Top 10 Best Beach Boardwalks in the USA

Come summer, and it's time to chill out on a beach boardwalk. We love beach boardwalks as they are so much fun. Most boardwalks are filled with part-time entertainers, neon-lit attractions, charming snack carts, and lots, and lots of games. With so much happening on the boardwalk, who wouldn't mind an easy stroll down the promenade hand-in-hand with a loved one while enjoying fresh sea breezes? Beach boardwalks also bring to mind a carefree childhood, relaxed summer vacations with mom and dad, and first loves or summer crushes. So this year, if you are looking for a wonderful place to relax and enjoy a family beach vacation, plan a trip to nearest boardwalk and have a terrific time. The good news is that you don't have to go far to find a beach boardwalk. About 60 US towns have boardwalks and more than 25% of those promenades have attached amusement parks. We've listed a few of the best boardwalks in the US but do feel free to add your personal favorites to this list.

1: Atlantic City Boardwalk, Atlantic City, New Jersey

Atlantic City Boardwalk, Atlantic City, New Jersey
Photo Courtesy: Flickr/surfergirl30

Nothing compares to the Atlanta City Boardwalk. The famous four-mile-long promenade forms the backbone of tourism in the city. Built in 1970, the boardwalk personifies the spirit of Atlantic City and hordes of visitors flock to the city every year to enjoy the local casino hotels, spas, restaurants and musical events located around the boardwalk. Apart from the hotels, tourists can also enjoy the activities on the beach that include early-morning yoga, magic and music classes, art and craft fairs and much, much more. Don't forget to try the salt water taffy from the James Candy Company has been in the same location since the early 1900s.

Address: 3109 Boardwalk, Atlantic City, NJ 08401

2: Coney Island Boardwalk, Brooklyn, New York

Coney Island Boardwalk, Brooklyn, New York
Photo Courtesy: Flickr/David Reilly

The Coney Island Boardwalk enjoys a very distinctive historical reputation as it has been around since before the Civil War. The famous Luna Park attached to the boardwalk was opened to the public in 2010 and it has become one of the must-visit locations in the New York. The boardwalk has sand stretches, antique carousels and rides like the 1927 Cyclone roller coaster, and almost two dozen modern rides. The boardwalk also has local entertainers and famous fast food joints like Nathan's Famous well-established in the area.

Address: W. 37 St., Boardwalk, Brooklyn, NY 11224

3: Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, Santa Cruz, California

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, Santa Cruz, California
Photo Courtesy: Flickr/miggslives

California has lovely beaches and the Santa Cruz boardwalk just adds to the beauty of the Santa Cruz Beach. The boardwalk boasts an impressive amusement park with state-of-the-art roller coasters like the Giant Dipper and the Twirling Undertow. The Haunted House is also very popular with locals and visitors. While in the area, don't forget to try the mini golf course, the affordable restaurants offering West Coast and international cuisine, and the evening musical events.

Address: 400 Beach St, Santa Cruz, CA 95060

4: Myrtle Beach Boardwalk and Promenade, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Myrtle Beach Boardwalk and Promenade, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Myrtle Beach may be a tiny town but the boardwalk more than makes up for it. Compared to the other boardwalks, this one is relatively new and has wonderful attractions. Try the oceanfront park or take your kids to the wonderful arcades on the promenade. The boardwalk is surrounded by local souvenir shops, restaurants, theaters, and bars. In the evening, it forms the favorite area for locals and tourists to relax, enjoy musical events and generally socialize friends and family.

Address: Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

5: Ocean City Boardwalk, Ocean City, Maryland

Ocean City Boardwalk, Ocean City, Maryland

This five-mile long boardwalk is thronged with tourists and locals enjoying the local performers. Tourists flock to local food stalls selling the ever-so-famous Thrashers (fries doused in vinegar), Maryland crab cakes and crab dishes, local burgers, and beers. Make sure you try the antique local rides including the Herschel-Spellman Carousel and the Life-Saving Station Museum.

Address: Boardwalk, Ocean City, MD 21842

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