15 Most Beautiful Small Towns in Arkansas You Must Visit

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Home to cool blue waters and rolling plains of green, Arkansas is full of small town charm.

From small mom-and-pop stores that offer your new favorite dish to quaint and unique attractions you just can't find anywhere else.

Arkansas is chock full of family-friendly events, places for a romantic getaway, or just a new place to explore.

Lace up your hiking boots, break out the swimsuit, or get your tickets to the best and most entertaining of the state because Arkansas small towns are well worth the visit.

Check out these top 15 most beautiful small towns in Arkansas bucket list to get your vacation on the fast track to fun.

Best Arkansas Small Towns

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1: Eureka Springs

Eureka Springs

Living up to its namesake, Eureka Springs is a discovery worth joyously shouting over. This is a beautiful small town in Arkansas with numerous outdoor attractions.

If you’re looking to get up and get out on your vacation to Arkansas, look no further than Lake Leatherwood.

This is popular among tourists, locals, and everything in between as the whole town comes together to appreciate one of Mother Nature's finest feats.

Shimmering, cool waters await the patrons and ensure the perfect playground for a day of fun on the water.

Eureka Springs is also known as a beautiful historic town. With lots of original buildings kept pristine by the city, you can take a stroll through history without ever leaving the city.

Or, check out some of the Christian sites that boast of beauty. Thorncrown Chapel and Christ of the Ozarks are two memorable sites you can’t miss in one of Arkansas’ best small towns.

Address: Eureka Springs, AR

2: Jasper

Flickr/Noel Pennington

Quaint, quiet, and oh so charming, Jasper is a great place for your next vacation.

A few miles out from the scenic Buffalo National River, Jasper is primarily known for its awe-inspiring views from its seat in the Ozark Mountains.

This is a great place to go for any adventurers looking for a new frontier to explore.

Towering trees nestle winding paths and take travelers onto stunning lookouts that span for miles.

Be sure to check out the iconic Arkansas Grand Canyon, which is a beautiful and calming hike with spectacular views at the top.

Address: Jasper, AR

3: Springdale


Get some sun in Springdale! While this is technically the fourth biggest city in Arkansas, its small town charm comes from the surrounding areas.

There are so many attractions that leave a big impression with half the crowds known to big cities.

Springdale is mainly known for its rich and fascinating history that is beautifully preserved and showcased in museums and sites of interest all around town.

The Shiloh Museum of Ozark History is one of the most popular spots for local history and a necessary stop on any trip to the city.

If you're looking for something with a bit more sunshine and architecture, check out the Arkansas and Missouri Railroad that is actually still in operation!

Springdale is also a fantastic place for current charming attractions such as the Springdale Farmer's Market or the Ozark Climbing Gym.

Both are great ideas that bring fun for the whole family and have just a little splash of something you can't get at home.

The Arts Center of the Ozarks is another important stop on your trip to Springdale, as visitors are immersed in all of the performing arts that make this city what it is.

Find your expression, your voice, or just a lot of memories, and make Springdale your next getaway!

Address: Springdale, AR

4: Russellville

Dreamstime/Patricia Cale

Cradled by both Lake Dardanelle and the Arkansas River, make a splash in your travels with Russellville!

As a small town in Arkansas bordered by the water, one of your first stops has to be at the state parks that preserve its beauty.

Take a walk amongst the stunning green, yellow and reds that mark the forests here, and stop for a picnic lunch by the lake.

Lake Dardanelle State Park is a favorite between tourists and locals alike and offers a plethora of scenic outlooks and cool waterside stops.

If you are looking for something more secluded for your next hike, check out the Ozark – St. Francis National Forest. This dazzling, cozy forest view of everything makes Arkansas wildlife special.

Although the sunshine in Arkansas loves to shine, don't forget about the rainy days! Or even on the best of days, Russellville museums are not to be missed.

For any car aficionados, the Museum of Automobiles draws visitors in from around the country.

This is a massive collection of vintage cars originally built in the 60s. And this museum resides on top of Petit Jean Mountain, meaning not only do you get a view of cars through the ages, but of beautiful, stunning Arkansas.

Make it a whole day, and stop at the Petit Jean State Park, where the little fantasy forests of childhood stories come to life in an impressive array of lush wildlife.

Address: Russellville, AR

5: Bella Vista

Bella Vista

With a name so gorgeous, it is no surprise Bella Vista is considered one of Arkansas' most beautiful small towns.

Here nature, architecture, and culture blend together to form one memorable city with a wide array of attractions.

Check out the Mildred B. Cooper Memorial Chapel, a jaw-dropping display of all things architecture.

