Top 10 Weekend Getaways in Kansas

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Fun Places to Visit in the Sunflower State

Nestled in the Midwest, Kansas is a true testament to American beauty and history! It has towns with rich backstories, towns known for their modernity, and towns that can’t really be described without having seen it to believe it.

Most of the cities here are spread out over wide expanses of farmland and open fields and creates the perfect opportunity for those looking to get away and into the peace of small town America.

And if that’s not you, then there are a number of big city draws to entice you anyway! If you’re ready to start your adventure, check out this list of the top 10 weekend getaways in Kansas.

Best Weekend Getaways in Kansas

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1: Wichita


As the most populated city in the state, Wichita is not be missed! It is a great location to bring the whole family, or even to find a relaxing weekend for yourself in. The great part about Wichita is the options.

Try a stroll through the famed Wichita Botanica Gardens, or brave the wild world of science at the Exploration Place. See some new animals at the Sedgwick County Zoo, and then see some old relics at the Old Cowtown Museum. There is so much to do in Wichita, Kansas!

Address: Wichita, KS

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2: Kansas City

Kansas City
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Not to be confused (although attached to) Kansas City, Missouri, this is a great place to stop for a nice weekend getaway. So by the Schlitterbahn Waterpark for a day soaking up the sun with the family, or visit Harrah’s in North Kansas City to try your luck out for the night.

There’s even a few nature reserves such as the Shawnee Mission Park and the Wyandotte County Lake for anybody itching to get outside.

Address: Kansas City, KS

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3: Lawrence

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Proud home to the University of Kansas, Lawrence is a great stop on any tour of the state. Here you are literally surrounded in some of the best wildlife in Kansas. Clinton Lake is a beautiful, all access park available for fishing, swimming, and many other outdoor sporting options.

Clinton State Park is also open to anybody looking to follow a path through the winding roads of the forest. And if you’ve had your fill of forestry, then stop by the Spencer Museum of Art for a special look at some of the most unique pieces in the world.

Address: Lawrence, KS

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No, not that one! Manhattan, Kansas is completely different from the one in New York, but they both share a lively tourist scene! Here in Manhattan, Kansas visitors can explore the city by visiting the numerous attractions.

For history and culture, visit the Flint Hills Discovery Center. For a day with the family, stop by the Sunset Zoo. And if you’re looking for a little more introspection, then check out the Marianna Kistler Beach Museum of Art.

Address: Manhattan, KS

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5: Overland Park

Overland Park

As one of the most populated cities in Kansas, it should be no surprise that Overland Park is well worth the trip. It is the perfect weekend getaway for those looking to become one with nature for the next 48 hours.

It is a great place to adventure the wilderness with such attractions as the Shawnee Mission Park and the Overland Park Arboretum.

Address: Overland Park, KS

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6: Salina


Dive into the heart of the Midwest and visit Salina! This is a great stop for a weekend getaway with the family, as it is filled with fun for all ages. Visit animals from all around the world at the Rolling Hills Zoo, or walk through the stunning Smoky Hill Museum.

Get your blood pumping and stop by the Kenwood Cove Aquatic Park or Jumpin’ Joe’s Family Fun Center for some family competition. There are so many options to explore in this beloved Kansas City.

Address: Salina, KS

A little bit south and to the west of Overland Park resides another treasure in Kansas State. Olathe is a great option for a weekend spent with nothing but good vibes.

With both the Ernie Miller Park and the Kill Creek Park, visitors are free to explore all that lush Kansas wildlife.

Or, try something you never have before and zip through the trees at Zip KC. It’s one of the only places in the state to zip line, so be sure to take advantage of that thrill seeking opportunity.

Address: Olathe, KS

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Visit a city with history! Both underground and out of this world! Hutchinson’s main attractions reside in two out of this world adventures. The first, Strataca, will take you underneath the city.

Here you will tour a salt museum, and follow your guide through the magnificent caves of history. Or, get your head in the clouds and visit the Cosmosphere. This is a place for space exploration found only in Hutchinson, Kansas!

Address: Hutchinson, KS

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9: Dodge City

Dodge City
Flickr/Chris Murphy

Dodge City is the premiere destination for groups with a lot of differing interests. It has history, it has modernity, and it has everything in between. Here there is a Boot Hill Museum which goes into rich and deep detail about the history of this lovely city.

There is also the Boot Hill Casino and Resort for those wishing to roll the dice! Or, take the whole family to the Long Branch Lagoon for a day spent in one of the best waterparks in the state.

Address: Dodge City, KS

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No list is complete without a mention of the capital! Topeka is famous not just because it has the capitol building, but because it has a rich, interesting city surrounding it! It is even the site of impactful history not just in the state, but in the country.

Here, you can visit the Brown v. Board of Education National Historic Site which literally changed the face of the country all those years ago.

Topeka is also the site of one of the best zoos to be found in the Midwest! It has an intricate display of all things wildlife and promotes an interactive, entertaining experience for all its guests.

It is also a great place to find some of the best cuisine in the state! Stop by Topeka if you’ve got an appetite for entrees, and adventure.

Address: Topeka, KS

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