10 Most Beautiful Small Towns in Massachusetts

As you may already know, Massachusetts is a huge state, which isn’t lacking whatsoever in any areas of charming views and scenic beauty. The towns consist of beaches, historical buildings, amazing sunset views, mountains, parks, and etc. This pretty much covers everything that a person would want in their dream place to live. We’ve narrowed down the towns to the top 10 most beautiful towns you must visit.

1: Stockbridge

Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Pablo Sanchez
With the population of only 1900, this town surely tops this list. The reason is because this town was used as a model by Norman Rockwell who was one of the best 20th century American painters, author, and illustrator. The main attractions of this town include Norman Rockwell museum, National shrine of the divine mercy, Berkshire botanical garden, Schantz Galleries, and Chesterwood museum.

Address: Stockbridge, MA

2: Hadley

Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Doug Kerr
Having a total population of around 5000, this town is very popular for having amazing landscapes and open field farming. This kind of farming basically ended in the 18th century and that’s what makes Hadley so unique from all other towns in the United States. The main attractions of Hadley include: Skinner State Park, Summit house, Silvio O. Conte national fish and wildlife refuge, Central rock climbing center, and New England falconry.

Address: Hadley, MA

Website: www.hadleyma.org

3: Rockport

Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Robert Linsdell
The total population of Rockport is around 7500. If you love beaches or spending time in water activities, Rockport is an ideal option for you. The main attractions include: Halibut Point State Park, Bearskin neck, Motif number 1, front beach, and Rockport breakwater.

Address: Rockport, MA

Website: www.rockportusa.com

4: Westford

Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Doug Kerr
Westford is a big town, when compared to the other towns on this list. With the total popular of 22000, this town consists of many eye-catching views. People from all over the country visit Nashoba Valley Ski resort every year. Some other attractions for nature lovers include the butterfly place, Nashoba brook wildlife sanctuary, and bobby’s ranch.

Address: Westford, MA

Website: www.westfordma.gov

5: Newburyport

Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Doug Kerr
This is a small coastal town located 56km from Boston. According to 2010 census, the total population of Newburyport is around 17,400. The best places to visit in this town are: Parker river national wildlife refuge, Maudslay State Park, Waterfront Park, Plum Island, and the Custom house maritime museum.

Address: Newburyport, MA

Website: www.newburyport.com

6: Rowe

Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Doug Kerr
Having a total population of only 393, Rowe should be considered a neighborhood town. It is the best place for getting away from the buzz of city life. Pelham Lake is the main attraction of Rowe and people regularly visit here for splashing around, fishing, hiking, canoeing, hunting and kayaking.

Address: Rowe, MA

Website: www.rowe-ma.gov

7: Oak Bluff

Oak Bluff
Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Doug Kerr
This town has a total popular of 3.7K and it is located on the north-eastern shore of Martha’s Vineyard. The town itself is spread across 67KM and the top things to do in Oak Bluff include: the historical, heritage, and cultural tours, Ocean park, which is a great place to relax, visiting circuit avenue, which is a great place for a stroll in oak bluffs, Trinity park tabernacle, and Martha’s Vineyard camp.

Address: Oak Bluff, MA

Website: www.oakbluffsma.gov

8: Concord

Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Sean
Along with being one of the most beautiful towns, Concord also holds immensely important historical value due to the fact that two of the most important battles in US history were fought here. According to 2010 census, the total population of this town was 17000. The main attractions mostly consist of historical sites such as Orchard house, Minute man historical park, the old manse, and the wayside.

Address: Concord, MA

Website: www.concordnet.org

9: Provincetown

Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Harvey Barrison
It is one of the most popular spots for shopping and visiting art galleries. Although the actual population of this town is around 3K, it increases to 60K in the summer time when all the snowbirds return. The main attractions of Provincetown include race point beach, Commercial Street, herring cove beach, pilgrim monument, and Provincetown library.

Address: Provincetown, MA

Website: www.provincetown-ma.gov

10: Great Barrington

Great Barrington
Photo Courtesy: Flickr/David Wilson
This town was listed as the best town in America (less than 10,000 residents) by Smithsonian. The town is an ideal spot for nature lovers with breathtaking views of Taconic Mountains. Some other attractions include: Ski butternut, Mahaiwe performing arts center, the Guthrie center and foundation, Housatonic river walk, and Lake Mansfield.

Address: Great Barrington, MA

Website: www.townofgb.org

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