10 Most Beautiful Small Towns in Oklahoma

Ooooooklahoma where the winds come sweeping down the plains! Oklahoma is definitely more than just winds and plains and waving wheat—although you might not think so if you take a road trip through farm country! In reality, the patchwork of Oklahoma is stitched together with small towns. Enter the heart of America’s heartlands when you visit any of these ten most beautiful small towns in Oklahoma!

1: Medicine Park

Medicine Park
Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Jack Gray

What in the world were the founders of the town thinking when then named it “Medicine Park?” We don’t know, but we can say that the strange name doesn’t detract from the appeal of this lovely little Oklahoma town! Medicine Park is most popular for the nearby Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge, a beautiful natural area filled with endless plant and animal species, nature trails, and plenty of adventures! If you visit the town, you’ll be able to enjoy fishing by Medicine Falls, a walk along the creek, and, of course, walks through the wildlife refuge.

Address: Medicine Park, OK

2: Perry


Perry is one of those little Midwest towns that was built on the sweat and blood of agricultural settlers. Today, it is still a personal community mortared together by family-run businesses and tradition. If you visit, you can check out the history of Ditch Witch, a company that was started in Perry. You can also visit the lake and the quaint antiquing district, where you will be sure to find some treasures!

Address: Perry, OK

3: Guthrie

Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Serge Melki

Before 1889, Guthrie was just a railroad stop. However, it began to boom after 10,000 residents moved to the area and established the town! Believe it or not, this small Oklahoma town was actually the territory’s capital for a while. Today, Guthrie still has about 10,000 citizens and retains much of its original architecture, although it’s much less famous than it once was. This lack of attention actually makes the town a wonderful place to visit. It’s small and quiet, with plenty of interesting history, art, and nature to explore. If you love Oklahoma history, don’t miss this interesting little town!

Address: Guthrie, OK

4: Broken Bow

Broken Bow
Photo Courtesy: Flickr/usacetulsa

If you’re familiar with the geography of Nebraska, you may be familiar with the name Broken Bow. Broken Bow, Oklahoma was actually named after an existing town of the same name in Nebraska, which is where the founders of the town originated. The geography of the town is more interesting than the name, though. This community is located in a transition area between the Red River Basin and the Ouachita Mountains, not far from Broken Bow Lake. Because of all these lovely natural features, this small town is a popular destination for hiking, boating, fishing, and hunting.

Address: Broken Bow, OK

5: Pauls Valley

Pauls Valley
Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Kurt Haubrich

Pauls Valley is “Not Your Ordinary Small Town,” according to the community website. We are inclined to agree! Although this community has many of the characteristics we love about small towns, it also has some extra things you might not expect. If you visit, you’ll have to make time to see the Toy and Action Figure Museum. There are literally thousands upon thousands of toys to see here, from superhero items in the Bat Cave to hands-on fun in the playroom.

Address: Pauls Valley, OK

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