10 Places to See in America Before You Die

The number of attractions in the United States is so diverse that it is almost impossible to narrow it down to a list of ten. Our compilation of the 10 coolest places in the USA should be viewed more as a basic introduction to the most popular and appealing destinations of the country.

1: Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon
Viewing the Grand Canyon for the first time in your life can indeed become a life changing experience. The Canyon which is about 10 miles wide, 277 miles long and 1 mile deep is a sight to behold. Be a part of this grand experience by hiking down to its depths and rafting through the splendid Colorado River. The mighty Colorado River has been expanding the Grand Canyon since the last 6 million years! Therefore it is no wonder that people from all over the world travels to catch a glimpse of the red and orange grandeur of the Canyon. Take a trip to the Grand Canyon Village to check out the best lookout points of the part. All the best hotels of the area are located here. The more adventurous ones need to hike through the North Rim which is known for its isolated trails and lack of mainstream tourism.

Address: Grand Canyon National Park, AZ

Website: www.nps.gov

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2: Maui, Hawaii

Maui, Hawaii
For more than a decade Maui has been voted by readers of Conde Nast Traveller as the ‘Best Island” of the world. It comes with stretches of pristine beaches, lush green valleys, quaint villages, stellar resorts, some of the best water sports and iconic landscapes. Every beach on this island is unique ranging from black sand beaches to palm lined avenues. When it comes to top notch water sports, Maui steals the show. Hikers can also have a lovely time in the isolated trails through the volcanic mountains and bamboo forests. On the road to Hana you can find magnificent waterfalls plunging into the equally magnificent pools. Watch the sun rise from the Haleakala summit and indulge yourself in an experience like never before.

Address: Maui, HI

Website: www.gohawaii.com

3: Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park
Sprawling over an area more than 2.2 million acres the first and foremost national part of the country has been a major tourist destination for about 5 generations. Established in 1872, the Yellowstone National Park comes with an unbeatable combination of natural beauty, lofty peaks, stretches of wilderness and of course abundant wildlife. While mid July to mid August has lots of tourists, one can avoid the crowd a month or two before or after the peak season.

Address: P.O. Box 168, WY 82190

Website: www.nps.gov

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4: Las Vegas

Las Vegas
This is a place which needs no introduction. The Entertainment Capital of the World is known for its stellar boutiques and restaurants, 5 star hotels, bustling casinos and of course its spectacular night life. Travelers looking forward to splurging definitely need to consider a trip to the Sin City. This is one city which would remind you more of a theme park and it is sure to awe and overwhelm all those who come here for the first time. The spectacles at Las Vegas are as famous as the city itself and The Strip is sure to keep the fun lovers entertained for days.

Address: Las Vegas, NV

Website: www.lasvegas.com

5: Denali National Park

Denali National Park
A must visit destination for outdoor enthusiasts, the Denali National Park in Alaska is going to grant you a glimpse of the majestic Tundra. This 6 million acre wide wilderness comes with splendid views of the cloud wreathed peaks of the highest mountain in the USA, unending wildlife and miniature wildflowers. It is home to 37 species of mammals like caribou, lynx, lemmings, foxes and of course the much famed grizzly bears. Travelling seeking wilderness, solitude and wildlife surely needs to pay a visit to the most amazing of all national parks.

Address: George Parks Hwy, Denali National Park and Preserve, AK

Website: www.nps.gov

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6: Walt Disney World, Orlando

Walt Disney World, Orlando
Most of us can hardly imagine a childhood without Disney and this is precisely why one needs to take a trip to the fabulous theme park at Orlando. Take your first sip of Butterbeer at Hogsmeade or meet your favorite Disney characters in the magical world of Disney.

Address: Walt Disney World Resort, Orlando, FL 32830

Website: disneyworld.disney.go.com

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7: New York City

New York City
The trendsetter of the nation NYC is the most exciting of all American cities which pulls the brightest from all the corners of the globe. From the skyscrapers of Wall Street to the neon lights of Times Square to the colourful ethnic enclaves New York City is never going to let her visitors down. Explore the hip streets of Greenwich Village, hop in to the trendiest of bars and restaurant or walk through the ethnic enclaves of Little Italy or Chinatown to discover the spirit of the global city.

Address: New York City, NY

Website: www.nycgo.com

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8: Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls
Known as the Onguiaahra or Thundering Waters by the American Indians, the Niagara Falls have marveled its visitors for ages with its stupendous immensity of surging water. If you are looking for a way out from the metropolitan morass of New York City, take a trip to the spectacular Niagara Falls to revitalize your senses. Enjoy a ride in a cable car over the whirlpool or take a helicopter ride over the roaring waters. The Goat Island which is a part of the Niagara Falls State Park divides the US falls from the Horseshoe Falls and offers a breathtaking view of both sides.

Address: 24 Buffalo Avenue, Niagara Falls, NY, 14303

Website: www.niagara-usa.com

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9: Boston

Photo Courtesy: Flickr/jeffgunn
One of the oldest cities of the country, all the nooks and corners of Boston are imbibed with a sense of history and culture. A nerve centre of New England ever since the colonial times this city boasts of some of the coolest tourist attractions of North East USA. Home to some of the most influential thinkers, writers and artists of the country a visit to Boston should be an important part of your itinerary. Make sure to visit the Old Corner Bookstore, a meeting place for writers like Emerson, Thoreau and Hawthorne.

Address: Boston, MA

Website: www.bostonusa.com

10: Charleston

Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Ron Cogswell
A list of 10 must see places in USA can never be complete without a mention of the south. All the romantic ideas we generally associate with the South, starting from stately homes, to southern hospitality to sumptuous food, can all be found in the everyday life of Charleston. Charleston with its majestic mansions, iron worked balconies, horse drawn carriages, gas lamp lit streets, brightly colored stuccos and lush palmettos are going to make your visit a truly remarkable one.

Address: Charleston, SC

Website: www.charlestoncvb.com

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