10 Most Beautiful Small Towns in Utah

6: Fillmore


As you might have guessed, this town was named for Millard Fillmore, the 13th president of the United States. Thirteen must be a lucky number for Fillmore, because this town has nothing but beauty and enjoyment to offer! The town was actually the original capital of Utah. In fact, it was selected as such in 1851 by the incumbent governor, Brigham Young. Today, the area offers plenty of small-town delights, such as tree-lined parks, diners, and space for relaxation.

Address: Fillmore, UT

7: Springdale

Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Mattia Panciroli

This town is known as the Gateway to Zion National Park! Although it has well under a thousand residents, the town is constantly full of visitors on their way to see the famous formations in Zion. It actually made the Forbes list for the prettiest towns in the United States in 2008, and it has only grown lovelier since. The town has stunning views of the nearby cliffs and rock formations. At sunrise, the rocks are lit just right to glow a brilliant red as the new day begins.

Address: Springdale, UT

8: Garden City

Garden City
Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Rojer

If you’re heading to Utah in the winter, this is the perfect place to go! When the snow falls, the hills and pines are covered in a shimmering blanket of snow. The rest of the year is beautiful in Garden City, as well. Nearby Bear Lake State Park offers watersports adventures, and there are many places to camp near the town. Garden City is also famous for being a pioneer city. While you’re in town, learn about the settlers who first traveled to the area in covered wagons.

Address: Garden City, UT

9: Kamas

Photo Courtesy: Flickr/summitcheese

This lovely mountain town is the gateway to the Uinta Mountain Range, but it has wonders all its own to offer. Located just outside of Salt Lake, Kamas is a wonderful break from the busyness of the city. The town of Kamas is still very much a rural area, with its main exports being lumber and cattle. Visitors head to Kamas for the fishing, camping, and hiking available in the area. If you visit this small town, you’ll find lots of wide open space and lovely scenery.

Address: Kamas, UT

10: Morgan

Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Teresa Trimm

Whether you love to ski, fish, hike, or play, you’ll love Morgan City! This wonderful small town in Utah is a former pioneer town that was built in 1868. You can experience a taste of the Wild West and the Pioneer life in Morgan. Enjoy horseback trips, wagon rides, rodeos, and more.

Address: Morgan, UT

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