Winding, towering arches cradle the chapel, with wide windows displaying a stunning Arkansas backdrop.

Keep the views coming by visiting either Tanyard Creek Nature Trail for a satisfying hike alongside a beautiful waterfall or biking the Back 40, a well-maintained trailhead perfect for the outdoorsy type.

Address: Bella Vista, AR

6: Paragould

Dreamstime/Roberto Galan

Small town charm comes alive in Paragould! This is an ideal place to visit for anyone looking to slow things down a bit and enjoy the present.

Paragould is home to several local eateries and unique shops that make staying here a true getaway.

While visiting Paragould, some of the key attractions are located in the heart of nature.

The Crowley Ridge State Park is a visit even locals love to make, as you enjoy a sun-soaked day on the waterside.

If you're looking for a place to stretch your legs a bit more, then Lake Frierson State Park is for you.

This is an excellent place for hiking, biking, strolling, wildlife-watching, and so much more!

Or maybe try speeding it up! The Crowley’s Ridge Raceway is one of the unique, must-see places of Paragould that locals can’t stop recommending.

It’s known for hot summer months spent at the racetrack, with fast cars and good company. Keep the engines roaring and check out George Ray’s Drag Strip.

Check times and dates for some of these must-see attractions that make Paragould the unique, beautiful small town it is.

Address: Paragould, AR

7: Mena

Flickr/Alex Butterfield

Founded in 1896 with its roots in the railroad industry, Mena is a definite stop if you're looking for the most beautiful small towns in Arkansas.

Marketed and well-known as a charming small town, Mena has some of the best hospitality around. Everything here will be synonymous with comfort.

Don't forget to check out some of the specialty eateries in town to really get a taste of Mena.

Mena is also a great place to get a breath of fresh air! The Queen Wilhelmina State Park is known for gorgeous hiking grounds and well-maintained camping grounds that make your vacation a true getaway.

Wake up to the soothing sounds of Arkansas wildlife, and spend your days amongst the trees for an outdoor adventure that won't soon be forgotten. Or simply enjoy what nature provides by perusing the Board Camp Crystal Mine.

These are old mines beneath Mena that have a wide variety of tours available, from family-friendly to paranormal. Mena is meant for the small-town enjoyer.

Address: Mena, AR

8: Monticello


Known as a cultural and academic hub in Arkansas, Monticello is an excellent choice for travelers looking for something different in their trips.

As the home of the University of Arkansas at Monticello (originally Arkansas Agricultural and Mechanical College), Monticello is one of the biggest college towns in the area.

There are plenty of college-aged attractions and a fairly lively bar scene for anybody who sees the sunset as an invitation.

The nightlife scene is one of the best looks into Arkansas bar culture, and this city is often the host of annual celebrations or events that bring fun to your front door.

That being said, Monticello is also fun for everybody! Parents, children, adults, and everything in between can enjoy the plethora of activities constantly available in this town.

Check out the Drew County Historical Museum for a blast from the past that keeps its patrons on the quest for knowledge. Or try the Turner Neal Museum of Natural History with numerous exhibits to explore a wide variety of topics.

If you want to get outside a bit more, try the Seven Devils Swamp and Cut-Off Creek for a day filled with sun, fun, and so much more!

Address: Monticello, AR

9: Ozark


If the name was any indicator, this is one Arkansas stop that cannot be missed. Ozark is found alongside the Ozark Lock and Dam and features several small-town attractions perfect for your next trip.

Try the Ox Bend Brewing Company for a taste of Arkansas. This small-town brewery is great for a pour and is surrounded by the southern charm of locals in the area.

To get out and about, try the Pig Trail National Scenic Byway. This is a windy trail snaking through the Arkansas forests, with lush reds, yellows, and greens making these trees a sight to see.

If you're looking for a way to get active, stop by Byrd's Adventure Center for a whole wide world of fun! Ozark is an excellent choice for your next small-town getaway.

Address: Ozark, AR

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10: Siloam Springs

Siloam Springs
Formada Creative

Just on the border of Oklahoma, Siloam Springs makes a big name for itself amongst the small-town community.

This is a dazzling display of all things beautiful --- from architecture to nature and back again.

Siloam Springs is one of the best options if your idea of a small town includes a city center with enough to do to keep the day interesting.

Far from overcrowded and just on the right side of populated, Siloam Springs is a calming, fun, relaxing adventure into small town charms.

Small stores, delicious restaurants, and so much more await the curious traveler here in Siloam Springs!

But the city center isn't all this place is! Natural Falls State Park is something you'll not want to miss.

