Top 10 Weekend Getaways in Michigan

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Making the Great Lake State great!

Situated in the Great Lakes region, Michigan is a state of high prominence in the United States. Tourists flock here for the cozy, Midwestern welcome, and stay for all the action and attractions.

Michigan is particularly noteworthy for being the proud home to some of the most magnificent natural wonders. From dense forests with teeming wildlife to the banks of the Great Lakes, Michigan has it all.

Below are the top 10 weekend getaways in Michigan to get you on your way to greatness.

Best Weekend Getaways in Michigan

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1: Mackinac Island

Mackinac Island

Admit it: we've all dreamed of a weekend getaway to an island! And while this may not be the coconut sipping fantasy you imagined, it can be even better. Mackinac Island is a charming, stunning island filled with all the best history, culture, and activities known to tourists everywhere. Those chasing the Michigan sun can boat, swim, play or sunbathe on the beach. And culture fanatics will fall in love with the well-preserved local society.

The real draw, however, is in the history! Mackinac Island actually dates all the way back to the 1700’s. And some of the monuments and buildings here have been renovated to stand tall today. There are several different historical attractions to see here. Fort Mackinac is probably the most visited, and most prominent member of the historical society in Mackinac Island. Be sure to get in a tour, or simply stroll the grounds and get a feel for what life was like for the revolutionaries.

Address: Mackinac Island, MI 49757

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2: Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore
Flickr/Rachel Kramer
Sweet serenity on the shore! As a national Park, this is the perfect weekend getaway for those who don’t want to see a city at all. If you want to truly embrace nature--- both day and night, then consider camping out at Pictured Rocks National lakeshore. You’re hard pressed to find a better view elsewhere! Not to mention this is one of those prime locations for everything outdoorsy. Swimming, biking, hiking, boating, diving and so much more await at the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore.

Address: Munising, MI 49862

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3: Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor
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Calling all lovebirds! Ann Arbor maybe not be exclusively for couples, but if you want your weekend getaway to include some romance there is no higher recommendation than Ann Arbor. This city is a cultural, and artistic hub with so much to do that celebrations life, love, and each other. The University Of Michigan Museum Of Art, and the Museum of Natural History and Planetarium both make for fun, interesting, and unique date nights that won't soon be forgotten.

Ann Arbor is also a great location for outdoor enthusiasts! There are hiking, biking, and bird watching paths to be found all around the city. There is also canoeing, kayaking, sunbathing in Argo Park, and so much more in the city. Shop, eat, play, watch---- Ann Arbor is a city with no shortage of activities.

Address: Ann Arbor, MI

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4: Traverse City

Traverse City
Flickr/Misty Johnson
Go for a Beach day on the bay! Traverse City is noteworthy for its proximity to the southernmost point of Traverse Bay. People come from far and wide to enjoy sandy shores this good, and that’s why Traverse City is a Michigan can’t miss. Come rainy days or nighttime, be sure to catch up on some of the city wide events. For example, the Traverse City Orchestra plays frequently downtown, and the City Opera House is simply divine. Traverse City is a traveler’s paradise.

Address: Traverse City, MI

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5: Holland

Flickr/Erik Cooper

Named for its intricate Dutch heritage, Holland is a European-influenced weekend paradise! Downtown is lively and welcoming, and features some of the best cuisine in the state. There are numerous shops to stroll, cafes to stop by, and plenty of exciting activities to be found all around the city. It is also known for some of the most beautiful, blooming Dutch-themed parks found outside of the Netherlands. Tulips are the number one attraction here as you walk through fields that transport you to Europe without ever leaving the city.

Holland is also particularly noteworthy for its holiday season specials. Christmas is one of the highest seasons for tourism. Everything from the streets to the shops is decorated in a fine layer of holly jolly spirit. There are Christmas carolers, Christmas markets (Kerstmarkt) and so many more events to explore. The Dutch are known to have some unique and exciting Christmas traditions and all that comes alive in this American town.

Come spring time is the celebration of another Dutch treasure. The blooming of the tulips! Holland, Michigan is the proud owner to acres upon acres of tulip gardens, all of which grow into a dazzling array of color come springtime. There is the Tulip Festival which includes games, the arts, and live music to celebrate such an occasion.

