Top 10 Scuba Diving Sites in the USA

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The deep blue waters, epic dives with colorful reefs, big sea animals, caverns, and haunting wrecks, these are just but a few adventures you can experience through a scuba diving vacation. A review of the best diving spots for either snorkeling or diving in the USA produced these amazing results. Here are the 10 best scuba diving destinations you can visit all across the US.

Best Scuba Diving in the US

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1: Athens Scuba Park, Athens, Texas

Athens Scuba Park, Athens, Texas

This offers a wonderful day diving, and it is aptly called a fun getaway when you can't really go diving in the tropics. This amazing lake offers amenities from camp sites, jet skis, and scuba diving training. Dive through 35 sunken wrecks and cave system that will surely delight beginners and pros alike.

Address: 500 N Murchison St, Athens, TX 75751

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2: Dutch Springs, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Dutch Springs, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Located in the beautiful Lehigh Valley, this beautiful 50-acre lake that is spring fed offers up to 100 feet of depth for your scuba diving vacation. This freshwater diving facility is ideal for all levels of scuba divers. This is also the home of some freshwater fishes such as the largemouth bass, bluegills, and zebra mussel that can be seen when snorkeling. Sunken wrecks add to its attraction, as well as the Aqua Park, and Sky Challenge as alternative activities.

Address: 4733 Hanoverville Rd, Bethlehem, PA 18020

3: Ginnie Springs, High Springs, Florida

Ginnie Springs, High Springs, Florida
Nelson Tirado

This breathtaking scuba diving spot is located at Santa Fe River and is touted to be one of the clearest springs in Florida. Enjoy activities such as tubing, kayaking, swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, and camping in wilderness sites. PADI certification for scuba diving is offered. Enjoy the underwater sites with the huge grottos, caverns, miles of underwater caves, and wrecks. Fresh water fishes can also be seen under the crystal clear waters.

Address: 7300 Ginnie Springs Rd, High Springs, FL 32643

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4: John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park, Key Largo, Florida

John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park, Key Largo, Florida
This is the first undersea park in the United States. This will surely be one scuba diving vacation you would never regret taking. Whether you kayak through mangrove swamps, rest through their hammocks, or go snorkeling through the coral reefs, this would be one unique experience. Alternatives such as the glass-bottom boat tour or camping can also be done. But nothing compares through 70 nautical miles of scuba diving spots. The enormous Christ of the Abyss can be seen through the Dry Rocks site.

Address: 102601 Overseas Hwy, Key Largo, FL 33037

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5: Lake Mead / Lake Mohave, Arizona

Lake Mead / Lake Mohave, Arizona

These are touted as one of the top freshwater lakes for scuba diving and snorkeling. Different ranges of depth for both beginners and pro divers can be explored such as the Kingman Wash, Black Canyon Boulder Basin, Gypsum Reefs Virgin Basin, and Cathedral Cove. Experienced divers can explore Lake Mohave's Black Canyon, Ringbolt Rapids, and Cabinsite Point. Some aquatic life can be seen with its vast underwater possibilities.

Address: Temple Bar Marina, AZ 86443

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6: Maui, Hawaii

Maui, Hawaii
Flickr/CJ Anderson

Your scuba diving vacation in the island of Maui, Hawaii is teemed with marine life and beautiful reefs. Pristine waters are teeming with colorful corals and fishes that make it one great underwater adventure for snorkeling and boating. An extinct volcano forms the islet of Molokini. There are several dive sites in the area like the Reefs End, Reefs End Drift, and Molokini Black wall. This state seabird and marine sanctuary offer great diving adventure.

Address: Maui, HI

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7: Cocos Island, Costa Rica

Cocos Island, Costa Rica

This marine park and world Heritage Park is a rugged yet incredibly beautiful verdant island that has breathtaking marine life. This is the reason why it is called one of the best diving spots in the world according to PADI. The Dos Amigos Grande is one of the dive spots that have an enormous underwater sea arch while swimming with hammerheads and mating eagle rays. Night diving will reveal some white tip sharks, Galapagos sharks, and dolphins.

Address: Cocos Island National Park, Costa Rica

8: Casino Point Marine Park, Catalina Island, California

Casino Point Marine Park, Catalina Island, California

Yes, there is a scuba diving vacation site in California. The Casino Point Marine Park in Sta. Catalina is a haven for sea life, much to the delight for those who go snorkeling. Several wrecks can be seen at a swimming distance, as well as a host of octopus, sea bass, kelps, crabs, and lobsters. Advanced divers can go as far as the backside to access Farnsworth Banks known for its diverse marine life. Calmer divers can visit the Se Fan Grotto where a host of sea creatures has taken residence.

Address: St Catherine Way, Avalon, CA 90704

9: Santa Rosa Blue Hole, Santa Rosa, New Mexico

Santa Rosa Blue Hole, Santa Rosa, New Mexico
Flickr/Tony Hisgett

The Santa Rosa Blue Hole in New Mexico is a spring fed lake, which is a geological phenomenon, with its 80 foot bell shaped pool. This artesian well, which was once used as a hatchery has become an ideal place for snorkeling and diving. A diving permit is required to access the pool.

Address: Santa Rosa, NM 88435

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10: Ray of Hope, Bahamas

Ray of Hope, Bahamas
Flickr/Marc Tarlock

Gray reef sharks are within a sight's distance at the Ray of Hope in the tropical Bahamas. It is the most popular diving spot on the Providence Island. This 200-foot freighter rests on its keel and has become a magnet for group dives where you can see schools of silversides and sharks nearby. The ship's interior is easy to penetrate and offers an exciting out of this world experience.

Address: Nassau, Bahamas

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