10 Most Beautiful Small Towns in Texas

Texas is located at the south-west shoreline of Galveston Bay. It is considered as the second largest state in America. The state is full of small and charming towns which can give you an unforgettable experience of your life. Each of these small towns has their own specialties and interesting places to visit. Let's explore 10 of the most beautiful small towns in Texas.

1: Jefferson

Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Nicolas Henderson

A beautiful town in Texas, Jefferson was a thriving river port back in the 1800s. But now it is a calm and soothing little place where you can enjoy small pleasures of life. This town has only a few people. If you see a horse or a buggy passing by you, it is not something unusual. The town is full of interesting places like museums or tour homes which can keep you entertained for a long time. You can enjoy a beach time, reading a book under a 100 years old oak tree. Go for a boating trip to Big Cypress Bayou. You can visit this town several times without even getting bored.

Address: Jefferson,TX

2: Fredericksburg

Photo Courtesy: Wikimedia/Larry D. Moore

The town is located 65 miles north-west of San Antonio. President Lyndon Johnson described the town as, “a special corner of God’s real estate”. The city is influenced by the German culture. The city was considered as a part of “National Register of Holistic Places in Texas” in 1970. You will found many antique stores and different museums in the city. Enjoy the experience of a historic city by visiting different restaurants and hotels.

Address: Fredericksburg, TX

3: Hunt

Photo Courtesy: Wikimedia/Laurette45

Hunt, a hilly town located in the center of Texas hill Country. The town is beautifully build up with the limestone hills. It is considered to be the best place for outdoor recreation. The town has different hills, lakes and rivers. Camp with your friends or family at the private camping place in the town which was started in the 1920s. The place is full of beautiful sceneries due to the mixture of river and hills. You can rent a house near the river or visit the most exotic resorts of the place with the additional days of camping to maximize the pleasure of your visit.

Address: Hunt, TX

4: Marfa


The town is famous for it “Marfa lights”. At the east of the town, people can watch ethereal lights in the sky in the night air. There is no source or explanation present for these lights. They are sometime called the ghost lights of Marfa. The town is located in the west Texas, surrounded by vast mountains. The town is an attraction for the tourists due to its artistic appearance. A variety of museums, art galleries and vineyards are present in the city. It is also the home of the famous “Big Bend National Park” of Texas which have more than 60 species of different plants.

Address: Marfa,TX

5: Wimberley


The town is located on the Blanco River and Cypress Creek. This town is best for the outdoor recreational activities. It is full of different hotels, resorts, inns and cottages. You will also find art galleries in the town. It is famous for it “bluegrass Jam” which was hosted in the vacant spaces of parking lot. It is an informal gathering of bluegrass lovers and musicians who enjoys the night together. The place also has a blue hole which is surrounded by a park. It is the best place to spend a whole day with the family.

Address: Wimberley,TX

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