Top 10 Weekend Getaways in Massachusetts

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New fun in the Old Colony State

Massachusetts is a state known and loved for a wide variety of things. From long stretches of ethereal wineries to the golden beaches of the East Coast, Massachusetts is a New England treasure.

This state has many popular destinations that are well-known destinations by travelers far and wide.

From Martha’s Vineyard all the way to Boston and back again to Nantucket, this list will help define the ten best weekend getaways a place as diverse as Massachusetts has to offer.

Let's take a look at the best weekend getaways in Massachusetts.

Best Weekend Getaways in Massachusetts

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1: Martha’s Vineyard

Martha’s Vineyard

This spot has been a famed northeastern weekend getaway for years! Martha’s Vineyard is considered one of ‘the’ places to go in Massachusetts for one of the most high-end vacations.

This island is an absolute oasis of comfort. From the finest of dining to the most ethereal of coastal cozy homes to really get you to unwind on your trip.

Here you can enjoy all the best in casual entertainment. From tennis courts to sandy beaches everything here is pristine.

Even the cute boutiques that comprise Martha’s Vineyard’s notable local shops will provide just what you need for your weekend getaway in Massachusetts.

Address: Martha’s Vineyard, MA

2: Cambridge

Dreamstime/Jon Bilous

Typically known for its two famous universities (Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Cambridge is notable in and of itself.

Ever since 1630, Cambridge has been a town worth visiting, and well worth remembering. It sits on the Charles River with some of the most beautiful vantage points in all of Massachusetts.

It also features a wide array of cultural, historical, and religious landmarks and buildings that make Cambridge what it is.

Cambridge also harbors numerous churches and museums open for visitation. There is the Church of St. Mary the Great, Ely Cathedral, and many others that welcome patrons to its open doors.

There are also several museums that range from a wide array of focuses. Check out the Museum of Archeology and Anthropology, or the Fitzwilliam (art) Museum for exhibits you just can’t get anywhere else.

And be sure to visit the lively and unique downtown to really complete your new favorite weekend getaway!

Address: Cambridge, MA

3: Halibut Point State Park, Rockport

Halibut Point State Park, Rockport

Spanning over 50 miles of pristine Massachusetts natural beauty, Halibut Point State Park is one of the best destinations on the east coast.

Not only do you get the lush green forests typical of a state park, but you even get the gentle coastline that welcomes guests like family.

Here you can hike for miles on end all to get to that lookout point that makes your jaw drop and your camera roll fills up.

This means not only will you see animals native to the wildflowers and trees, but also to the oceans. Keep a keen eye out for some of the friendly locals that make this place great.

Address: Gott Ave, Rockport, MA 01966

4: Boston

Dreamstime/Sean Pavone

As one of the most popular destinations in all of the United States, Boston is not to be missed. It is not only one of the most iconic but one of the oldest settlements in the nation that has a significant prominence in American history.

And despite its rapid modernity, it is still incredibly authentic to its old and gold self. There are significant markers that display all the finest monuments and historical houses that the textbooks can define.

No trip is complete without visiting the Paul Revere House, Boston Common, or the Bunker Hill Monument.

And even if you aren’t interested in the historical side, Boston still has plenty to offer. It is an economic, cultural, and business hub for all things New England.

There is truly fun for the whole family here in activities like the Boston Children’s Museum, Fenway Park (home of the Red Sox), or the New England Aquarium.

Boston is also known as one of the best places in the world for foodies. There are some of the best authentic and unique foods featured right here in the city.

And that’s not even starting on the world-class breweries! Wherever your travel interests lie, Boston is here to deliver!

Address: Boston, MA

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5: Newburyport


Everybody needs a little vitamin sea! Newburyport is an ideal small seaport town for those who want to cuddle up by the coast.

It is famous for its maritime history and has numerous activities catered to all things water and wonderment.

Be sure to check out the Custom House Maritime Museum for an in-depth look at what makes this city so great, and tour the gardens for a dazzling view of their grounds.

