10 Most Beautiful Small Towns in North Carolina

North Carolina is in the Southeastern region of the United States and there are quite a few beautiful and amazing small towns scattered throughout the state. People who live in the state or traveling through will find themselves amazed at the landscaping of the area. There are mountains everywhere in the state, however, people can also enjoy the shoreline as well as the Atlantic Ocean when visiting the Eastern section of North Carolina. Here are the 10 most beautiful small towns in North Carolina.

1: Asheville

Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Blake Lewis

The inviting town of Asheville will surprise many people, because it has an artsy and edgy feel while still being quaint and cozy. There are many locally owned shops and art galleries throughout the town as well as unique restaurants. The nightlife can be exciting in Asheville, because of the numerous entertainment venues in the town. In the background of all of this magnificence are the spectacular Appalachian Mountains.

Address: Asheville, NC

2: New Bern

New Bern
Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Ken Lund

Both the Trent River and Neuse River are the backdrop for the historic town of New Bern. People love walking along the riverfront and stopping in the numerous boutiques and cafes. The Civil War was prominent in New Bern and everyone will enjoy visiting the battlegrounds and the historic cemeteries. New Bern is also where Pepsi was created.

Address: New Bern, NC

3: Boone

Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Jeremy Mikkola

Boone is located in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Western North Carolina and it has been known to be one of the best places to live for retirement. The town was named after the famous pioneer, Daniel Boone. Appalachian State University is in Boone and every year, thousands of college students enter the town, ready to learn and have some fun in the mountains. A few must-see sites in Boone are the Daniel Boone Native Gardens, Howard’s Knob, Tweetsie Railroad, and Grandfather Mountain.

Address: Boone, NC

4: Kitty Hawk

Kitty Hawk
Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Tim Menzies

Kitty Hawk used to be called Chickahawk, but no matter what it is called, it is still a place of beauty. This vacation town is in the Outer Banks and many people visit to go to one of the fabulous beaches for some time in the sun and the sand. There are more than 1,800 acres at the Kitty Hawk Coastal Reserve that people can explore as they look for wildlife. Kitty Hawk is also where the Wright Brothers decided to launch their gliders from 1900-1903.

Address: Kitty Hawk, NC

5: Bath

Photo Courtesy: Flickr/-ted

Bath was considered to be North Carolina’s first town and eventually its first port as well. This historic town was the site of Cary’s Rebellion in 1711 and the Tuscarora War from 1711 until 1715. Blackbeard, as known as Edward Teach, was a famous pirate who used to live in Bath. Many people have ventured over to the ruins of Plum Point, which is where it is thought that Blackbeard lived many years ago, and have tried to find his buried treasure.

Address: Bath, NC

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