With multiple waterfalls all gracefully moving into a beautiful pool of water, this hike is nothing short of ethereal.

When you think of Arkansas' natural beauty, this site is one of the most commonly referred to, and it's even better in person! Or get up and on the water!

Siloam Springs Kayak Park is ideal for any adventurers looking to get some fun exercise. With warm weather, reasonable rentals, and the help of the locals in the area, Siloam Springs is an oasis you're going to want to make a splash in!

Address: Siloam Springs, AR

11: Bryant


Some of the most charming small towns can be found just outside the big city centers.

As Little Rock is the capital of the state and highly populated to support that, the suburb of Bryant is an excellent choice for those looking to visit the big city and reside in the comforts of small town charm.

This location is also ideal for any family travelers looking for cities that not only have child-friendly attractions but several parks where children can play the day away.

As Little Rock is just a short drive away, there are several big-city attractions for all ages just down the street.

Bryant is situated just a few miles out from Little Rock and holds all of that quiet, cozy atmosphere you've been searching for.

Here you'll find some of the best homestays or bed and breakfasts that will have you questioning why you have to leave at all!

Address: Bryant, AR

12: Van Buren

Van Buren
Dreamstime/Tamara Lee Harding

Bigger in size than most others on this list, Van Buren is a bit of a bigger city in population. However, what makes Van Buren so special is its small-town corners.

There is so much to explore aside from the populated city center that Van Buren deserves a spot on this list.

For example, the Drennen Scott House, a historic museum dating all the way back to 1836, is a can't miss attraction without the stress of crowds.

Check out the surrounding areas and support the local businesses scattered around the city and make this city as unique as it is.

For fans of architecture, the King Opera House is another ideal attraction well worth the stop.

A magnificent feat of human engineering, this is just one example of some of the hidden gems in Van Buren. Enjoy the big city luxuries, with all the comforts of a small town in Van Buren.

Address: Van Buren, AR

13: Texarkana

Dreamstime/Roberto Galan

As you might have gathered from the name, this city borders Texas! Actually, Texarkana is a city split into two, with half residing on either end, but for this list, our attractions stop at the border.

Texarkana is another city that is well-known and loved by Arkansas, but here the small-town charms come in the loveliest of places.

The Gateway Farmers Market is an excellent display of everything that makes this city what it is.

Homemade and made with love, this Farmer's Market is synonymous with small-town charm.

Check out the outer areas of the city or even Ferguson Crossroads for a stay outside of the action.

For other small-town attractions, check out the unique Haunted Texarkana Ghost Tour or Captain Ron's Swamp Tours to get that scrapbook filled with incredible memories.

Address: Texarkana, AR

14: Harrison


Find your happiness in Harrison! Named after General Marcus LaRue Harrison, this Arkansas small-town is a great example of why small towns are some of the best getaways.

There is so much adventure and fun to be had, from the Buffalo National River Park and all its trails to Triple Falls and its stunning waterfalls, and all the way underground to Mystic Caverns, where the caves and caverns are nothing short of jaw-dropping.

Harrison is primarily known for its plethora of outdoor attractions, where no tier list could ever do it all justice considering the mass amount of beauty in one area.

What's especially lovely about Harrison is that none of these locations are significantly crowded or overbearing and that the city itself is relatively calm and cozy.

You get to play all day and have some of the best sleep you've ever been graced with at night! Harrison is well worth the stop.

Address: Harrison, AR

15: Searcy

Facebook/Searcy Holiday of Lights

Come see about Searcy! No travel bucket list of this state would be complete without mentioning a historical and natural landmark.

There is so much to see and do here in Searcy, and all of it is coated in that warm southern comfort that truly makes any stay enjoyable.

Pioneer Village is a popular go-to adventure in the city, where history and natural beauty blend and come alive to form an unforgettable experience.

If we're talking beauty, then the Searcy Art Gallery absolutely deserves all the recognition.

Not only is the architecture an ideal representation of all things Southern love, but the exhibits that frequent this stop will leave you in various stages of wonder, fascination, and satisfaction.

And these are just a few of the known attractions; Searcy is all about searching! Find your next favorite adventure with the help of this stunning Arkansas small-town.

Address: Searcy, AR

Plan your trip to Arkansas Small Towns soon!

Arkansas is a beautifully diverse state chock full of stunning natural phenomena and lovely welcoming locals.

From trail-blazing some exciting hikes to perusing history well-preserved in these towns, only a few states can display southern charm quite like this.

There are so many beautiful small towns in Arkansas that are just waiting to be explored.

Lace up your hiking boots or bring your favorite book to read by the creek; whatever you choose, Arkansas small towns are fun for everyone!

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