10 Natural Wonders in the USA That Will Take Your Breath Away

6: Mendenhall Glacier Ice Caves, Alaska

Mendenhall Glacier Ice Caves, Alaska
Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Joseph

Step into the Alaskan Wilderness with a trip to Mendenhall Glacier. This 13.6 mile long ancient glacier is located only a few miles from downtown Juneau. Though it’s slowly deteriorating, the magnificent glacier still has exudes natural beauty and otherworldly views. This is on full display in the glacier’s ice caves. The series of caves is comprised of glowing blue ice that looks like a true winter wonderland.

Address: End of Glacier Spur Road, Juneau, AK 99801
Website: www.fs.usda.gov

7: Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky

Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky
Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Margaret River

Mammoth Cave is a fitting name. This vast cave turns novice tourists into true spelunkers. It’s the world’s longest cave system with more than 400 miles of explored terrain. Located in Kentucky, Mammoth Cave is a labyrinth that offers a variety of unique discoveries. There’s the Frozen Niagara section with waterfall like formations. There’s Gothic Avenue, which looks like it was modeled from 19th century architecture. Looking to stay above ground? Mammoth Cave National Park is also home to Green River and Nolin rivers and 90 miles of extensive hiking trails.

Address: 1 Mammoth Cave Parkway, Mammoth Cave National Park, KY 42259
Website: www.nps.gov

8: Redwood National and State Parks, California

Redwood National and State Parks, California
Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Kirt Edblom

Most people are familiar with Redwood’s towering trees. However, Redwood is also home to sprawling prairies, flowing rivers, and almost 40 miles of coastline. The parks are made up of a series of temperate rainforests along the coast of northern California. Still, there’s no denying the magnitude of Redwood’s trees. California redwoods can reach a maximum height of 379 feet, making them the tallest trees in the world. A walk through Redwood is anything but a walk through the park. It’s an unforgettable experience filled with deep trails and the best Mother Earth has to offer.

Address: Highway 101, Orick, CA, Redwood National Park, CA 95555
Website: www.nps.gov

9: Monument Valley, Utah

Monument Valley, Utah

Looking to explore the Wild West? Strap on your cowboy boots and head to Monument Valley on the Utah-Arizona border. Monument Valley is a red-sand desert region famous for its towering sandstone buttes. It’s been a frequent filming location for many a Hollywood western. The iconic buttes rise up to 1000 feet in height and tower over the arid desert landscape. The colorful valley is a prime spot for exploration and is one of the most vast, untouched areas in the country.

Address: US-163, Monument Valley, UT 84536

10: Crater Lake National Park, Oregon

Crater Lake National Park, Oregon

The term “awe-inspiring” might seem like a cliché. But one look at the bright blue Oregon lake has known to leave many tourists speechless. Crater Lake National Park is located in the Cascade Mountains of southern Oregon. Hidden in the forest is Crater Lake, the deepest lake in the United States. The 1,943-foot lake is fed entirely by rain and snow, giving it a surreal blue coloring. The lake was formed on a now dormant volcano that collapsed after a major eruption thousands of years ago. Today, it’s a pristine lake with some of the cleanest and clearest waters in the world. The lake itself only comprises about 10 percent of the park. The rest is made up of a majestic old-growth forest that showcases Oregon’s wildlife and towering ponderosa pines.

Address: Crater Lake National Park, OR 97604
Website: www.nps.gov

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