10 Most Beautiful Small Towns in Maine You Must Explore

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Maine is a diverse array of all sorts of attractions. From swimming at the seaside and stopping at a local seafood joint for a bite to wandering the looming mountains of Maine: there’s something for everyone.

Maine is famous for being a hotspot for travelers, but the hidden gem has always been its small towns. Charming, cozy, and awaiting your arrival, Maine small towns are a sight to see.

To experience all the attractions, check out this list of the 10 most beautiful small towns in Maine and make some memories in Maine.

Best Small Towns in Maine

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1: Farmington

Flickr/Wesley Fryer

Farmington is a beautiful mixture of just about everything. As the city that's home to the University of Maine, there is a wide world of bustling city fun, just a short drive away. As a city in and of itself, it is the picture-perfect version of a small town.

Mom and pop restaurants, locals who learn your name with a smile, and most importantly - attractions without the waiting line.

Mosher Hill Falls is a gorgeous display of Mother Nature's beauty, and the Titcomb Mountain is a multi-day affair to appreciate properly. Or simply take a walk in Farmington's little 'downtown'. Experience all the culture, history, and love that small towns in Maine have to offer.

Address: Farmington, Maine

2: Eastport

Dreamstime/C William Kraft

Small and cozy is just how Eastport does it! This Maine small town is primarily identified by its bright collection of seaside communities living in tandem with the surrounding scenery.

Shackford Head State Park is one of the top attractions in the town. A wide expanse of nature preserve that boasts of looming trees nestled over the coastline to create a truly picturesque background.

Shackford is the best place to go for hiking and adventuring, but Eastport is also a place for relaxing. Treat island is just that: a treat! A delightful little stretch of land where wildflowers bloom and the waves lap lazily on the shore.

A perfect setting to soak under the sun with the ones you love. And if you want to stay in the town, check out the Tides Institute and Museum of Art. Beauty in all forms awaits in Eastport!

Address: Eastport, Maine

3: Rockland

Dreamstime/Arne Beruldsen

Although it is considered a relatively popular Maine tourist destination, Rockland is often cited as one of the prettiest small towns in Maine. During the offseason and slow months, this town still holds all the luxuries of tourism with less stress.

It has art, culture, food, and, most importantly… fun! Rockland is a great place to go for those who a diverse array of attractions.

From the Farnsworth Art Museum to the Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse, just about everything charming can be found in these city limits.

Address: Rockland, Maine

4: Cape Elizabeth

Cape Elizabeth
Cape Elizabeth is one of the cutest small towns in Maine | Dreamstime/Joe Sohm

Get treated like royalty in Cape Elizabeth! This beautiful Maine town is the best place just to take a load off and enjoy the view. Here a rocky shore separates the vivid blues of the water from the small hum of the city inland.

There are numerous sailboats littering the coasts that set the perfect port town scene, and plenty of restaurants and attractions resting on the water that make every moment an experience.

Cape Elizabeth's main attractions primarily lie in its natural landmarks. Check out Fort Williams Park for a day on the land and sea that's fun for the whole family.

Bring a ball, start a game, bring some food, and make it a meal you’ll never forget. Or, check out the Portland Head Lighthouse. Standing tall on the brink of the water, this is one sight not to be missed.

And not only is it pretty, but it’s fascinating! Inside and in the building adjacent is a fascinating Cape Elizabeth museum. Along with all the attractions of Casco Bay, Cape Elizabeth is one place worth remembering.

Address: Cape Elizabeth, Maine

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5: Castine

Flickr/Doug Kerr

As a previously French settlement, Castine is a town full of culture. It is a small, beautiful blend of everything new and old as it meets the individual. Castine is marked predominantly by good food, good friends, and good times making it one of the best small towns in Maine.

There are little inlet beaches around the area, both secluded and happening, depending on your preference. Go for a swim, bring a picnic, or just enjoy the weather as is: there’s never a bad day in Castine!

Castine is especially a great place for any history buffs. There are several artifacts from a lifetime passed that are beautifully preserved in the city. From staterooms to restaurants to the Castine Historical Society itself, this is the place to be for Maine history. Not to mention architecture.

