10 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Florida

The famous Sunshine State, a place of retirement, but also a place of youth. Florida is hot for about three-fourths of the calendar year, making it the perfect place to go to escape the winter chill or to spend the rest of your life tanning and sipping on margaritas. Whatever your pleasure is, Florida is likely to have it, whether that is outdoor fun, rich historic locales, shopping, fine dining, or partying until the sun comes up. Here are just ten places you need to visit in Florida.

1: Orlando


If you haven’t been to Orlando, then you’re missing what it’s like to be surrounded by magic and adventure around every corner. From Disney World itself, to the high-octane rides of Universal Studios, and the wet and wild adventures of Sea World, this is where fun happens for all ages. Orlando is also a pretty decent place to live, even if you’re not a huge amusement park fan. The city receives a lot of big-name artists every year and has the country’s second-ranked University for college enrollment at UCF.

Address: Orlando, Florida

2: Miami


If you want to explore the vibrant cultures of Latin America without actually traveling to one of the region’s countries, Miami is the pinnacles of latino communities in America. Miami is the city of sugar, spice, and everything nice. If anything, you will never grow bored here in Miami, with miles of beaches, stunning hotels, and more latin dishes to try than there is time in one’s life, this city should go on everyone’s bucket list.

Address: Miami, FL

3: Tampa Bay Area

Tampa Bay Area

Tampa is the best place to go in Florida to be introduced to the Gulf. This is a city that is not too busy and has a lot of great natural attractions. Busch Gardens and Adventure Island are two popular attractions, for example. The historic town of Ybor City is a great place to go to take a peek at Tampa’s historic Cuban community, where you can watch cigars being rolled by hand and eat authentic Spanish cuisines, like the famous Colombian Restaurant that has the original decorative tile mural on the outside of its walls.

Address: Tampa Bay, FL

4: Key West

Key West

The most famous and farthest island to the south of Florida, Key West offers a breath-taking view of the chain of islands that make up the Florida Keys. The drive to this stunning city is an event in of itself. You’ll cross a series of bridges that will have you marveling at the engineering that went into making this vacation resort into a reality. Don’t forget to visit all the many attractions along the way, like the botanical gardens, theaters, and museums in between all the sun bathing, snorkeling, and sandcastle building.

Address: Key West, FL

5: Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale

This city is famous for its iconic canals that resemble that of those in the famous city of Venice, Italy. You can head to Fort Lauderdale before you reach Miami, as it is a common hub used to reach Miami, both on land and by sea. This is an absolute tourist treat, with a very accessible infrastructure, despite the whole canal setup. You’ll find plenty of great restaurants, cafes, museums, and performing arts centers. An ideal destination for adults and couples.

Address: Fort Lauderdale. FL

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