iconic home to parts of the Oregon Coast Trail and the well-known Clatsop Loop Trail.

These alone are reason enough to choose this Oregon spot as your next weekend getaway. But there are even sightseeing tours, and plenty of wildlife to see. There is so much to do in Ecola State Park!

Address: Cannon Beach, OR 97110

8: Springfield

Flickr/Rick Obst

Springfield is an outdoor haven of adventure. Here you can enjoy more than 80 acres of trails and hikes in the lush Hendricks Park.

You can visit the spectacular Museum of Natural and Cultural History that explores all the best in Northwest culture.

There are even smaller events like canoeing at the Alton Baker Park or touring the stunning Dorris Ranch that makes Springfield what it is.

And if you want something to make your weekend getaway memorable, check out river rafting on the Willamette River. There is so much here to experience in Springfield, Oregon!

Address: Springfield, OR

9: Jacksonville

Flickr/Mike McCune

Walk through history with a charming stay at Jacksonville. Here in this Oregon town, you'll enjoy the National Historic Area throughout the entire downtown.

Everything here is beautifully preserved and kept to honor and educate on the fascinating history of this city.

There are also several wineries and tasting tours to experience in Jacksonville. And for the daredevils out there, look into some of the outdoor activities available!

Address: Jacksonville, OR

10: Hood River

Hood River

Spend your weekend on the water! Hood River is the ideal place to sit back and relax on the banks of some natural beauty. This spot is known for being the hidden gem of Oregon.

The place of all places on the West coast to go for some good, ole-fashioned mountain therapy. Here you can do just about everything in the comfort of the great wide open space.

From hiking to river rafting, all the way to kite-boarding, you can do just about anything. Hood River is the destination to go if your weekend includes answering the call of the wild.

Even if you aren't ready for the next great American hike, Hood River still has lots to enjoy! There is art, culture, and so much history all within the borders of this city.

Downtown is preserved to perfection and features all the best of local culture. There are small time galleries and large scale museums that provide entertainment for hours.

And be sure to try some of the famous Hood River food, as much of what is served comes fresh from nearby farms.

Address: Hood River, OR

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