5 Things Adventure Lovers Have to Do in Northern Minnesota

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Northern Minnesota is world famous for its breath-taking views and unique cultural experiences and has proved itself to be a great vacation destination. Northern Minnesota has a continental climate which is characterized as having hot summers, and since it meets with the Canadian border, it can experience bitterly cold winters. Whilst this might not be your ideal type of vacation, the extreme weather allows for great outdoor experiences that you can take part in while in Northern Minnesota - especially if you love a bit of adventure. Here are five things that all adventure loving travelers must do while in Northern Minnesota.

Outdoor Adventures in Northern Minnesota

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1: Canoe Trips

Canoe Trips
Canoeing offers one of the best ways to explore Northern Minnesota. The whole family can really get involved with the adventure of canoeing on the world-famous Minnesotan lakes and take in the unique surroundings. Northern Minnesota is home to some of America’s canoe destinations and excursions, including the Wilderness Inquiry Boundary Waters guided trips.

2: Lake Superior Hiking Trail

Lake Superior Hiking Trail
You can enjoy more than 300 miles of the scenic trail line above Lake Superior. There are trailhead parking lots dotted along the trail (approximately every 5-10 miles) which means you can enjoy day hikes and backpacking adventures. This is a great way for all the family to get involved and have some fun.

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3: An Adventure in the Sky

An Adventure in the Sky
In the cultural city of Duluth, you can have an adventure in the sky with an unforgettable flight over the unbeatable panoramic views of the famous Twin Ports landmarks and the popular Canal Park. You can also enjoy the views of picturesque Split Rock Lighthouse which will make for some fantastic vacation memories.

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4: Obstacle Courses

Obstacle Courses
Northern Minnesota offers adventure activities for serious thrill-seeking travelers. You can find 35ft high aerial adventure courses that will have you harnessed and tackling obstacles with a 370ft zip line ride at the end of the course. Activity courses can be as challenging as you like as there are basic, adventurous, and extreme course packages available for you to pick from. This is a must do for all adventure lovers in Northern Minnesota.

5: Sled Dog Adventures

Sled Dog Adventures
This activity is a great opportunity to take advantage of the cold Minnesotan weather and have fun with it. Explore Northern Minnesota with its frozen lakes and enchanted forests with this winter dog sledding experience. You can go for day trips with your own team of winter dogs or stay overnight either camping out or in comfortable cabins. Some of the packages are for the more experienced adventurers, but there is something for people of all capabilities to enjoy.

Final Thoughts

Most people differ in how and where they want to spend their vacation time. But if you are the adventurer type of tourist, then Northern Minnesota is perfect for you. With the fantastic outdoor experiences that are available, you will not be short of thrill-seeking activities to take part in. The possibility for adventures is endless in Northern Minnesota and you will have an unforgettable vacation while make everlasting memories.

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