Address: Newburyport, MA

6: Worcester

Dreamstime/Sean Pavone

Noted as the heart of Massachusetts, Worcester is a weekend getaway dream! This city is centrally located in the state and makes as the perfect place to stay if you want easy access to everything else the state has to offer. Or, spend all your time within Worcester!

There are numerous hiking paths available at Salisbury Park, and the Wachusett Reservoir is popular among tourists and locals alike.

If you’re interested in some of their water expeditions, look into boat tours and/or fishing on Indian Lake for some nonstop fun.

Or, make your trip delightfully educational! Worcester is an absolute hub of all things museums. There is one for everything!

Some more standard in big cities like Worchester Art Museum and the Worchester History Museum, and others that are rare and unique like the EcoTarium, Worchester’s very own ecology museum.

Worcester itself is rich with history and information to find, so be sure to delegate some time to make these streets your own. Worcester is a Massachusetts getaway for the ages!

Address: Worcester, MA

7: Plymouth

Dreamstime/Spiroview Inc.

Don’t just read about Plymouth, visit it! Plymouth is famous for being the first pilgrim settlement known to the United States (British colonies, at the time).

Now, Plymouth is home to a wonderfully immersive historical event that takes tourists through the ins and outs of our nation’s backstory.

Here you will find the Pilgrim Memorial State Park, which is considered to be the first place the pilgrims actually touched land.

There is even a Mayflower replica that stands tall and attracts travelers from far and wide. If you want a real celebration, come during Thanksgiving! There is a lot to be thankful for in Plymouth, Massachusetts!

Address: Plymouth, MA

8: Cape Cod

Cape Cod

The call from Cape Cod is simple: relax! Cape Cod is one of the most romantic weekend getaways in Massachusetts.

The beaches here are simply divine, and every sunset is memorable. Take the weekend getaway to really understand what a vacation means, and redefine travel as a whole.

Even if you aren’t a couple seeking paradise, Cape Cod has plenty to attract tourists of all ages. These beaches are perfect for the whole family. With lapping waves for kids to play in, and silent stretches of pristine sand to stretch out on.

Cape Cod is also popular for whale-watching enthusiasts! This city is no foreigner to the frequent spotting of whales in the area, particularly from March to October.

There are numerous tours, celebrations, and so much more to embrace the natural beauty that is these ocean dwellers! Whether you’re watching from the pier, or on the boat these whales really know how to make an impression.

Address: Cape Cod, MA

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9: Salem


Few other cities in the U.S. have a history as well-known as Salem, Massachusetts.

This is the city where the 1692 Salem Witch Trials occurred, wherein suspected witches were executed under the puritan rule.

This history, while dark is still preserved today, through a number of activities, landmarks, and museums.

A high number of actual artifacts are even kept in near-perfect condition, like The Witch House, where the trial judge lived and worked. For a truly immersive look, check out some of the Salem Witch Trial tours in the area!

Salem is also a great place to go for a lively art scene. Here, expression is redefined and embraced from all areas of the subject.

There are paintings, sculptures, architecture, and so much more all within the confines of this dazzling city. Be it a gallery or museum, you are sure to see something that strikes a little muse in all of us.

Address: Salem, MA

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10: Nantucket

Dreamstime/Steven Rivieccio

Live that island life in Nantucket! This weekend getaway in Massachusetts includes all the necessities: the sound of ocean waves, and that relaxed, come as you are vibe.

It is popular both in the northeast, and nationwide for being one of the most accommodating, and altogether pleasant stays in the country.

There are even a fair number of hotels, resorts, Airbnbs, and other stays that are right on the water! Means you wake up to the gleam of the sunrise on angelic ocean waves, right from your bedroom window.

Here on Nantucket, you can explore all the best in travel luxuries! From museums to neighboring island excursions, to local plays Nantucket is here to provide.

There is even a Whaling Museum here that will really show you all the best in maritime celebration. And afterward, be sure to stop at one of the many 5 star bistros and eateries in town.

No matter what you choose, Nantucket will prove to be the weekend getaway of a lifetime!

Address: Nantucket, MA

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