10 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Ohio

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There's no greater vacation to take than one in your own backyard. Come take a trip to the great Midwest, there’s more than just country bumpkins and old union relics to discover. Ohio is a place that is as complex as it is beautiful. You know the old saying: “Never judge a book by its cover.” If you don’t know where you should plan your adventures in Ohio, let this top 10 list show you where the most exciting cities and popular attractions are located.

Most Beautiful Places in Ohio

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1: Cleveland


The newly christened City of Champions, The ‘Land is easily Ohio’s most popular tourist city. Home to both the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and two sports stadiums, there’s a lot to take in as a music and sports fan.

Cleveland is also home to some great architecture that has lasted generations in the historic Gateway District. Try to be fair with your time here, as it passes quickly, so you don’t leave out the rest of Ohio’s great sights.

Address: Cleveland, OH

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2: Cincinnati


Cincy is seen as the more open and artistic, compared to Cleveland. You’ll find plenty of art museums, performing arts centers, and don’t forget the Krohn Conservatory’s gardens for all you nature lovers out there. So, while it may lack some of the flash and flare of its big brother, Cincinnati still ranks high among Ohio attractions.

Address: Cincinnati, OH

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3: Columbus


The capital of Ohio brings many prominent and coveted landmarks, a mixture of modern and ancient attractions. You have the Center of Science and Industry that brings kids and science enthusiasts from around the world and then on the other end of the spectrum; you have the spiritual and historical attraction of the Prehistoric Indian Mounds, where visitors can witness a rarely seen page out of Native American culture.

Address: Columbus, OH

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4: Dayton


This is the city where the world-famous Wright brothers designed the first aircraft that would carry a man into the sky and all the way into outer space. Here in Dayton, the flight is celebrated in all stages of its history, from the fragile peddle-powered aircraft to the fearsome military craft by the Air Force, and finally the final frontier of space with the Apollo 15. Ignite the inner-child within you by visiting the museums of flight in Dayton, Ohio

Address: Dayton, OH

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5: Toledo

Flickr/Vicki Timman

Holy Toledo, we have quite the collection of sights and attractions in this next Ohio city. If you’re feeling a bit adventurous, you can go on an African Safari adventure at the local Wildlife Park. You read that right, a safari in the Midwest of America. They have all the trappings and wildlife that you’d find roaming the Serengeti plains. A highly recommended detour among your backyard adventures.

Address: Toledo, OH

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6: Sandusky

Wikimedia/Rona Proudfoot

For those who want to get up close to the beautiful blue waters of Lake Erie, Sandusky stretches right along the shore and has plenty of summer vacation real estate to get away for the summer.

It’s not just a great place to relax and unwind to the tranquil lake ripples; you can give the kids a break by taking them to the Cedar Point amusement park. Think of Six Flags, but on a slightly smaller scale.

Address: Sandusky, OH

7: Canton

Flickr/Jon Dawson

We’ve come upon another iconic city where legends are immortalized. Here you will find the NFL’s Pro Football Hall of Fame museum. Every year, football greats of old and new gather to be inducted.

This is a must-visit for anyone even remotely interested in football. You will find stories and memorabilia that are just as much a part of American history as they are football’s history.

Address: Canton, OH

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8: Hocking Hills State Park

Hocking Hills State Park
Flickr/Morgan Paul

Another fantastic little outdoor getaway, like Lake Erie, Hocking Hills is a park that seems more like something you would find near the Appalachians because of its wondrous sights and variety of stunning geography. You’ll find tall, sharp cliffs, waterfalls crashing down, and a network of caves that invite travelers to stay a bit longer to discover their secrets. This place is one of the hidden gems of Ohio.

Address: 19852 Ohio 664, Logan, OH 43138

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9: Newark


Often missed due to the more famous and bigger cities of Cincy and Cleveland, Newark has its own beautiful collection of attractions that are worth checking out. Museums are many, and the nightlife makes this a great city to check-in using an Airbnb. The historic buildings give this city a certain charm that will have you wanting to plan a return trip as soon as you leave.

Address: Newark, OH

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10: Akron


This humble working-class town should not be passed upon just because it lacks big amusement parks or sports arenas. Akron is home to some great museums and historical monuments that will help you better understand the people of Ohio. Speaking of which, you will find no other place that has such a large variety of friendly, compassionate, and hospitable small businesses than in Akron. Just pop in any of their great Diners and restaurants if you want to see for yourself.

Address: Akron, OH

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