Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix is not just the gateway to the Grand Canyon, but it is teemed with a lot of natural and man-made tourist attractions to make your vacation a thrill of a lifetime.

Stop in your tracks as you see landscapes, the deserts, flora, and fauna. Here are the top 10 attractions you can visit in Phoenix.

Things To Do in Phoenix

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1: Heard Museum of Native Cultures and Art

Heard Museum of Native Cultures and Art
Located at 2301 North Central Avenue, Heard Museum holds itself as an educator of the heritage, arts, and life of the indigenous peoples of the American Indians tribes of La Ciudad ruins, and other cultures of the Southwest. From its humble beginnings, the Heard Museum has gained international stature with its 40,000 art collection of artifacts such as paintings, jewelry, costumes, old photographs, books and more. Dine at the Heard, or have a leisurely time at the gallery for current art exhibits and visit the Museum Shops. They have festivals that feature pottery, colcha embroidery, printmaking and furniture making. Do not forget to time your Phoenix Vacation during the Indian Fair and Market month.

Address: 2301 N Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85004


2: Camelback Mountain

Camelback Mountain
Flickr/Ted Eytan
This earned its world famous stature. Its name is derived from the moniker that came from the rock formations that looks like a gigantic camel sculpted by millions by millions of years. This sacred mountain is home to the Hohokam tribe that left a ceremonial cave. Dare to do rock climbing activities or do some real mountain trail hiking. The activities you choose from among the Rock Trail, Ramada Loop Trail, Cholla Trail, or Summit Trail- all of these have varying degree of difficulty to enjoy the spectacular view of the colorful sunsets.

Address: Phoenix, AZ 85018


3: Phoenix Zoo

Phoenix Zoo
Flickr/Mandy Jansen
Opened in 1962, the Phoenix Zoo is one of the largest non-profit zoos in the United States. It is located in the beautiful Papago Park and houses 1,400 animals on 125 acres of land. Expect to do a lot of activities in the zoo as it has four themed trails. The Children's Trail features ocelots, emus, and caracals. The Africa Trail features popular animals that thrive in Africa. The Arizona Trail features some flora and fauna and you could site some coyotes nearby, and the Tropics trail contains the almost natural habitat of the Jaguar, Elephants, and the like.

Address: 455 N Galvin Pkwy, Phoenix, AZ 85008


4: Phoenix Art Museum

Phoenix Art Museum
Flickr/Regan Vercruysse
The Phoenix Art Museum displays almost 18,000 works of art of Asian, American, Latin American and European origin. It is one of the largest museums of visual arts, and it is one of the best places where you can tour friends and family from out of town. Explore the exhibit areas to get the feel of the creative imagination of featured artists for installations, fashion, paintings, and sculptures.

Address: 1625 N Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85004


5: South Mountain Park

South Mountain Park
You can start your Phoenix Vacation by exploring the South Mountain Park with its variety of flora and fauna. It is also the home of the chuckwalla specie, a rare form of lizard. Enjoy the breathtaking view of the Phoenix at the lookout point at 1,000 above the desert floor. The best activities would be cycling, hiking, and horseback riding.

Address: 10919 S Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85042


6: Historic Heritage Square

Historic Heritage Square
The Historic Heritage Square is like entering into a storybook perfect of the Victorian past with its eleven remaining structures and a town site. Most of the houses are refurbished to accommodate Phoenix tourists. Go for a leisurely walk around the square and visit the Rosson House Museum with its majestic pieces. The Heritage Square is where history, food, art, and leisure meet.

Address: 113 N 6th St, Phoenix, AZ 85004


7: Chase Field

Chase Field
Chase Field is a Phoenix landmark that is difficult to miss. This is the home of the Arizona Diamondbacks and the ballpark is a landmark in itself. Enjoy your Phoenix Vacation without worrying about the heat because Chase Field has a retractable roof, fully air-conditioned and has a vast sized swimming pool. There are several activities, which you can watch such as the bull riding, monster jam, concerts, and international soccer games.

Address: 401 E Jefferson St, Phoenix, AZ 85004


8: Arizona Science Center

Arizona Science Center
The Arizona Science Center is ideal for a Phoenix Vacation. Located at the Heritage and Science Park, it is meant to educate, entertain, and inspire visitors with its daily demonstrations, shows at the Dorrance Planetarium, summer science camp, thematic events, and the like. Visit some of its in-house permanent exhibitions as well.

Address: 600 E Washington St, Phoenix, AZ 85004


9: Papago Park

Papago Park
Flickr/Trevor Huxham
The Papago Park is known as a hilly desert park with its distinctive red stone. Visit the Hole-in-the Rock and be amazed at the natural formation openings called tafoni, as well as some granite formations. The famous Hunt's Tomb can be distinctively seen which houses the Gov. Hunt's family. Appreciate the panoramic Valley of the Sun anywhere in the Papago Park.

Address: 625 N Galvin Pkwy, Phoenix, AZ 85008


10: Castles N' Coasters Amusement Park

Castles N' Coasters Amusement Park
Lastly, The Castles N' Coasters. Your Phoenix Vacation will not be complete without visiting this amusement park for kids and adults alike. This is Arizona's finest family and fun park with the infamous rides such as the hair rising Desert Storm, Patriot, Splashdown and an 18-course mini golf course. These activities will surely give you a much needed thrill.

Address: 9445 N Metro Pkwy E, Phoenix, AZ 85051


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