Top 10 Most Amazing Fountains in the United States

Fountains, a special type of water feature often seen in gardens, parks, and memorials, have long been focal points of awe.

Inspiring the masses with beautiful sculptures, music, light shows, or even just the calming trickle of water, fountains are unique across the world.

The United States happens to have many amazing fountains across different states and cities, and below, we are presenting to you the 10 most famous fountains in the USA that you should add to your travel itinerary.

Most Famous Fountains in the USA

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1: National World War II Memorial – Washington, D.C.

National World War II Memorial – Washington, D.C.
WWII was one of the most devastating wars in the history of mankind. The National WWII Memorial fountain was built to honor the lives of the 15 million military officers who offered their services and the 400,000 lives that were lost. Though this place is somber, it is also incredibly beautiful. There is a large pool adorned with several jets of varying sizes and strengths. On a back wall, 4,048 gold stars symbolize those who made the ultimate sacrifice. Since it’s open 24 hours a day to the public, you should definitely check out the memorial fountain when in the nation’s capital.

Address: 1750 Independence Ave SW, Washington, DC 20024


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2: Bellagio Fountains– Las Vegas, Nevada

Bellagio Fountains– Las Vegas, Nevada
One of the most fountains in the entire world are the Bellagio fountains, which first opened in 1998. In front of the casino, an 8.5-acre lake spans down the road, reflecting the edifice of the Bellagio throughout the day. In the evening, these fountains turn into a show of 1,000 water jets, all choreographed to 30 different songs. There’s lights and other special effects, making the fountain quite the show. A must-see if you are in Las Vegas.

Address: 3600 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109


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3: Scott Memorial Fountain – Detroit, Michigan

Scott Memorial Fountain – Detroit, Michigan
Constructed in 1925, the Scott Memorial Fountain is found in Belle Isle Park, Detroit and was built to honor James Scott, a Detroit local. The fountain is huge, spanning 510 feet wide and sprays water as high as 125 feet into the air. It also has 109 orifices in the shape of dolphins, people, lions, turtles and more.

Address: Sunset Dr, Detroit, MI 48207


4: Pulitzer Fountain – Manhattan, New York

Pulitzer Fountain – Manhattan, New York
In the Grand Army Plaza in New York City, the 22-foot tall Pulitzer fountain stands proudly against the skyline of the city. The fountain has six levels of water, with the sixth being the highest and fixed with the sculpture of Pomona, the goddess of abundance, holding a basket full of fruits. The Pulitzer fountain is named in honor of Joseph Pulitzer who donated $50,000 to the fountain’s construction.

Address: 764 5th Avenue & Central Park S, New York, NY 10019

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5: Crown Fountain – Chicago, Illinois

Crown Fountain – Chicago, Illinois
Flickr/Roman Boed
The Crown in Chicago has been praised for its artistic and tasteful display that speaks volumes about Chicago culture. There are two 50-foot-tall towers with 1,000 digital faces. Once the last face appears, water spurts out of the pursed lips into a shallow pool. The Crown is one of the most popular attractions in Millennium Park, especially in the summer, when you can use the pool to cool off.

Address: 201 E Randolph St, Chicago, IL 60602


6: Scioto Mile Fountain – Columbus, Ohio

Scioto Mile Fountain – Columbus, Ohio
Columbus has a place called Scioto Mile that is more than 145 acres of trails, green space, and biking lanes along the riverfront. Among the pristine nature, you will find the Scioto fountain, which combines entertainment with architecture. Many of the water features are interactive during daytime hours. In the evening, the lights illuminate the water, creating a serene space.

Address: Bicentennial Park, 233 Civic Center Drive, Columbus, OH 43215


7: Pineapple Fountain – Charleston, South Carolina

Pineapple Fountain – Charleston, South Carolina
Flickr/Ron Cogswell
While enjoying the southern charm of SC, be sure to stop by Charleston Waterfront Park for a glimpse of the famous Pineapple fountain. The pineapple happens to be symbolic of Charleston hospitality, and the interesting design of the fountain makes use of the Pineapple shape to create an amazing fountain. There’s also lush greenery surrounding the water feature, adding to the overall appeal. You don’t want to miss it.

Address: 1 Vendue Range, Charleston, SC 29401


8: Buckingham Fountain – Chicago, Illinois

Buckingham Fountain – Chicago, Illinois
No, you don’t have to go to Buckingham Palace for a taste of royalty. Found in the Windy City, the Buckingham fountain is a famous landmark constructed out of pink Georgia marble and uses over 1.5 million gallons of water. The fountain is said to be influenced by a Rococo wedding cake, and the 4 hours symbolize Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, and Wisconsin. Be sure to check out the fountain between April and October when it is in operation.

Address: 301 S Columbus Dr, Chicago, IL 60605


9: Fountain of Nations – Disney’s Epcot, Florida

Fountain of Nations – Disney’s Epcot, Florida
Found in Epcot’s Future World is the famous Fountain of Nations. Once every 15 minutes, the fountain puts on a water show tuned to Disney music. To music, water cascades and shoots high into the air as lights flash on and off. The fountain has been around since Epcot’s opening days and was part of the ceremony when 22 countries poured water from their homeland into the fountain. During Christmas, the Fountain of Nations changes to holiday music.

Address: Walt Disney World Resort, Orlando, Florida


10: Bethesda Fountain – New York

Bethesda Fountain – New York
You might recognize the Bethesda fountain from films set in New York City, since it has been around since 1864. The fountain is famous because it was designed by Emma Stebbins, the first woman to ever receive public commission for an artistic piece. The name Bethesda alludes to the Bible in John, Chapter 5, when an angel stirs up healing waters.

Address: 72 Terrace Dr, New York, NY 10021


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