10 Most Beautiful Small Towns in Indiana You Must Explore

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Most of Indiana's small towns are notable for their quiet charm. Many of these also boast a long heritage that goes back to the days before the invention of airplanes, when the fastest way to get around was by rail. Explore several of these small towns to appreciate the hidden gems of Indiana.

Best Small Towns in Indiana

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1: Bourbon


Bourbon has a population of about 1,800. There is nothing particularly unusual about the town, but it is a lovely place to live. The town is characterized by its many historic brick buildings and grassy lawns. There is a large community park within the town, which provides a place for people of all ages to gather and play.

Address: Bourbon, Indiana

Along the edge of the Ohio River is the town of Patriot. True to its name, Patriot, Indiana is a very patriotic town. The biggest event of the year is the annual 4th of July parade. The town has a long history, but only a few of the oldest buildings remain due to natural disasters and floods in particular.

Address: Patriot, Indiana

3: Stinesville


Only a couple hundred people live in Stinesville, and those people make sure their town stays absolutely beautiful. Although very small, this town has a long history and many older buildings that still remain today. Many of them have fallen out of use and are covered with whimsical vines, but restoration projects are slowly bringing back the former beauty of many structures, such as the old church.

Address: Stinesville, Indiana

4: Pine Village

Pine Village
Wikipedia/Huw Williams

Pine Village was founded as a trading post back in the 1800s. Today, it’s hard to imagine a time when this area of Indiana was part of the great American frontier! The neat rows of streets speak to generations of quiet living where the wilderness has been forgotten. One of the first town buildings was the Methodist Church, around which the rest of the town grew up after 1850. The town has had its interesting moments over the years; at the beginning of the 20th Century, it had a great football team, and for a while, it was home to a rail station.

Address: Pine Village, Indiana

The original name for Buck Creek was Transitville, and it was founded because of its convenient location at the intersection of an important road and a railroad line. It was later renamed Buck Creek for a nearby waterway. Buck Creek makes its money through the grain industry, and it has a grain elevator that dominates its skyline. The town is small, but it has two high schools and a nice community center.

Address: Buck Creek, Indiana

6: Williamsport

Wikimedia/Huw Williams

Williamsport has been around for quite a while; its post office opened in 1829. It also has other historic buildings, such as a Presbyterian church dating to 1889, the “Tower House” from 1854, and a 1907 courthouse. The town is situated on the Wabash River and is close to the beautiful Williamsport Falls, a 90-foot high waterfall.

Address: Williamsport, Indiana

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Monterey’s first building was the post office, which was built in 1851. Besides the post office, the town is home to an Erie Railroad depot, which is still in existence today, although it is not in use. However, the old building is charmingly historical and is reminiscent of an era long gone. There are only about 200 people in the town, and it is a calm and quiet place to live.

Address: Monterey, Indiana

8: Shamrock Lakes

Shamrock Lakes
Wikimedia/Chris Flook

Fun fact: there are only five places in the United States with “Shamrock” in the name, and Shamrock Lakes is one of them. The town is named after six man-made lakes that were created as watering holes for cattle. There are about 250 people in the town today, and the town is a nice, stable little town with lovely brick buildings and lake views everywhere.

Address: Shamrock Lakes, Indiana

Merom’s most beautiful building is the historic Union Christian College, an architecturally artistic brick building with white trim and plenty of large trees on its lawn. The town was founded around 200 years ago, and its many older buildings lend a certain ageless charm to the environs. One of Mirom’s biggest commercial ventures is a local summer camp.

Address: Merom, Indiana

10: Bridgeton

Flickr/Paul J Everett

Bridgeton is named for its lovely covered bridge, which is a reconstruction of the original historic bridge. The most notable part of this beautiful town is its historic district, including 19th and early 20th century buildings.

Address: Bridgeton, Indiana

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10 Most Beautiful Small Towns In Indiana You Must Explore

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