Top 5 Things To Do in Walt Disney World, Florida

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The experience of being at Walt Disney World as a kid is unforgettable. Everything is big, flashy, the energy of all the kids around you is electrifying and you can forget about all your school pressures and responsibilities for a day. The same thing happens for adults, we just need a bit more structure in our visit to Disney World to better enjoy our stay, so we’ve gathered the five best must-see and do things in Walt Disney world in Florida.

Things To Do in Walt Disney World

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1: Kilimanjaro Safaris

Kilimanjaro Safaris
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Animal Kingdom continues to be one of the best additions to Walt Disney’s theme park since its initial opening. This African adventure is one of the best representations of real places on the continent that you can find in America. The safari is an all-inclusive trip that puts you in an authentic village setting, where you will begin the adventure by gaining insight on the animals and environment that you will experience during the safari. The ride is a safe, fun, and exciting tour of Africa’s most beloved animals that you will never forget and can’t wait to come back to do it all over again.

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2: Play In The Parks At Night

Play In The Parks At Night
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There are many themes and designs in Walt Disney World, and they all get a new and interesting look when the sun sets. Animal Kingdom is the only major area of the park that is not open during sundown, but other places like the Magic Kingdom and Epcot are reborn in a festival of lights and entertainment. Hollywood Studios is especially active at night, with many rides taking on a new personality when the bright lights come on and the party atmosphere begins. Fantasmic is a great show for kids, too. You are treated to a celebrity-filled play that stars Mickey and his friends, as they go toe-to-toe with all of Disney’s most infamous cast of Villains.

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3: Space Mountain

Space Mountain
This roller coaster has withstood the test of time. Faster, more technically-advanced coasters have raised the bar for what a roller coaster is capable of, but none of them offer the same experience of hurtling riders through a dark and daunting ride that feels just as exciting as an adult as it does for a kid.
Space Mountain is an ingenious and iconic staple of roller coaster enthusiasts all around the world, and it should be one of the first stops for every visit to Disney World, no matter if you don’t like roller coasters or not. It’s not particularly fast, but it is entirely memorable and fun for the whole family.

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4: Take a Tour

Take a Tour
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The resorts of Disney World are certainly part of the park, especially when you take the time to truly appreciate the beauty and work that goes into all the architecture and landscaping. You don’t need to be a resident in order to qualify for a tour around the resorts. Each one has their own extended tour guides that explain the history and secrets of the major resorts. Animal Kingdom has some of the most interesting ones, where guides can tell you more about the specific African countries that are responsible for their inspiration, as well as their culinary tour that lets you taste authentic African dishes for their restaurants.

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5: Eat at Famous Restaurants

Eat at Famous Restaurants
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Speaking of restaurants, you just can’t visit Disney without eating their gourmet offerings. Sure, the park food stalls and carts have some addicting items, like the infamous giant turkey legs or Mickey Mouse ice creams, but you’d be missing out on a lot of cuisines if you didn’t plan a few restaurants into your Disney World trip. Some great places that offer a wide variety of dishes are: The California Grill, Artist’s Point, and Narcoossee.

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