Top 10 Best Shopping Streets in the USA

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Shopping takes on a whole new meaning when you indulge your passion in any of the following iconic shopping streets in the USA. Whether it is shopping for the world’s best brands or pampering your taste buds on the side, there is much that will demand your attention in these top ten best shopping streets in the USA.

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Best Shopping Destinations in the US

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1: Fifth Avenue, Manhattan, New York

Fifth Avenue, Manhattan, New York
Flickr/Randy OHC

Fifth Avenue is one of the busiest roads traversing through the middle of Manhattan in New York. The part of the area lying between 39th and 60th Street on this historical thoroughfare hosts some of the most upscale business brands, boutiques, and flagship stores not only in the United States but also across the world.

Some of the most prestigious and expensive boutiques dotting the Fifth Avenue include Brooks Brothers, Louis Vuitton, Diesel, Lacoste, Tiffany & Co., Ermenegildo Zegna, Gucci, Emilio Pucci, Prada, Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, Chanel, and Omega. You can also spend time in the prestigious luxury department stores such as Lord & Taylor, Saks Fifth Avenue & Bergdorf Goodman and Apple Store, the most photographed building in New York.

Fifth Avenue is also home to the largest Build-A-Bear Workshop in the world besides a host of the city’s most elegant wedding and event venues such as the Manhattan Penthouse. Also worth a mention are the uprising retailers such as the Best Buy and BCBG Max Azria that extensively dot the famous street.

Address: 5th Ave, New York, NY

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2: Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas

Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas

Las Vegas Boulevard is an important thoroughfare in the Las Vegas Valley of Nevada. It is located along the length of the Las Vegas metropolitan area in Clark County. The Boulevard also owes its popularity to a stretch of casinos that give this area its name, Las Vegas Strip.

Las Vegas Boulevard is intensively dotted with a host of shops and shopping malls, which sell all kinds of merchandise ranging from groceries to apparels, footwear, jewelry, specialties, designer goods, electronics and accessories of all types.

Some of the prestigious brand names in accessories include 5 Dollar Fever, Zales Jewelry, Body Jewelry, Rachel’s Cosmetics, Cebu Accessories, Top Star Accessories, New Season of Las Vegas, Fine Jewelry of Las Vegas, Lids Live Victorious and Glamazon. Shopping malls such as Cotton On, JC Penny, Crazy Jeans, Khan Fight Shop, Lavish Fashion, Fantastic Embroidery, Ever and Hot Topic sell all kinds of fashion products and clothes.

Address: N Las Vegas Blvd, Nevada

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3: North Michigan Avenue, Chicago

North Michigan Avenue, Chicago

The shopping area of North Michigan Avenue comprises primarily an eight-block stretch of the road located in the downtown Michigan Avenue between the Michigan Avenue Bridge and Oak Street.

It is a premier shopping locality of Chicago and is also called the Magnificent Mile. If one were to name this shopping area, it would be most appropriate to call it “the granddaddy of all Chicago retail.”

This cosmopolitan strip of the road is crowded with rows of department stores, multistory mega-malls, department stores, luxury boutiques and retail chains of several prestigious brand names.

Retail outlets such as Bulgari, Giorgio Armani, Ralph Lauren, La Perla, Salvatore Ferragamo and Bottega Veneta store exclusive collections of designer labels to cater to the fantasies of the fashionista of the city.

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Address: N Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL

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4: Rodeo Drive, Los Angeles

Rodeo Drive, Los Angeles

Rodeo Drive is a two-mile long strip located mainly in Beverly Hills. The name, Rodeo Drive is primarily used metonymically to refer to a stretch of three blocks situated between the north of Wilshire Boulevard and south of Little Santa Monica Boulevard.

The shopping complex comprises rows of sprawling flagship stores, which sell some of the most prestigious luxury brands in the world. The clientele includes Hollywood celebrities who flaunt them on the big screen.

A big part of the visiting crowd also consists of people who cannot afford to buy them, but come here only to desire and dream about them. For the moneyed fashionistas and trend lovers, this luxury shopping destination is nothing short of paradise.

Address: Rodeo Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90035

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5: M Street NW, Washington, D.C.

M Street NW, Washington, D.C.
Dreamstime/Alexandre Tziripouloff

M Street NW, as the name suggests, is the main street in the Northwest, Washington, DC. It is located between the downtown and the main east-west street in the Georgetown neighborhood. M Street hosts some of the most popular restaurants, bars, and high-end stores and is visited by 14,000 students of Georgetown University.

The street attracts different shoppers in the day. During the day time, while the students throng the mainstream stores like Tommy Hilfiger, Lacoste, and Diesel, the fashionistas flaunt their credit cards at stores like BCBG, Juicy Counter, Lactose and Annie Creamcheese, a vintage emporium, which sells designer style products from the 1920s to 1990s.

The evening clientele comprises Congressmen, media persons, and professionals, who crowd some of the most expensive and popular dining jaunts such as Café Milano to savor Italian cuisine and Bodega for sophisticated Spanish tapas.

