Top 10 tourist Attractions in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Grand Rapids, Michigan is not afraid to offer significantly more surprises to foreign and local visitors. The city is rich in historical, social and many other riches. From the beautiful beaches to the exhibition halls along the streets, here is a list of the top 10 attractions you should visit in Grand Rapids:

1: Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park

Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park
Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Robert Emperley

Sculptures can be heavily fortified or guarded and thus visitors are unable to have close contact with these pieces of art. But this is different with the Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park located in Grand Rapids. There is a botanical garden with a collection of plant varieties for everyone to see. The fact that this is also among the 10 most visited art museums in the whole world tells you that there are amazing things to see in this park.

Address: 1000 E Beltline Ave NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49525

2: Meyer May House

Meyer May House
Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Daniel

You may think that this is just like a normal house but you will be surprised; this is not just a house. Built in the early 1900s and still standing on its foundation, the Meyer May House, named after the person who commissioned it, is a haven for many spectacles that one can experience at completely no cost. Tours are offered round the house to show you through all its corners while updating you about the history behind the house. There is a collection of photos that show you how the house looked in the 1900s compared to how it is presently.

Address: 450 Madison Ave SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49503

3: Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum

Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum
Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Shannon McGee

The United States of America has had many presidents, among them the renowned Gerald R. Ford. He even has a museum named after him which gives you a very rare glimpse into viewing his life while he served as the most powerful man in the world. The museum has centers for learning for students, interactive exhibits and photos of the president as he interacted with various dignitaries, family and also friends. Close to 20,000 artifacts depicting the life of Gerald are also on display.

Address: 303 Pearl St NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49504

4: Grand Rapids Public Museum

Grand Rapids Public Museum
Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Steven Depolo

Located at 272 Pearl Street NW, coming here as a tourist exposes you to a grand reception from the locals and you get to see one of the oldest museums in the United States of America. A 1928 merry-go-round takes you on a ride through history and has some exhibits, among them a furniture city, a creation of the business city of the Grand Rapids in a very realistic manner, and an alphabet linked exhibit which means you can find exhibits more easily based on the first letter of its name. The museum is also an architectural marvel and is indeed a fantastic experience packaged in small bundles of awesomeness.

Address: 272 Pearl St NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49504

5: Leonardo da Vinci’s Horse

Leonardo da Vinci’s Horse
Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Rachel Kramer

The famous Italian painter, Leonardo da Vinci owned a horse that tourists can now come and see as a bronze sculpture which is 24 feet tall. Both adults, children and senior citizens are welcome each with different entry prices. The sculpture is based on the sketch of Leonardo da Vinci himself. He commissioned it in the mid-1400s.

Address: Frederik Meijer Gardens, Grand Rapids, MI 49525

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