5 Most Breathtaking Cliffs Around The United States

The USA has a number of stunning cliffs that you can visit one by one and mark in your itinerary but these five cliffs are bound to find a place in the top five of any such list.

Not only are they remarkable for their scenic natural beauty, but also for their thrill factor. There are a large number of historical events associated with some of the cliffs.

There is also an abundance of tourist activities centring around them which makes these cliffs very attractive to any tourist. Each cliff is distinct and has different geographical features.

Find out which are the 5 most breathtaking cliffs around the United States from the list given below and choose one for your next trip:

1: Kalaupapa Cliffs, Hawaii

Kalaupapa Cliffs, Hawaii
Photo Courtesy: Flickr/uhwestoahu
These rise above 2000 feet above sea level, near the Kalaupapa Peninsula on the Pacific Ocean. These cliffs have much historical value as a colony of lepers were quarantined in the area as the disease was not understood very well at the time. These cliffs overlook the majestic Pacific Ocean, adding to their appeal.

Address: 2222, Kalaupapa, HI 96742

Website: www.nps.gov

2: Big Sur Cliffs, California

Big Sur Cliffs, California
Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Henrique Pinto
Located in the Central Coast, the Big Sur Cliffs, California are a part of the Santa Lucia Mountains that rise from the Pacific Ocean. The highest peak is at a height of 5155 feet above sea level. That makes it one of the highest peaks in the entire country. The adjacent beaches are great for tourists as well. The temperature is often quite cold, giving it a unique touch.

Address: Big Sur, CA 93920

Website: www.bigsurcalifornia.org

3: Mesa Verde, Colorado

Mesa Verde, Colorado
Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Don Graham
This is a World Heritage Site and it is also a National Park. Mesa Verde, Colorado is known for its archaeological sites, such as the Ancestral Puebloan sites. This adds to the appeals of the cliffs in the area. What makes this area special is that there are around six hundred cliff dwellings here and one of the most prominent ones are Cliff Palace, which is thought to be the largest cliff dwelling in the whole continent of North America.

Address: Mesa Verde, CO

Website: www.nps.gov

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4: Vermilion Cliffs, Arizona/Utah

Vermilion Cliffs, Arizona/Utah
Photo Courtesy: Flickr/John Fowler
They are part of the Grand Staircase of the Colorado Plateau. In spring, the cliffs are covered by a carpet of flowers, increasing their beauty to a great extent. The cliffs are red in color due to the massive presence of iron oxide. These make the cliffs even more appealing to the tourists who visit. They are part of the area called the Vermillion Cliffs National Monument.

Address: Vermilion Cliffs, Page, AZ

Website: www.blm.gov

5: Notch Peak, Utah

Notch Peak, Utah
Photo Courtesy: wikipedia
It is a part of the House Range, and the height is more than nine thousand feet above sea level. Of all carbonate cliffs in the United States, the Notch Peak in Utah is the highest. A very popular tourist activity in the region is hiking. Tourists like to hike to the top of the region and look down at the glorious scenery below. Some well known Rock Climbing Routes in the area are The Swiss Route and Book of Saturdays.

Address: Notch Peak, UT

Website: www.summitpost.org

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