Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Charleston, West Virginia

West Virginia’s capital city is full of fun, history, and interesting experiences. If you’ve never considered making Charleston a destination, why not add it to this summer’s list of things to do? You’ll be amazed at all the interesting things this city has to offer: historic buildings, good food, fun museums, and walks in the forest. If you want to know how to get started, read on to discover the top ten attractions in Charleston, West Virginia.

1: West Virginia State Capitol Building

West Virginia State Capitol Building
Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Mobilus In Mobili

You might think that once you’ve seen one state capitol, you’ve seen them all. If you’ve been to more than one, however, you know this isn’t true! In fact, state capitols can be absolutely fascinating. One thing that is special about West Virginia’s capitol building is that its designer, Cass Gilbert, was also the architect for the United States Supreme Court building. He ended up patterning part of the Supreme Court after the West Virginia State Capitol Building. Unlike most U.S. government buildings, the Capitol Building it has actual gold on its dome. The inside is hardly less impressive. If you want to see everything, you can take a tour through the ornate halls.

Address: 1900 Kanawha Blvd. East, Charleston, WV 25305

2: West Virginia State Museum

West Virginia State Museum

This is one of the most enjoyable museums you’ll find! It’s geared toward children, but adults love it, too. The West Virginia State Museum has a comprehensive history of the state, starting from prehistoric times and moving forward to modern times. You’ll get to learn about the science, history, and culture of West Virginia through a massive variety of fun and interactive displays.

Address: 1900 Kanawha Blvd E # 435, Charleston, WV 25305

3: Capitol Market

Capitol Market
Photo Courtesy: Facebook/capitolmarket

If you enjoy unique shopping experiences, be sure to check out Capitol Market. This is an old train station turned into a farmer’s market, and it has a lot to offer! Local growers bring out the best of their produce for you to taste and take home. You’ll find everything from fruit to flowers and more! This is the perfect place to stop for lunch or to shop for fresh groceries.

Address: West Virginia Market Place, 800 Smith St, Charleston, WV 25301

4: West Virginia Veterans Memorial

West Virginia Veterans Memorial
Photo Courtesy: Tom Hindman/Daily Mail

The West Virginia Veteran’s Memorial is a special place to sit and remember the sacrifices of West Virginia’s soldiers. Be prepared to spend about half an hour here; there’s a lot to look at and you may want to take time to process of the solemnity of the site. Each war has its own piece of the memorial and its own statue. There is also a special area dedicated to the female soldiers who have sacrificed themselves for their country.

Address: Greenbrier Street, Charleston, WV

5: Clay Center for the Arts and Sciences

Clay Center for the Arts and Sciences
Photo Courtesy: Facebook/claycenter

This is the place to take kids for fun and learning. There’s a ball pit on the bottom floor, water displays to learn about energy, a little town where kids can learn about power plants, hospitals, stores, and more, and lots of other things to do and see. The Clay Center is a great place to expose even little kids to the wonder of science and art! As a plus, it also has a decently-priced café in the building.

Address: 1 Clay Square, Charleston, WV 25301

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