Address: Holland, MI

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6: Frankenmuth

Just as Holland comes from prominent Dutch influence, Frankenmuth is another city that has held on to and embraced its heritage. This city is a spectacular display of German culture. Much of the architecture, building, and design comes directly from German influences, and many of the celebrations are modeled after its ancestors. Perhaps most famously is Bronner’s CHRISTmas Wonderland. Celebrate Christmas the traditional German way and really give the family a holiday to remember. Frankenmuth is one of the best weekend getaways in Michigan for its individuality and charm.

Address: Frankenmuth, MI

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7: Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids
Flickr/Russell Sekeet

Nestled to the east of Lake Michigan, Grand Rapids is one of the best tourist destinations in all of Michigan. As a popular destination for tourists, this city knows how to incorporate something for everyone. Because of that, this is a great option for those traveling with families. Grand Rapids includes some of the best attractions that keep young minds, old minds, and everything in between entertained. There are even several culture exhibits and locations that bring new meaning to the word “unforgettable”.

Some of the most prominent stops in Grand Rapids include the John Ball Zoo, the Grand Rapids Art Museum, and the Frederik Meijer Gardens. These are just three locations that can only be found in Grand Rapids, Michigan. There are many other reasons to visit this particular city, but the list would get too long. Get ready for an adventure of a lifetime brought to you by the effortless charm of Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Address: Grand Rapids, MI

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8: Kalamazoo

Flickr/Michigan Municipal

Fun to say and fun to visit, Kalamazoo is a breath of fresh air. Literally! Kalamazoo is the city to stay in if you’re interested in the famous Kalamazoo River Valley Trail. This has long stretching miles of trails that are perfect for jogging, walking, biking, and exploring. Within the city, there is an air zoo, a nature center, a bird sanctuary, and of course, the wild! That means there is more than one way to see nature in its purest form. If your ideal weekend getaway includes answering the call of the wild, and forging your own path... then lace up your boots in Kalamazoo!

Address: Kalamazoo, MI

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9: Lansing

Flickr/Pkay Chelle

The heart and soul of Michigan! Lansing is located in the center of the state, and is also the capital of Michigan. As such a prominent site, it is known to have some of the best historical sites within the borders of the state. The Michigan Historical Museum and the R.E. Olds Transport Museum are both popular destinations within Lansing. They come highly rated and recommended and offer only the best in exhibits and landmarks.

Lansing is also known to have an exciting art scene. Along with its college scene, the artistic influences flow freely in the city. There is a tangible sense of community and expression that is hard to find elsewhere. And to sweeten the deal, there is even a top notch Botanical Garden and some of the best in breweries in the area! Truly, a jack of all trades.

Address: Lansing, MI

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10: Sugarloaf Mountain

Sugarloaf Mountain
Flickr/Rachel Kramer

Yes, it is as sweet as it sounds! Sugarloaf Mountain is the hike of your dreams. Rising high above Lake Superior, Sugarloaf Mountain is one of the most unique attractions in all of Michigan. The sights found here are incredible and well-earned as travelers brave the mountain and reach the triumphant peak. That’s not to say it’s for experts only, however. Generally, the average hike time is around 20-30 minutes. That’s plenty of time to stop and smell the wildflowers and maybe snap a few pictures along the route.

To make a whole weekend out of it, really get into the spirit of adventure. Take the road less traveled by, ask which path the locals take and you'll find some of the best hidden gems known to man. Here you will walk beneath the lush canopy of trees and come out of it at the vantage point of all things natural beauty. There are no words that could ever totally describe how beautiful Sugarloaf Mountain is, but we can start with one: wow!

Address: County Road 550, Marquette, MI

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Final Thoughts

Overall, Michigan is a state that cannot be tied to one trope. It is lively, and it is quaint. It is a lakeside paradise, and it is the feeling of triumph at the peak of a mountain. It is entirely what you make of it, so make Michigan magnificent! There are no wrong choices when deciding on your next weekend getaway in Michigan.

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