Top 10 Weekend Getaways in Virginia

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Fun weekend trips in the Mother of States

Thinking about your next well-earned vacation? Think about Virginia! Virginia is a state with rich history, beautiful scenery, and some of the friendliest locals in the country! It is a state with a wide myriad of city options to choose from, offering just a little something up to everyone.

History buffs will fall in love with Roanoke, and city travelers will love the charming speed of Richmond. Whatever you’re looking for, look to Virginia! And look to these top 10 weekend getaways in Virginia.

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Best Weekend Getaways in Virginia

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1: Norfolk


Norfolk is a charming waterfront town that is perfect for a weekend getaway in Virginia. Here you can enjoy the coastline without having to sacrifice the big town amenities.

In Norfolk, you can visit botanical gardens, explore museums, and even visit the Virginia Zoological Park. Norfolk is a welcoming town with just enough attractions to feel interesting, without feeling overwhelming or like a typical ‘tourist trap’.

Address: Norfolk, VA

2: Charlottesville


A perfect blend of things new and old, Charlottesville is not to be missed! Here you can explore Monticello, which was once Thomas Jefferson’s plantation. It is a sprawling expanse of land wherein visitors can explore all the well-preserved history in one place.

If you’re not much a history buff, try out Charlottesville downtown mall for a little retail therapy. Or, take the whole family to the Virginia Discovery Museum for a fun weekend trip for everyone.

Address: Charlottesville, VA

3: Roanoke

Flickr/Terry Aldhizer

Once considered “the lost colony”, Roanoke is a great place for a weekend trip in Virginia. It is a beautiful area of land with numerous options to explore everything that makes Roanoke such a hit destination, even in the modern-day.

No trip to Roanoke is complete without visiting the Mill Mountain Star, which overlooks the city. It is considered a local icon and the top attraction of the city.

Other activities include a walk through the Mill Mountain Zoo or the famed Taubman Museum of Art. Both of which are popular and loved tourist destinations.

Address: Roanoke, VA

4: Alexandria

Flickr/Pinay Flying High

Alexandria is one of the best Virginia weekend getaways! In this city, you will experience some of the finest testaments to history in Virginia. You can start your day with a visit to the Torpedo Factory Art Center, consisting of the largest number of publicly accessible working artist studios in the USA.

Next, you can visit the memorial dedicated to the first President of the United States, 'George Washington'. The George Washington Masonic National Memorial proudly sits in this city as a memorial site and observation deck.

Visitors can also tour the Carlyle House Historic Park for a walkthrough of an 18th-century manor, as well as taking a trip to Gadsby’s Tavern Museum. There are so many stories to be told in Alexandria, making this one-stop you won’t forget.

Address: Alexandria, VA

5: Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach

Go where the sun shines! Virginia Beach is a beautiful golden oasis that is perfect for your weekend getaway. Not only can you sit back and relax on the shore, but there’s plenty to do if you prefer an active lifestyle in this coastal town.

Check out the Virginia Aquarium, or maybe the Cape Henry Lighthouse! Stretch your legs out and go for a run in the First Landing State Park, or casually stroll the charming shoreline where the waves lap the sand. Whatever you choose to do in Virginia Beach is going to be the kind of memories you hold on to for a lifetime.

Address: Virginia Beach, VA

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6: Williamsburg


As one of the notable ‘head cities’ of the American Revolution, Williamsburg is an ultimate weekend getaway in Virginia for families. It is a beautiful testament to all things history and features some of the most prominent sites that are still relevant today.

Sites such as the Colonial Williamsburg Historic Area or the Governor’s Palace. The latter of which was actually a pre-revolution establishment owned by the British royalty.

There are plenty of modern attractions to keep the casual visitor interested, although history is what breathes life into this important city.

Address: Williamsburg, VA

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7: Chesapeake

Flickr/Bob Mical

Explore nature in new and exciting ways! Here in Chesapeake, Mother Nature is the owner of the store, and she has truly blessed this Virginia City.

There are a couple of options here on where to go and what to see, but you’re sure to be impressed no matter what you choose.

There is the Dismal Swamp State Park or the Northwest River Park for all of your recreational needs.

Address: Chesapeake, VA

8: Blacksburg


Take a weekend to yourself and find your serenity in Blacksburg! Here the city is charming, and the attractions are welcoming to create that perfect vacation vibe you’ll be dreaming of for months to come.

The Moss Arts Center and Hahn Horticulture Garden are absolute can’t miss activities not just in the city, but in the state.

And be sure to explore the paths on Huckleberry Trail to get all you can from your trip to Blacksburg.

Address: Blacksburg, VA

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9: Leesburg


Founded in 1740, Leesburg has been a staple mark to both this state and this country for centuries. It features some prominent tourist destinations such as the Ida Lee Park and the Marshall House.

It has large stretches of farmland both as interactive museums and private, functional homes that give this town an authentic feel you can’t get anywhere else. And it even has activities for the whole family.

If this is a weekend getaway with the whole crew, then check out the Leesburg Animal Park for all the exhibits necessary to make your trip memorable.

Address: Leesburg, VA

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10: Richmond


As both the capital and the most popular, Richmond is one place no traveler should miss visiting on a weekend trip in Virginia. As one of the United States’ oldest cities, it has significant cultural weight, and honors that through a number of monuments and museums.

It is also increasingly modernizing, with activities such as the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts and its rich, delicious cuisine. This is one place you’re going to want to stop for a meal in, and one you’ll want to stay in once you see how beautiful this town is!

Be sure to visit some of the nature sites as well, such as Maymont and the Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens, if you want to see just how beautiful Richmond can be.

Address: Richmond, VA

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