As the evening darkens, the street again gets packed with college students. While some students visit a dozen bars such as Mr. Smith’s of Georgetown, others opt for messy barbecue and beer at Old Glory Bar-B-Que, or Rhino Bar & Pumphouse, a sports bar.

Address: 3307 M St. N.W. Washington, DC 20007

6: Fillmore Street, San Francisco

Fillmore Street, San Francisco
Flickr/Ken Lund

Named after the American President Millard Fillmore, Fillmore Street is the main thoroughfare of its namesake Fillmore District. Starting from the Lower Height neighborhood, it passes through Fillmore District to Pacific Heights and ends in the Marina District.

The shops and stores at Fillmore Street reflect the diversity of the residents in its neighborhood and, therefore, primarily serve their shopping needs. Some of the shops are owned by the families living in the same locality.

Several retail outlets stand wall-to-wall with chain stores, ethnic restaurants of several varieties, jazz clubs, and storefronts. There are many one-of-a-kind shops as well as popular ones such as M.A.C, Eileen Fisher and Kiehl’s, besides a host of thrift shops, trendy boutiques ranging from cheap to chic.

Address: Fillmore St, San Francisco, CA

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7: Newbury Street, Boston

Newbury Street, Boston
Tim Grafft/MOTT

Located in the Back Bay area of Boston, Massachusetts, Newbury Street runs from Boston Public Garden to Massachusetts Ave crossing several arteries in its route before entering the Mass Pike at Mass Ave.

There are hundreds of shops and restaurants on a mile-long 19th-century brownstone street in the East of Massachusetts Ave. However, the most “high-end boutiques" are located near the Boston Public Garden end of Newbury Street.

It is, however, the lower end of the Newbury Street, which hosts a concentration of upscale and trendy boutiques, national, international and individual designers, retailers, shops and luxury goods stores including reputed brand names like Valentino, Chanel, Marc Jacobs, and Ralph Lauren, Brooks Brothers, Armani, Ted Baker, Valentino, Ben Sherman, Burberry, Loro Piana, Cartier, Donna Karan, and Kate Spade, to name a few.

It is because of these big names that Newbury Street is considered one of the most exclusive streets in the world.

Address: Newbury St, Boston, MA

8: Kalakaua Avenue, Honolulu, Hawaii

Kalakaua Avenue, Honolulu, Hawaii

Located in downtown Waikiki, Kalakaua Avenue hosts some of the most popular brand names for shopping in the world. You will find everything here, ranging from upscale restaurants to high-end shops. It is regarded as the Rodeo Drive of Hawaii.

Kalakaua Avenue is lined with a large number of top-class stores including brand names like Macy's, Barney's, Tiffany &Co, Ferragamo, Channel, Louis Vuitton, Rolex, Prada, Gucci, Coach, Harry Winston, Cheesecake Factory and H & M.

You will find an ABC store practically in every corner the street. These stores sell high-quality souvenirs and remain open all night. One of the largest shopping malls, Royal Hawaiian Center, is spread over 310,000 square feet. It houses more than 110 shops and restaurants.

The mall is crammed with sporting goods store, boutiques, top surf shops of Hawaii, jewelry marts, art and craft galleries, in fact, anything you can conceive.

Address: Kalakaua Ave, Honolulu, HI

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9: King Street, Charleston, South Carolina

King Street, Charleston, South Carolina
Flickr/Paul Arps

King Street is located in the heart of Charleston's historic district and is famous for its high-end speciality shops.

The street has three distinctive areas, each one known for its specialties. They are Upper King Street, reputed for design and dining; middle King Street, known for fashion products, and the lower King Street, popular for antiques.

These are only broad categories. You will find the Street abuzz with a host of interesting shops, galleries, and stores selling art and crafts products, books, clothing for men, women, and children, chocolates, gifts, cosmetics, lingerie, handbags, lighting, men’s and women’s fashions, home decor, stationary besides a variety of restaurants, coffee shops and much more.

Each store, shop, or gallery has its unique Charlestonian style and flavor.

Address: King St, Charleston, SC

10: Walnut Street, Philadelphia

Walnut Street, Philadelphia

Located in downtown Philadelphia, Walnut Street starts from the Delaware River waterfront and passes through the Center City to West Philadelphia. Walnut Street is popularly known as “the city’s premier shopping district.”

It is one of the most expensive retail streets in Philadelphia and hosts numerous “upscale dining, retail and cultural" sale outlets. A vast majority of the high-end fast fashion stores and designer shops in Walnut Street are located on a four-block stretch between Broad Street and 18th Street.

This patch and a few blocks to the eastern side host a variety of upscale restaurants, eateries, shops, stores, bars and hotels.

The shopping area houses more than 200 shops, which, according to several surveys by the reputed fashion magazines, has been listed among the most pricey shopping districts of the USA.

Address: Walnut St, Philadelphia, PA

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