10 Best Lakes in Pennsylvania That Will Leave You Amazed

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Looking for a peaceful escape? Nothing can be as therapeutic and soothing as the lakes in Pennsylvania.

There are many large and beautiful lakes to visit however these lakes offer the best ambiance and recreational activities to their visitors.

Below are the 10 best lakes in Pennsylvania that you must visit.

The Best Lakes in Pennsylvania

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1: Lake Harmony

Lake Harmony

Lake Harmony, popularly known as a big pond, is a natural lake with a dam. It is 2.5 miles long and privately owned by Lake Harmony estates.

Lake Harmony is in season throughout the year and the popular attractions nearby make the lake the first choice among visitors, especially from New York City and Philadelphia.

On the other hand, the activities like canoeing, row boating and tube riding offered by Lake Harmony are equally praiseworthy.

The water sports school located in Lake Harmony is nothing less than a blessing for sports enthusiasts.

It provides detailed skiing and wakeboarding lessons to visitors with a hundred percent refund policy. The classes are available for everyone irrespective of their age and abilities.

Location - Kidder Township, Carbon County, Pennsylvania

Activities - kayaking, canoeing, kneeboarding, wake surfing, and standup paddleboards.

2: Lake Wallenpaupack

Lake Wallenpaupack
Dreamstime/Cheryl Fleishman

Enjoy a breathtaking sunset and many recreational activities in this third largest lake in the state.

One can visit the lake every season; however, swimmers usually visit the lake during summers for the best experience.

Some adventurous swimmers like to visit the place in the initial days of March month to enjoy plunging and swimming in the ice melted water.

Visit nearby shops and restaurants like LaAnna's Holley ross pottery and John Italian green for decorative items and lip-smacking food.

Location - Paupack township, Wayne County, Pennsylvania

Activities - Ice skating, ice fishing, snowshoeing and cross mobiling

3: Lake Erie

Lake Erie
Dreamstime/Jill Lang

Lake Erie has the smallest volume of all lakes in Pennsylvania. It is hardly 210 feet deep at its deepest point, which makes it suitable for activities like swimming and kayaking.

The complex ecosystem makes the lake a perfect choice for underwater photography. One can also encounter beautiful migratory birds and Trumpeter swans near Lake Erie.

Location - Between Canada and the United States

Activities - Boating, kayaking and swimming

4: Lake Naomi

Lake Naomi

Lake Naomi is not just the cleanest but also the most luxurious lake to visit. The community of the lake includes every amenity one can imagine of.

This 244 acres lake has 9 marinas for boat storage and a large community to provide the best luxury amenities.

The royal experience offered by the community in the form of well-equipped gyms, big pools and dining areas will make you revisit the lake.

There are also several fishing programs like fishing tours, a kid's fishing clinic, and an annual bass tournament offered by lake Naomi.

Location - Poconos Pines, Pennsylvania

Activities - Boating, swimming, fishing and sailing

5: Arrowhead Lake

Arrowhead Lake

Lake Arrowhead, tucked away in the awe-inspiring Pocono Mountains is famous for its pristine location and spellbinding natural beauty.

The sky touching mountains, flora and fauna are an absolute haven for peace seekers. At the same time, exciting recreational activities like skiing, boating and fishing are equally worth trying.

Location - Monroe County, Pennsylvania

Activities - Fishing, hiking, skiing and swimming

6: Beltzville Lake

Beltzville Lake
Flickr/Weston Brophy

With an area of 949 acres and 20 miles of shoreline, Beltzville Lake is considered one of the largest lakes in Pennsylvania.

Visit the Beltzville Lake for the happening beaches, exciting recreational activities and stunning lakeside view. And don't forget to explore the Beltzville park while visiting the lake.

The park offers various fun activities as well as educational programs. Additionally, it provides special accommodation facilities for the disabled.

Location - Beltzville State Park, Carbon County

Activities - Powerboating, quiet paddling, shore fishing

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7: Lake Ariel

Lake Ariel

Lake Ariel is surrounded by beautiful Pocono mountains. The beautiful vicinity and endless outdoor activities make Lake Ariel a dream tourist destination.

Several exciting destinations are located near the lake. One can visit Scranton, which is hardly 20 miles away from Lake Ariel.

Additionally, wildlife enthusiasts can spend some time in Claws and Paws national park for photography.

As a reminder, recreational activities along the shores of Lake Ariel are not allowed as it is now privately owned; however, one can visit Clayton park and Lake Henry for recreational activities.

Location - Wayne County, Pennsylvania

Activities - Recreational activities are limited in Lake Ariel; visit nearby spots for more fun

8: Glendale Lake

Glendale Lake
Flickr/Jon Dawson

Glendale Lake recreational area is the most exciting in Prince Gallitzin State Park.

Whether fun recreational activities or picnic shelters, Glendale Lake is perfect for every occasion.

Facilities like drinking water, washrooms and parking make Glendale Lake an excellent option for tourists.

Pets are allowed, but you cannot leave them near the swim or beach area, whereas camps are permitted only in the designated sites.

Location - Prince Gallitzin State Park, Patton, PA 16668

Activities - Kayaks, pontoons, sailboats, hiking, camping and small fishing

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9: Dutch Springs

Dutch Springs
Flickr/Lian Chang

Dutch Springs is famous for its beautiful and unique fish species. Largemouth bass, Yellow perch, Palomino Trout, Bluegills, Koi, zebra, mussel and crayfish are some well-known fish species one can witness in Dutch Springs.

Lake Dutch Springs' colorful ecosystem makes up for a perfect option for scuba diving and underwater photography.

Special scuba diving events are organized on New year's eve. Local Scuba divers participate in the event, and the winners are awarded merit badges.

Location - Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Activities - Scuba diving

10: Cowanesque Lake

Cowanesque Lake
Flickr/Gerry Dincher

Cowanesque Lake resulted from the Cowanesque dam constructed in the year 1980. It is the largest lake in Tioga county and offers one of the best recreational activities in the town.

With 17 miles of shoreline and 1085 acres of area, Cowanesque Lake has gained attention for activities like boating and fishing.

Bass, Catfish, Crappie, Sunfish and Tiger muskie are some of the fish species you will find in Cowanesque Lake.

Besides fishing, one can also indulge in other adventurous and exciting activities like camping, hiking and water skiing.

The 86 family campsites and 4 miles long Moccasin trail of Cowanesque Lake are perfect for family and friends' fun times.

For modern amenities and canyon view, keep 585 acres of Leonard Harrison state park located near Cowanesque Lake on the top of the list.

Location - Tioga County, Pennsylvania

Activities - Fishing, boating, swimming, water skiing and picnicking

Plan your trip to these lakes in PA soon!

It doesn't matter if you are an adventurous soul or just a solo traveler; the fresh ambiance of the lakes will uplift your mood and awaken your soul.

Every lake mentioned has its specialty. Some are good for fishing while others have facilities like pools, restaurants and fitness centers.

We hope this list of best lakes in Pennsylvania helped you explore the lakeside destinations and the associated activities.

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