Top 10 Weekend Getaways in Alaska

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All the Places to Go for Adventure in Alaska!

The Last Frontier should be the first on your bucket list! Alaska is a beautiful outdoor paradise for those looking for a vacation like no other. In Alaska you can visit some of the title big cities that offer a completely unique way to experience American and Native American culture. Alaska is also known for its numerous small towns, whose name to fame is the incredible views and outdoor experiences available to those who wander. Alaska is full of places you’ll never want to leave! If you’re interested in the Land of the Midnight Sun, check out these top 10 weekend getaways in Alaska.

Best Alaska Weekend Getaways

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As Alaska’s largest city, Anchorage is an absolute must on any Alaskan bucket list. It is a sprawling city with quiet, serene corners and a steady thrum of city life at its core. Take a hike in the stunning Chugach State Park or visit one of the numerous five star resorts in the area for a vacation you will never forget. Anchorage is also a prominent sight for all things natural Alaska. The Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center is situated in the city, as well as numerous glaciers, mountains, and tourist-friendly hikes all around the area. Adventure awaits in Anchorage!

Address: Anchorage, AK

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Found a few miles out from the capital city lies the charming town of Sitka. Sitka is the perfect fusion of big city life with all the perks of a small town community. It is home to the Sitka National Historical Park that boasts of winding trails and expressive Totem Poles. It is also a great city to venture to for those interested in seeing some of the wildlife of Alaska. Check out the Alaska Raptor Center and the Fortress of the Bear for some of the most prominent sightings of eagles, bears, and owls.

Address: Sitka, AK

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3: Kenai


Found on the brink of the sea, Kenai is a seaside paradise! It is home to legendary Kenai Beach, and Kenai South Beach. Both of which offer soft sand, lapping waves, and depending on the season: some much needed Alaskan sun. Kenai is also known for its world class Visitor and Cultural Center as well as the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center. Both of these attractions offer a world of knowledge on Kenai you just can’t find anywhere else.

Address: Kenai, AK

Sweet Homer, Alaska! Homer is a residential fishing area located on the sandy shores of the final frontier. It is a great choice for a weekend getaway as you truly get away from it all. There are secluded beaches, quiet, calming trails, and museums that don’t feel crowded. Here you can spend the absolute perfect weekend focusing on serenity. Maybe lay out on Bishops Beach, or check out the Pratt Museum and let Homer work its homey magic.

Address: Homer, AK

5: Juneau


Alaska’s capital is nothing short of amazing! Juneau is a long stretch of gorgeous Alaskan wilderness with more than enough options to take you onto the most breathtaking paths. There are glaciers that stretch for miles and mountains that pierce the white clouds hanging from the sky. There are small, challenging footpaths, and casual, shoreline strolls available all across Juneau. For some of the best hiking, check out the Mendenhall Glacier, the Tongass National Forest, and Tracy Arm.

Address: Juneau, AK

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6: Fairbanks


For all the hundreds of reasons to visit Fairbanks, quite possibly the most important resides in the nighttime views. In Fairbanks, you can see the Northern Lights! Whether you’re a fan of looking up to the unknown or not, your jaw will drop at this dazzling display of color. Even if you come out of season, there is so much to do in Fairbanks. Since it resides on the coast of the Tanana River, there are stunning views of the town and the water year-round. And the city is just big enough to provide some adventurous fun, without feeling overcrowded or overbearing.

Address: Fairbanks, AK

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7: Girdwood


Approximately 30 miles out from the big city of Anchorage lies this Alaskan beauty! Girdwood is a city that built around nature, rather than through it. The forests here are dense, thick, and stunningly beautiful that you’ll want to spend every day surrounded by the trees! And although Alaska is known for snow, it has relatively few ski resorts in the state. Girdwood is the proud home to not just one of them, but one of the highest rated ski resorts in Alaska. Take your vacation with a little extra action and ski Girdwood.

Address: Girdwood, AK

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8: Kodiak

Lisa Hupp/USFWS

Live the island life on Kodiak! This destination is the perfect option for those looking to see all that beautiful Alaskan wilderness you hear so much about. The Fort Abercrombie State Historic Park is nationally recognized as one of the best hikes in the country. And the fact that Kodiak is nestled on the banks of water, makes the whole city a breathtaking sight to see.

Address: Kodiak, AK

A town that literally lives on the shoreline. Much like you would see in Venice, Ketchikan is a beautiful town wherein inlets and rivers flow throughout the city. It is a beautiful city with so much history--- particularly Native American. Ketchikan is home to the world’s largest display of Totem Poles at the Totem Heritage Center. Even further than that, many of the locals who own and operate stores within the city embrace their Native American culture and really make the city a place to call home for the weekend.

Address: Ketchikan, AK

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10: North Pole

North Pole
Jimmy Emerson, DVM

A vacation that has a permanent place on the ‘nice list’. The North Pole is the perfect place to go for a little bit of that Christmas cheer--- year round. This Alaskan city is proud to boast of good tidings from winter to summer and back again. Check out the Santa Claus House, and maybe see the line of reindeer for this year’s haul. Or visit the popular historical landmark that is the Welcome to the North Pole sign. Fulfill although those childhood dreams, and visit the North Pole.

Address: North Pole, AK

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