The Dyce Head Lighthouse is a beacon to both the town and the sea and has been inviting guests to its banks for years. Castaway in Castine!

Address: Castine, Maine

6: Boothbay Harbor

Boothbay Harbor
Dreamstime/Joe Sohm

For a little slice of luxurious paradise, think Boothbay Harbor! This has long since been the ideal getaway for those looking for a little bit of pampering on the port. Yachting is one of the most popular summer activities, with private and guided options available near year-round. Crystal clear water and the coastal breeze await in this beautiful Maine small town.

Boothbay is also known for its marvelous land attractions. For example, the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens garner visitors from far and wide to experience the beauty of botany. Every color of the rainbow shines in this garden, and although spring is the best time for blossom, all the time is the best for viewing.

The Maine Maritime Museum is another local hotspot. Here you can experience the history of the seas and how it created and shaped this charming small town.

The Pemaquid Point Lighthouse is well worth the journey in itself. As a historic 1827 landmark, this lighthouse has been bringing weary travelers safely for many years. It continues to entrance tourists for many years to come.

Address: Boothbay Harbor, Maine

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7: Blue Hill

Blue Hill
Flickr/Doug Kerr

Blue Hill is one of the quaint small towns in Maine to embrace and explore the great outdoors. This ethereal destination indeed prides itself on being one with the scenery, from the pristine Mountain Trails that give a bird’s eye view of everything down below to the numerous bodies of water swirling and lapping the town.

Blue Hill is the perfect place to get a breath of fresh air your way. Whether that means going out into the water from some much-needed sun & salt, or maybe sweating it out on some of the rigorous but rewarding hiking paths around the area.

Some of Blue Hill’s notable attractions are the Blue Hill Mountain Trail and Toddy Pond. Blue Hill is the best place to get some traction under your shoes and experience that crisp Maine weather as you explore new horizons.

Toddy Pond is a great place to go for extended stay outdoor vacations. There's camping, fishing, hiking, biking, and most importantly… relaxing! Enjoy the soothing sounds of nature as they lure you to sleep under the stars. Nobody knows how to do a warm summer night quite like Blue Hill.

Address: Blue Hill, Maine

8: Stonington

Flickr/Dana Moos

Stonington is a picture-perfect representation of a "charming small town in Maine". It's marked by stretches of long piers leading up to little houses on the banks. It’s at the end of Deer Isle, a famous vacation destination for anyone who hears the call of the ocean. But Stonington is unique so far in it’s dedication to the individual.

As a small town, it’s incredibly welcoming and personable for all those who choose this as their next paradise. Boat rides, fishing, swimming, backyard BBQs, drive-in theatres, and more are just a few events that make Stonington such a sought-after destination.

Address: Stonington, Maine

9: Damariscotta

Damariscotta is one of the best coastal towns in Maine | Flickr/Doug Kerr

Settled like something straight out of a fairytale, Damariscotta is one of Maine's many hidden gems. This is a sprawling green and blue paradise situated on the banks of a charming river. Here your little cottage in the wood’s dreams can come true. It’s the place every 'curl up with a good book on the patio' daydreamer has yearned for.

Damariscotta is far enough from any of the draining bustle of big cities for relaxation. Where vacation just means you, the wind moving through the trees, and the babble of water on your doorstep. And for any foodies, Damariscotta is also known as the oyster capital of New England. Dinner and a destination!

Address: Damariscotta, Maine

10: Kingfield


For a bit more of a mountain view - follow the kings! Kingfield is a blooming, colorful array of beauty nestled in the arms of Maine. Defined by the sloping mountains that define its borders, Kingfield is the perfect place to go for that fresh mountain air.

Here, flowers grow on your hiking path, and the sun sets behind a wide berth of fresh trees, setting the best scene for ultimate pleasure. If you don’t hear the trees calling your name, have no fear.

Kingfield is also marked primarily by its array of Museums. From the Stanley Museum to the Ski Museum, Kingfield is one of the unique mountain towns in Maine you’ll have to see to believe.

Address: Kingfield, Maine

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