Top 10 Most Beautiful Lighthouses in the USA

Lighthouses may not be a very noticeable aspect of modern transportation, but they were once essential for safety and navigation. Although they still serve as navigation lights in some contexts today, lighthouses now catch our attention for another reason: their classic beauty. If you’re a lighthouse lover, be sure to visit the most beautiful lighthouses in the USA during some point in your future travels! Here are ten of the loveliest lighthouses for your bucket list.

1: Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, North Carolina

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, North Carolina
Photo Courtesy: Flickr/John Buie

In its heyday, this was one of the most important lighthouses on the North American Atlantic Coast. In the churning water below the lighthouse, the Gulf Stream hits the Virginia Drift, creating a dangerous current. The guardian of the Graveyard of the Atlantic was the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. This lighthouse is a gorgeous work of architecture with a bright red brick base and bold stripes up its tower.

Address: 46379 Lighthouse Rd, Buxton, NC 27920

2: Portland Head Lighthouse, Maine

Portland Head Lighthouse, Maine
Photo Courtesy: Flickr/scott1346

This picturesque lighthouse is the centerpiece of Fort Williams Park in Maine. The lighthouse is built on the edge of a low cliff that overlooks the beautiful Atlantic Ocean. It was originally constructed in the 18th Century to keep ships from running aground. The thundering waves are an awe-inspiring sight, and the whitewashed lighthouse adds charm to the gorgeous landscape.

Address: 12 Captain Strout Cir, Cape Elizabeth, ME 04107

3: Eldred Rock Lighthouse, Alaska

Eldred Rock Lighthouse, Alaska

This lighthouse looks like something from a fairy tale or Disney movie! It is located on a small island with the dramatic backdrop of Alaska’s rugged mountains. This light was set on Eldred Rock after a disastrous ship crash. Like many early northern lighthouses, it is short and wide. An elegant, round house is built around of the octagonal tower.

Address: Eldred Rock Lighthouse Preservation, Haines, Alaska 99827

4: Split Rock Lighthouse, Minnesota

Split Rock Lighthouse, Minnesota
Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Brynn

This lovely lighthouse is built on Minnesota’s Lake Superior coast. The stately octagonal structure is a breathtaking sight in daylight as well as twilight! It stands on a steep cliff overlooking the lake, and its sunset silhouette is a sight worth stopping for. When you visit, you can take a tour and see the museum.

Address: 3713 Split Rock Lighthouse Rd, Two Harbors, MN 55616

5: Thomas Point Shoal Light Station, Maryland

Thomas Point Shoal Light Station, Maryland

Thomas Point Shoal Light Station is located in the middle of Chesapeake Bay. That’s right—it’s in the sea rather than on shore. The lighthouse is built on a rocky outcropping that sticks out of the water in the bay. It’s the only original screw-pile lighthouse left in the bay, and it’s so unusual that it will be sure to catch your eye if you get lucky enough to visit the region.

Address: Chesapeake Bay, Annapolis, MD

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