Top 10 Best Places To See Wildlife in the USA

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When it comes to viewing and observing the biodiversity and abundance of different animal species, the USA is one of the best places to travel and visit. Large areas of the country are converted into national parks to protect and preserve the indigenous wildlife found in that particular location.

Some of these animals are threatened near extinction, and the protection of these animals is the main purpose of these US national parks.

If you love the great outdoors or the wilderness, and you are interested in the abundant wildlife of the USA, then here are the best places you can visit today.

Best Places To See Wildlife In The USA

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1: Katmai National Park & Preserve, Alaska

Katmai National Park & Preserve, Alaska

Famous for: Alaskan Brown Bear

The Katmai National Park & Preserve is popularly known for the Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes as well as its Alaskan Brown Bear. The abundant salmon population found in Katmai provides the perfect meal for these majestic Brown Bears.

You will rarely see these bears in winter since they go into their den in November and only come out in April. It is not advisable to come too close to these massive animals because they are very unpredictable and they have been known to harm or kill humans when they are disturbed.

Address: King Salmon, AK 99613

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2: Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming and Montana

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming and Montana
Flickr/Kabsik Park

Famous for: Bison

The American Bison or American Buffalo is known as the largest land mammal in the US. They can weigh in a tip the scales at over 1,800 pounds, and some can even grow up to 2,000 pounds.

The Yellowstone National Park is home to thousands of these bison, which almost went extinct in the early 1900s. They can be seen in different parts of the park, and you can usually spot them on fields eating wheatgrass.

Address: P.O. Box 168, WY 82190

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3: Everglades National Park, Florida

Everglades National Park, Florida
Flickr/Carolyn Sugg

Famous for: Crocodiles and Alligators

Florida has a tropical climate that is perfect for their most popular wildlife predators, the alligators, and crocodiles. It is also the only national park in the world where both crocodiles and alligators can coexist. If you cannot tell the difference between the two species, you can always tell them apart by the size of their snouts. Narrow snouts are for the crocodiles, and the broader ones are the alligators.

Address: 40001 State Road 9336, Homestead, FL 33034

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4: Glacier National Park, Montana

Glacier National Park, Montana
Flickr/Kate Brady

Famous for: White Mountain Goats

The Glacier National Park in Montana features a huge expanse of snow-capped mountains and alpine meadows. It is the perfect home for these beautiful White Mountain Goats. They can be seen in the rocky terrain of the mountains, and you would be amazed that they do not slip or fall. The best times to find these Mountain Goats are during the summer and early fall.

Address: West Glacier, MT

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5: Acadia National Park, Maine

Acadia National Park, Maine

Famous for: Peregrine Falcons

Acadia National Park is considered as the best place for bird watching, especially if you want to see the elegant and fierce Peregrine Falcon. The park has successfully protected these falcons from near extinction, and they now grow in numbers along the cliffs of the island.

Address: Acadia National Park, Maine

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6: Custer State Park, South Dakota

Custer State Park, South Dakota
Flickr/Steven Coutts

Famous for: Donkeys

Aside from the free roaming bison, elk, and mule that can be seen in the Custer State Park, you can also view donkeys which have garnered the nickname, Begging Burros. These donkeys approach parked cars begging for food. Many tourists bring food just to feed these donkeys.

Address: 13329 US Highway 16A, Custer, SD 57730

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7: Big Bend National Park, Texas

Big Bend National Park, Texas

Famous for: Mountain Lions

The top predator here in the Big Bend National Park is the Mountain Lion. They prey on deer and other herbivore animals in the area. Mountain Lions are very elusive animals, and sightings are quite rare, and they are usually seen in hiking trails and roadways.

Address: 1 Panther Dr, Big Bend National Park, TX 79834

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8: Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado
Flickr/USFWS Mountain-Prairie

Famous for: Coyotes

The Coyotes that can be found in the Rocky Mountain National Park are wily, smart, and very resourceful animals. They grow to the size of the average dogs, but they are still considered wild and unpredictable. If you want to view them, you can try the open meadow areas of the park or the woodlands. You can also go to the Coyote Valley Trail to see one.

Address: 1000 Highway 36, Estes Park, CO 80517

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9: Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge, Missouri

Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge, Missouri

Famous for: Bald Eagles

The Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge in Missouri is considered as a top breeding ground for migratory birds. You can witness thousands of geese and ducks during their migration in spring and fall. The best season to view the Bald Eagle is during the winter.

Address: 25542 US-159, Forest City, MO 64451

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10: Tule Lake National Wildlife Refuge, California

Tule Lake National Wildlife Refuge, California

Tule Lake National Wildlife Refuge was established to protect the bird habitat along with the other animals in the area. You can view different types of waterfowl such as the Greater White Fronted Goose, Cackling Goose, Ross's Goose, and the Snow Goose.

Address: Tulelake, CA 96134

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