10 Best Things To Do in Arizona

Prepare to be amazed by Arizona! Arizona is one of the best destinations in the United States. This state has an abundance of biomes to enjoy, endless acres of public land to roam, and far more than its share of national parks. If you want to see the wild and free side of the U.S., then put Arizona on the top of your list. There are literally thousands of interesting attractions in the state, but you’ll have to set priorities if you want to see the best of the best. Here are the ten top Arizona attractions!

1: Antelope Canyon at Page

Antelope Canyon at Page
Photo Courtesy: Flickr/CheWei Chang

The city of Page is located on the shore of Lake Powell and the border of Utah. There’s a lot to see here, but the most coveted experience is a trip to Antelope Canyon. Antelope Canyon is a very narrow slot canyon that was formed by flash floods. Years of weathering have smoothed the walls of this canyon, creating beautiful layers of orange rock. If you visit at the right time, you can get stunning photographs of sunlight beaming through the top of the canyon. It’s little wonder Native tribes have regarded this as a sacred place! Be sure to plan ahead for this trip, since it entails various permits and a Native American tour guide.

Address: Navajo Tribal Park, Page, AZ 86040

2: Grand Canyon Skywalk

Grand Canyon Skywalk
Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Richard Jones

Even if you’ve seen the Grand Canyon before, you’ve never seen it like this! The Grand Canyon Skywalk is a glass walkway that is suspended over the plummeting depths of the canyon. You’ll literally be walking above the Colorado River! This is an unforgettable experience, and one that isn’t for the faint of heart.

Address: Eagle Point Rd, Peach Springs, AZ 86434

3: Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

Glen Canyon is one of the most spectacular portions of the Arizona wilderness. This is exactly what you think of when you picture the West, complete with fascinating rock structures, old homesteads, and crystal-clear rivers. When you visit this region, be sure to make time for all the best stops. If you’re coming from the south, start with a trip to Lee’s Ferry, where you can fish, pick apples, or check out the abandoned homestead. Next, head to Horseshoe Bend, a photo-worthy lookout at a striking portion of the Colorado River. Finally, make your way up to Lake Powell, where you can ski, fish, or swim.

Address: 4304 Bullfrog, Lake Powell, UT 84533
Website: www.nps.gov

4: Petrified Forest National Park

Petrified Forest National Park

This national park is so far away from civilization that most people skip it altogether. Don’t be one of them! This park has more than just some old wood. It will take you at least a good four hours to see everything here. You’ll be able to check out ancient Native American ruins and petroglyphs, a historic train station, and Route 66 monument. Of course, the biggest attractions in the park are the petrified wood and the Painted Desert! This is a classic Arizona stop for a Southwest road trip.

Address: 1 Park Rd, Petrified Forest National Park, AZ 86028
Website: www.nps.gov

5: Jerome

Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Ken Lund

This old town seems to house all the ghosts and legends of Arizona. After the mining community in Jerome faded away to almost nothing, Jerome was reduced to a ramshackle ghost town. In recent decades, however, it has been reborn into a bustling historic center complete with shopping, history tours, and haunted hotels!

Address: Jerome, AZ

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